Entry #17

Empires of Steel

We climbed Namsam tower that day as the battle for Seoul has begun. The feeble and frightened heretics were no match for us especially that my king is there cutting down the defenders.

Namsam tower was ontop of a hill that overlooked the entire city of Southern Korea. I lost count of how many buildings I saw from ontop as the they all looked like ants from where I stood.

With magnificient view aside, I saw fires and smoke rise up across where the limit of my eyes could see. Gewis' men has punched already deep into the heart of the enemy and have gotten them by the ropes.

Then I heard the whisk of chariots behind me and then I saw helicopters fly past me. They were painted pitch black and sported red dragon decals on their side.

"Those are the 'Flying Dragon' Squadron."Choa told me.

"What are they?"Sparta asked.

"They are these Chinese Special Forces.... think better trained soldiers. And look out! More of them!"Choa pointed and I saw 50 more helicopters charging into battle, no doubt to reinforce the Heretics and probably trap Gewis. I couldn't allow that to happen.

"We can try going in their with my Paladins using our Jump Packs and take them out. While we take out some of them have your men use rockets to shoot down those we haven't reached."I said.

"Sounds like a plan."Choa said.

I grabbed one of the Jump Packs that Sparta has in case of emergency and wore it around my back. Choa and Sasshi helped me place the bulky device behind me. After doing a quick check on its rockets, me, Sparta and those that  volunteered to help flew up in chase.

Choa, Sasshi and Carrick stayed behind to take out the helicopters as many as they could from Namsam tower.

(credits to artist)

Undettered from the bullets and rockets that flew around us I landed on the platform of one of the helicopters. I slashed all those that I came near to with my sword while blasting others with my pistol, when one is cleared I quickly jumped out to the next.

Carrick and our Earthling allies helped take down several of them thanks to Carrick's heavy gun doing most of the turkey shooting.

The Helicopters who were mostly defenseless from such kind of attacks, for men to lunge themselves towards the enemy and slaughter them from the inside.

I remember I took down five 'Flying Dragons' personally. But when I was about to exit the last helicopter, a rocket hit the vehicle causing it to unexpectadly fall down. I barely got out of the helicopter before it crashed to the ground. I landed down to the sandy floor at some sort of palace. With my jump pack all but destroyed, I abandoned it. When I stood back up I realise how far ahead I have landed. I was surrounded by hundreds of heretics surrounding me.

"Ah...Captain Heinrich of the Deathsworn. It is a pleasure to meet you. Your nuisance ends here."the Unspoken walked out of the crowd of Cultists said.

(Credits to Peter Mohrbacher)

I see the rumors were true, that he or it was indeed an air of authority over the Cultists. He had a hollow face or rather none at all as I saw only just a ring shaped hole.

"Face me Unspoken one!"I challenged.

"Then come for me!"the Unspoken said.

The Heretics surrounding me all charged at me but I shot and slashed that all that came at me. My Paladin Armor shrugging off most of the attacks from them but the hordes were endless. For every Cultists I took down 5 more takes it place. I tried to reach him but the bastards were too thick to push my way through. I slammed my body to them but they pushed me back.


Then I saw missles falling through the skie above me and landed beneath us. Instead of engulfing us in flames I saw them explode in clouds of smoke. I thought they were just simple smoke grenades untill I saw the heretics fall down in agony as the clouds were in fact poison!

I quickly cleaved my way out of the courtyard and into the large palace like building. The place was made in the typical asian fashion and I ran trying to escape the flames. But they chased me like a predator catching the prey and I was in the receiving end of its gaseous fangs.

They clouds began to dissipate after I ran and took cover behind a steel building that once sold food and drinks to people but now there shelves and storages were emptied off and all that remained was a few empty boxes, litter and dust flying around. I took cover as the fleeting gas touched the container.

I tried to hold my breath but I felt the gas burn my skin like fire and my lungs and insides too. Normally I would have died on the spot but all I felt was just a burning and asthmatic sensation in my lungs.

"I know you are here Gimaelic! Now let me help you join your false god!"the Unspoken said.

"My faith to Godan shall never waiver! I will die a Martyr today."I said coming out of my cover. I was still in a barely fighting position and my legs beath my armor wobble like softened steel as I stood against him.

We clashed our blades together in a duel of two faiths. The Unspoken, being an Automaton was limitless in his energy while I was debilitated with poison seering in my veins. He managed to kick me down to the ground and was about to deal a finishing blow when someone tackled him from behind. It was my King Gewis with a person walking beside wearing a suit that seemed to make him immune to the poison gas.

"Heinrich! Get this quick!"Mariya said inside the suit. She passed me a gas mask and a shot of adrenaline to me which I quickly applied.

I inhaled through the mask and I could no longer feel the burning sensation in my lungs any more.

"Mariya, glad to meet you again and just in time."I said.

"Consider that a favor returned. How was Korea so far?"Mariya asked.

"The Kimchi was great but the northerners are violent like us!"I said.

She carried me away from the place while Gewis fought the Unspoken one.





Korea has been conquered and our half of operation mount Nadorinaya is complete. The streets were erupted in celebration as Aurigans celebrated their victory. I never felt so relieved for my life. I didn't take in with the celebrations myself as I was still being treated by the poison cloud.

Sparta and Carrick were below the streets celebrating and would come up to me occassionally with delicious Korean Food. Choa would tell me what they were and would serve them to me.

She called my stunt on flying against the  'Flying Dragons' Squadron pure insanity and people all over were talking about Angels of War that slayed the dragons. I laughed at the stories as I felt pride after a long time of being manipulated by the Cultists to turn my back on those I sworn to fight for.

After I was allowed to get out of my bed I greeted to my now triumphant King who was in the Radio Room in a new Headquarters we have made in the outskirts of Seoul. We have begun to construct a new Castle just like ours back home in the ruins of an old military base.


But when I walked into the room I saw my king clenched his hand in distressed as if he received terrible news.

"What's wrong?"

"They lost contact with Deyval in China and more of the Earthlings are marching against us. The fleets are now pushing through for the Exterminatus..."


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