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Writing (language skills)

By dntknw posted
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I badly need help in Translating!

By 127ghouls posted
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Momo challenge?

By Blackonblack02 posted
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Language Advice

By bebopchan posted
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GFRIEND (여자친구) ㅡ Bye (안녕) Lyrics: English Translation, Hangul, Romanization

By AliceHagiwara posted
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The dot dot dot addiction. Or how writers like to put dots EVERYWHERE.

By BlackFeather_2 posted
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How EXO and on crack videos helped me learning English

By efieme posted
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Eng singing collab with me, anyone?

By YX__94 posted
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By imfineapple posted
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English Time with Seventeen

By KibummieWaifu posted
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What I Think Is Constructive Criticism

By lejeuparfait posted
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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

By MrsJinki_SHINee posted
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By _forgetmenot_ posted
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the word " forgotten "

By pathless posted
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Looking for an English word (PLS HELP T-T)

By bibgyeom posted
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EXO - Sing For You (Eng Ver.)

By loveforbirds posted
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5 Ji Kara 9 Ji Made Ep 8 Funny scene || Note: The fruit of our love LMFAO!! XD

By Shadow_Reiya posted
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English Conversation: Tomohisa Yamaa vs. Yuki Furukawa || Note: OMG *laughing*

By Shadow_Reiya posted
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anyone good with poems? «

By caeruleusclouds posted
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English and shorthand

By EriTay posted
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