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Hello and welcome to my profile page! ^^ Here you will learn a little bit about me, my favorite groups, my stories, the type of fics I enjoy reading/writing and things like that so on with the show!
My favorite genres include , shounen ai, once in awhile I'll write hetero or girlxgirl fics but I'm more of a slash writer, angst, romance, dark romance, fluff, horror, dark fics, tragedy and...that's all I can remember. So for those that don't like any of these genres, then please don't read my fics just to warn you ahead of time :3
Now on for my favorite idols: DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ, SNSD, APink, Lee Jieun, Lee Hi (Kind of like her), Nu'Est, EXO and I'm also getting into CNBlue a bit and...that's about it.
                                                                        ⌈ eargasm : Going Crazy⌋ ⌈ eyecandy : no one at the moment⌋ ⌈ thoughts : I want to    write...but can't think of anything .///.⌋ ⌈ credits : ribbit layouts
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