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Updates!!!! And life stuff

By Andreacnushin posted
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Vampire SHINee Au Updated + (Recap)

By Demitria_Teague posted
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Go Fighting (A story I want to write)

By Demitria_Teague posted
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Warewolves or Vampires?

By AeriNana posted
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Wanna Join A Writing Contest?

By Xiuchenlover posted
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Need people's opinions on which model would make a better Vampire character :OOO [POLL]

By DaeJaeBangHimUpLo posted
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Somebody Should Write This [Ricsyung!]

By bananasong posted
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Points of View: Love & Lust, Blood and Moon, Imprinted-Invisible Chains

By bnyeunhaenna posted
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REPOST of "True Nightmares"

By nasomi2011 posted
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By Crys_Marie2oo5 posted
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The Twilight Characters Korean Version (My Opinion)

By -eirlys posted
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New Story Idea... *requires suggestions*

By Michmunch posted
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K-Pop and Vampires

By JaeTao posted
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Vampire WonKyu *.*

By kyubabylover posted
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For Roleplaying Purposes Only - GD's character profile

By NinjaLaura posted
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By BenBens_Panda posted
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Have an EXO-filled Halloween!

By NoLimitxInfinite posted
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