Entry #2

Empires of Steel

I was expecting a small warm welcome from these Japanese but all I see where scared civilians running to their homes whenver me and our greeting convoy pass. They seemed to be scared of us. Have Gewis gone to far with his pilaging and of foreign lands? I fear my fellow Gimaelics will be Pariahs in this foreign land if we reveal ourselves to them we are from the same race of people who destroyed and sack their country and most of their planets.

Small time Gimaelic raids had scattered throughout the planet from places called Europe to North America. They have stolen many things from slaves, priceless treasures but probably the only thing that I can find useful among the loot was machinery. Gewis has comissioned captured engineers and his own to build factories to mass produce weapons and armor, specifically the very Paladin Armor I wear.

The man who greeted us didn't seemed to be bothered by their fear of us. He seems to be rather used to it, even his men's faces were the same just as him, that blank neutral expression of indifference.

"Everyone seems to be frightened."I told him.

"Yes, its you see, the people had to undergo through a, 'change in administration' and there are some disgruntled elements that chose to go against us."He replied.

"Disgruntled Elements?"Rowan butted in.

"Hey do you know its rude to do that?"the man angrily said.

"This could affect our meeting if they boil over."Rowan defended himself.

"I can assure you we round up as many as we can and are made an example of. Like right overthere."He pointed to a stage where a large group of people were attending. Several men and women were on the stage who were knelt down and bound by their hands like prisoners. Then a man wearing a sack of cloth on his head came with an armed pistol. He go one of the people kneeling to stand up and to walk to him. The man he called seemed to accept his fate as the man unloaded a bullte behind his skull killing him instantly. The dead man's head fell down to the floor and it bled like a sacrifiical offering.

"I wish to give final rites to them." Rowan said.

"Wh-what? Really? But they are criminals who deserved nothing....."Our guide protested.

"Please respect the Bishop sir, he is a man who believes all men should die with dignity. At least let him see the damned before they depart. If he is at ease then this meeting is at ease."I said.

"Just let him if he wants."Carrick added.

Our guide reluctantly agreed and to our request and let the Bishop upstage. He stared intently to the doomed people and one of them gave an angry and suspicious stare at him, she has scratches on her left cheek, her hair was brownish-black tied down to a pony tail.

Bishop Dain then gestured his hands and said a prayer to those who were about to be executed, but as he began to wave his hands to the woman to absolve her sins, the Rowan stopped, hesitated a little before backing off.

The executioner walked towards the scarred woman and held her shoulder to stand up. But gripped the executioners arm angrily.

"Do not lay one finger on her......HERETIC!"Rowan angrily yelled, he pushed the man back and he burned his mind with his holy staff that had enlightened with the glow of White Dust.

"Burn heretic!"He yelled. The executioner fell down, his eyes, mouth, nose and ears bled as he shriviled as his brain literally melted.

My eyes widened at the sudden turn of events as our welcoming greeters began to shoot at us.

"Take cover and return fire!"Carrick yelled.

I ran towards one of the mounted vehicles and its large gun shot at me. The bullets were deflected from my armor before I reached the very side of the armoured car where it cannot shoot me.

A man came out of the back of the car with his gun cocked and I shot him immediately with my relic pistol. I used my enhanced strength to tip over armoured vehicle when it tried to move away to leave me expose. I hugged the wall as I try to keep my head cool like a good leader should.


"Damnation Rowan! What the hell did you get mad about?"I yelled.

"They served them, they serve them!"Rowan yelled enigmatically while he fought his share of the soldiers.

"Serve who?"I asked confused.

"Captain look ahead of you!" One of my knights shouted.

I peeked over to the side and to my horror was none other than.

"A Cultist Fanatic and a cadre of heretics, kill them all."Carrick angrily said.

He moved up infron of me and bent his knees on an aggressive stance and fire his heavy gun at the Cultists. Bullets suppressed them as they scrambled for cover.

