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A heartbreaking story follows the tragic life of a girl who was sold to a gang to repay her brother's offending of Korea's largest gang, DBSK. and torn into pieces by her family and loved one. Just when she was about to die, Exo came and saved her..


By icecream2014 updated
Characters (OCS), EXO, Kai, Baekhyun, Luhan and Sehun, Tao, and Kris
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 200 views
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

  WARNING: This story has a lot of main characters and everyone has their own stories First Plot:

The Sinful Love

By saiyukiexo updated
Characters sehun I luhan I kris I tao I baekhyun I chanyeol I kyungsoo I kai I suho I lay I xiumin I chen
With 2 chapters, 176 votes, 2834 subscribers, 57350 views, 1031 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Fired from his work place,lost his house and being chased by loan shark,Luhan tried to attempt suicide.But then,a guy appeared,saved him and said that he can help Luhan but under one condition,work for him as the head chef in his mansion.Luhan agreed but what if he made the wrong decision to work for the guy?It was too late for him to regret when he realised it.That was when everything started.  

♔Taoris Recommendation♔

By mnafb134 updated
With 93 chapters, 20 votes, 86 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Here. Comes. TaOrIs ReC f


By sunflowerpots updated
Tags taoris
Characters Tao, Kris
With 12 votes, 51 subscribers, 220 views, 8 comments
Status [M]

Kris is in need of entertainment every now and then so when his bestfriend Chanyeol sent him a link to particular site to to, he sees something more. The soloist with the user name; @FlexxyPanda, had the same bed, same wall color, same decorations and same pillows as his younger brother Zitao.    

Ganglands of Busan

By Reiyezerwyre updated
With 6 chapters, 33 subscribers, 1400 views
Status [M]

Beneath the neon glow the streets of Busan run red with blood.  

P.P.P(Prince Protection Program)

With 10 chapters, 6 votes, 87 subscribers, 1460 views, 14 comments
Status [M]

It was a full moon while the cool breeze was making their hair fly from the wind ,two girls were finishing up their mission by taking a prince to head quarters to be safe "ok henry,stay here for a while so the annoying jack asses won't find you"the girl with long wavy black hair said smiling at prince henry.The door opened,all of the agents were helping the princes"wow,so I'll be staying here for a while?"he said that made the two girls nod,suddenly,a girl who looks like a tomboys came to the

What Is Love

By stephanieleighh updated
Characters Kris, Tao
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 46 subscribers, 350 views, 6 comments
Status [M]

Kris Wu is an unwilling and ornery cop who skates by doing the bare minimum. He hates the dirty world he's become a part of and everyone in it. Tao is an orphan who got caught up in the affairs of one of the biggest crime organizations in Korea. He's traded around for his body, a little piece of his happiness slipping away with every person he sleeps with. But when the two of them meet, they can't help but feel a kindred spirit. Can Kris save Tao from his fate? And can Tao mend Kris's broken

The Sound of Hope

By suju updated
Characters Donghae, Eunhyuk,Tao and kris. and many more
With 3 chapters, 25 votes, 218 subscribers, 61 comments
Status [M]

Formally known as Can you save me?  Pain physical suffering or distress, as due to injury, illness 2.a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body: a back pain.

Preying On You Tonight

By Abs2891 updated
Characters Suho, Lay, Kai, Kyungsoo, Kris, Tao, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Luhan, Minseok, Sehun, Chen
With 19 chapters, 65 votes, 513 subscribers, 12930 views, 206 comments
Status [M]

Lay didn't plan on finding his mate.  Neither did Suho.  Neither did anyone else either honestly.  And so when they did, they couldn't have even begun to fathom everything else that would follow after, but fate did.  In fact, fate had it all planned out, and as usual, it had a mind all its own.

The Doctor's In

By Kimmiekimkim_95 updated
Characters Tao, Kris, Yoochun, Junsu, Jongup and Zelo
With 10 chapters, 4 votes, 147 subscribers, 1360 views, 4 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Silence and stillness isn't something the doctors of TSME Hospital see too often. As a matter of fact, such things are unknown. Huang Zitao, Wu Kris, Moon Jongup, Choi Junhong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu are all employees at this bustling hospital. What happens when their love lives get mixed into the constant chaos and business mixes with pleasure a little bit too well?   

TaoRis Fanfic Recommendation

By hiswife_68 updated
Tags taoris
Characters Huang Zi Tao,Wu Yi Fan
With 24 chapters, 6 votes, 223 subscribers, 2100 views, 13 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Are you looking for a Taoris fic? A kind of fic that'll send you a lot of feels and can make your ovaries explode? If your answer is yes,then that's nice! You can check out these amazing fanfics that'll surely send you a lot of feels!

The Cry of My Heart

By ExoticKitty2000 updated
Characters Zitao, Yifan, tribes, other Exo members, other kpop groups along the way (rare appearences)
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 73 subscribers, 590 views, 12 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

His family was taken away from him- Zitao had nothing else to live for as the last Huang alive. But maybe the son of the Wu's that took him in could change his mind and show him that there was so much more than he thought. 

