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My Pet Boyfriend

In which boyfriends suddenly turn into kittens and bunnies and confuse the heck out of their partners.


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¥ Korean/Kpop News & Gossips ¥

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❝ Nutella Love Roleplay — facebook based ❞ ┊OPEN & ACCEPTING ┊ forever active family! ♡ ┊ Come and join us now~ VIXX + ZE:A are needed!!

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» 우리 결혼했어요 「 we got married 」★ 280+ members & still counting!

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established (2012.04.12) 

◇ Falling Snow Graphic Shop ◇ | CLOSE |

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Annyeong... ^_^ Welcome to FALLING SNOW GRAPHIC SHOP.... there one says that:

Inner Beauty: Skincare, Diets, exercise and more!

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Skin is one of the most important part of the body and the skin of your face is delicate and shouldn't be played with. However, we can all do what we can to make our skin happy and healthy! Another one that I feel is important in society now is body image. All we want is for ourselves to feel good about ourselves, looking good and slim. I know it will be hard but we shall work together and all stay slim, fit and healthy!  So basically, I will be telling you... 1. How to keep s


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1960 - Scientists came together and found a new element, KRONOS 1970 - Scientists placed powdered KRONOS into animals' food, 4 out of 5 animals died 1980 - The animals that survived developed supernatural abilities 1985 - The animals became violent and were killed... however, someone managed to break into the lab and take away the remaining powdered KRONOS 1990 onwards - KRONOS was turned into liquid form and was injected into randomly selected babies 2

Potchi Postershop

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Satisfying your poster needs!!! This is the new version of Catastrophe Graphics Shop/Chocolat Postershop   Not taking requests ATM...        

dinoo_unicornn trailer and poster shop (closing and finishing request)

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were open!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About us We are awesome australian exo and shinee fangirls. We make posters and traliers. were new at making them but really good so trust us to make the best of best... we are waiting for requests!!!! exmaple of trailers made by teentopexogirl who worked for an trailer shop https://www.yout

[SEQUEL] Washed Away

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After the fall, as Suho lost his memories, nothing went well for him and Lay. With the fact that remembering the bad memories will be a disadvantage for Suho. One day, Suho's ex found him, will Suho's destiny change? A/N: Sequel to As Long As Our Relationship Last. Enjoy the story!

5 Pieces' INFO Corner

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Hi! devonalias here ^^, I will start to update this 5 Pieces' INFO Corner as an information site about 5 Pieces, just because I write a lot of random things when I'm bored and I have all of this random information now that I don't know what else to do with othan than to share :) Each time I update something here, I will let you know on the actual story 

K-Pop Song Of The Day

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Can't get enough of those awesome Korean Pop songs? The tag and background will change according to the song of the day. Wat

♫ Star Master ♪ | APPLY OPEN

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YG, JYP, and SM are debuting new girl groups at the same time! Miracle, G.Gang, and Nexus. Who is the better girl group? Will they become friends or rivals? Will love get in the way? Read and find out!  

Sandara Park Syndrome (One-Shot Collection)

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Hello everyone, the title says it all! This is basically a one-shot collection of Sandara Park and male celebrities (including some actors). Some (well I guess

Kpop Oneshots

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Just tons of Kpop Oneshots that I thought I'd write and share <3

BLK's Review Shop

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Pictures, Marshmallows and Lemon Candy [One~Shot]

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"For him it was never pleasant having to deal with the girl of his dreams being mistreated by that jerk of a guy. But he would do anything to keep their friendship; as long as she was happy, nothing else would matter."          

violetkecil poster shop [OPEN]

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JR --Nu'est-- (sorry I'm bad with titles)

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                          Do you think that becoming an idol would be cool? Possibly because Hiyomi,Neko,Sky,Serena,Kaedyn,and Presli are a six member japanese girl group called,O.P. or Our Party!! Lets list the members and their positions!! First is,Hiyomi the leader,lead vocals,and visual. Neko is the maknae,main rapper,and dancer. Sky,she's the rapper lead dancer, and one of the vocals.. Serena,she's the 'aegyo queen' and sub-rapper. Kaedyn,she is a rapper,and dancer. Presli,lead dancer an


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Ok, so, I don't even know what you guys should prepare yourselves for except that... THERE WILL BE SO MUCH K-POP CRACK, YOU MAY POSSIBLY GET HIGH!


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'Say, I Love You'

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    Lee Hana, a 19 year old girl who owns a Coffee Shop. It's famous for it's coffee, its goods (sweets) and it's quality which catches the customers attention. She's a girl that is willing to put her life at risk, but will never hurt anyone but herself. Said manager of famous idol group wanted her to help design the party for them. During the party, she ends up humliating one

❦ Writer Fairy's Library // Graphics ✾OPEN✾

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