"Look out!" the scarred woman shouted who was now free of her bonds.

A lightning fast and electric-like projectile of energy zoomed across the battlefield and struck Carrick in his eye.

"No!" She said. She looked like she is seeing us as her messiahs and the sight of one of them getting struck by a powerful projectile would have made her hope dim.

Carrick knelt down as he up the blow to his helmet/head. The woman ran to him with a gun from one of the killed soldiers we have slain. She was surprised that Carrick was still alive.

"Are you ok Ojisaaa....." was agape when he saw that Carrick now bores a large scractch mark on his helmet/head like a fearful scar. The Dust glowed out brightly to her revealing him to her that he is Broken Lord.

"Y-y-your.....one of them?"She stuttered.

"F*** yeah I am. Now cover your ears." Carrick said. He stood up again and with a vengeance clicked the trigger on his heavy gun and began to slaughter the Cultist and their Earthling followers causing them to retreat.

"Sir, we need to get back to the ship. They could be back and we will be overwhelmed!"One of my knights advised.

"You have their eyes....yet you....protected her."One of the people we indirectly rescued from his imminent death said.

"Yes, indeed. I am---"Carrick tried to formally introduced himself but the scarred woman and the man who called him out began to shoot at him with their acquired guns.

Before Carricked could react by shooting back, my Knights restrained his attackers and I ordered him to stand down.

"You killed our families! You destroyed us and brought the communists here!"One of them yelled.

"Sir! They are coming again. And they looked like they brought more of them!"the same Knight yelled.

I can see to the horizon more Cultists approachin us. If we don't get out now, we will be surrounded.

"I'll offer you this choice. You can come with us we can gurantee your safety or we leave you here to die."I proposed.

The Earthlings stopped resisting my men's arrest and the scarred woman said:

"It looks like we don't have a choice. Take us  with you, but how?"She asked.

"Admiral beam us out now!"I ordered to my helmet's built in communicator.

"At due speed my Lord." Admiral Valens, the fleet commander said.

Light surrounded us as we all teleported back to the ship in the nick of time before the heretics surrounded us.



After some rather tense standoff of our unexpected turn of events. We had a little 'Cultural Exchange' with the native Earthlings. Jiraduveja was understandably mad at Bishop Rowan for suddenly attacking the first people we met but understood though he was just as shocked as we all are that the Cultists came to Earth and have apparently spread their false gospel of 'Salvation from the Endless'. I swear I will purge them from this planet but right now, me any my men are strangers to this planet and we need intel, and our only immediate source of reliable intel were the people who we unintentional rescued from execution.

I had Rowan and several of my men interrogate them for any useful information.

When the report came back I can sum up with this:


The hardest hit areas of Earth that were attacked by my fellow bretheren the Gimaelics was the area we are in called 'East Asia'. We have decimated the militaries of many nations specifically South Korea, Japan, Russia and the United States of America. South Korea had very unruly neighbors in the form of China and North Korea, try not to confuse the two Koreas if your reading this back home. There 2 Koreas! Two!

Anyway, North Korea was practically ignored during the Gimaelic raids despite the fact they had a pretty large army at the numbers of a million. With a vaccum of military power in their region, the warlike North attacked the peaceful South taking it over. China, North Korea's ally, took this opportunity to do the same thing with its weakened neighbors.They are currently spreading out conquering any nation to weak to defend themselves. Yet I wonder how were the Cultists of the Eternal End came into this?

When I told the woman about them, she told me she they were just robots made by the Chinese as an extension of the already large army. But my eyes can't lie that these machines are automations of the Cults and if they were here as longs as the North Koreans and Chinese, its only a matter of time before this whole planet succumbs to its banner of ignorance and hatred of our great forefathers the Endless.

I thanked the lady for her help and I asked her for her name, she hesitantly answered honestly to me:

"Mariya.....Mariya Nagao."

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