Love complex

By Shun-san updated
Characters Kris, Tao, Chanyeol
With 2 chapters, 16 votes, 88 subscribers, 1330 views, 18 comments
Status [M], Completed

Kris and Chanyeol are fraternal twins, and unlike the usual stereotype that twins are close with each other, it was a different case for both boys. Kris is the intimidating, aggressive and cold type, while Chanyeol is the cheerful, gentle and affectionate one. However, when they met Tao - a feline hybrid, the twins realized that there is one thing that both of them wants.  To claim

Secret Phone Calls

By RosieMarie updated
Characters Kris, Tao, Xiumin, Chen, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Luhan, Sehun, Kyungsoo, Kai
With 3 chapters, 11 votes, 350 subscribers, 2540 views, 19 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Teachers by Day; Phone Operators by Night.  Students by Day; Students by Night.

Just say 'I love you.' (Forever&Always)

By Kay-Han updated
Characters Main; Luhan, Sehun, Kyungsoo, Jongin, Beakhyun Chanyeol, And Kris. (All of Exo will make an appearance.)
With 17 chapters, 12 votes, 240 subscribers, 3400 views, 46 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Luhan and Sehun have been best friends for a while, but Luhan always wanted something more than friendship, but never took for granted what he already had. Once his wish was finally granted, after a while he found his feelings seemed stonger than his lovers, but there's something he doesn't know, something Sehun didn't even know himself, which causes him to be oblivous to the feeling of love. Ten other incredible individuals come into their life, all having problems and secre

Is This The End?

By Dandelion-ish updated
Characters Tao, Kris, Junmyeon, Yixing, Kyungsoo, Jongin, Minseok, Luhan
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 20 subscribers, 210 views, 1 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

It's time. After all these years, and finally

The marriages

By Taylorluvsu167 updated
Characters Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun, Wu Yifan, Huang ZiTao, Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Oh Sehun, Xi Luhan, Kim Jongdae , Kim Minseok, Kim Joonmyun, and Zhang Yixing
With 22 chapters, 26 votes, 579 subscribers, 12900 views, 79 comments
Status [M]

When Byun Baekhyun is pushed into an arranged marriage with Park Chanyeol, will he be able to accept the baggage that comes along with the y CEO? ZiTao finds himself in the same shoes as Baekhyun along with their 4 best friends, yixing, kyungsoo,Minseok, and Luhan.  Chanyeol has went through a lot and he knows that, but when he's set up with a special eyeliner beauty could he learn to trust again? Kris is actually content with what is happening around him, but what abo

Lavender hills

By ThunderGreen updated
With 4 chapters, 5 votes, 39 subscribers, 310 views, 6 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Two different souls, brought togther by an inheritance. And a strong bond. Lavender hills: She was the only one Tao could call a family but now she is dead. But she left her estate to her beloved grandson, the stone mansion of his childhood. Between the lavender hill, the walls of the Huang's Library and the main bedroom, Tao will learn the difference in liberty, responsab

Please! Dont go

By Hunhanisbae21 updated
With 6 chapters, 15 votes, 397 subscribers, 3180 views, 12 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Kyungsoo has been used for his whole life. His mother used him for money. His dad used him to take out his pent up frustration. His boyfriends used him for social status. And Jongin; Jongin used him for pleasure.   He was fine with it though, because he was also using him. Using him so that he wasn't lonely. Yes, he was emotionally unstable. And nobody could blame him. They could tell from the scars on his body and the pain in his eyes that his past wasn't that beautiful.   They


By valerianobuta updated
Characters Sehun and Luhan
With 6 chapters, 18 votes, 206 subscribers, 2260 views, 40 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Sehun, Jongin and Yifan. They never had or falling in love. Being wealthy and rich they are, One night stands are common thing between them, man or woman doesn’t matter. As long as they get what they wants, pleasure. It was their game. Later in his life, Sehun discovered how to share, a d

Tao - Kun

By LolaJayTorres updated
Characters Kris , Tao
With 7 chapters, 2 votes, 36 subscribers, 750 views, 15 comments
Status [M]

Far away from the city, deep within the mountains, sits the all-boys high school, Shidou Academy. In years past, this school housed only the sons of the most elite families in the country, but these days it welcomes all into its historic halls. Tao, a boy from humble origins joins the Academy , He is different from all the students around the Academy with no friends ,

Make Me Understand You

By EJayJio updated
Characters sehun luhan exo
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 194 subscribers, 12 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Luhan is a pretty model. Sehun is a cocky student. What will happen when they collide?

Of Strawberries and Vacations

By hiswife_68 updated
Characters Huang Zi Tao || Wu Yi Fan
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 157 subscribers, 3 comments
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

When Zitao felt he was so wasted and rejected,he decided to run away,forget his painful memories,and start a new life.Years passed by,everything seems to be normal for the first twelve-hours of their one week vacation,but he didn't expect to meet the guy who made him feel like a mess.Is he ready to face his past or he will just run away like he used to do?

No More Rhyme

By ziTAO_- updated
Tags taoris
Characters Tao Kris
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 37 subscribers, 230 views, 2 comments
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

~~ The spotlight, the claps and shouts of the crowd. The stage and the music, the dance step and the performance. is HiS Life..

Choose me

By justlikeu updated
Characters sehun|luhan|Tao|kris|baekhyun|chanyeol|and the other EXO member
With 25 chapters, 11 votes, 397 subscribers, 4990 views, 89 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Luhan always hate Sehun,cause Sehun always infront and love to tease him. Sehun always love Luhan,cause he loves teasing him. What will happen if they engaged?? What will happen if they fall in love?