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Luhan Fanfiction and Stories

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DEAR ASSASSIN (Romance/Action starring G-Dragon, Taeyang, Jungkook + OC)

Happy birthday, Jungkook! In this fiction and in real life... you are so loved.

Come Sleep With Me Tonight

By Ying12345 updated
Characters Luhan, Kyungsoo, minor Yixing, few others
With 22 chapters, 19 votes, 104 subscribers, 3310 views, 37 comments
Status [M], Completed

Luhan waits at the dining table, and looks around for his servant that usually brings him breakfast in the morning.

Something's wrong with Yifan

By Bella2298 updated
With 6 chapters, 3 votes, 30 subscribers, 450 views, 7 comments
Status [M]

Kris had been acting really strange recently, it's up to the others to find out what was wrong. A angsty fic with a huge dose of comfort/brotherly love.

What If? : A Series of Alternate Endings for The Devil's Paramour

By trinkdufreak updated
Characters Xiumin, Luhan, Kris, Kai, Chen, Lay, Tao, and many more.
With 1 votes, 106 subscribers, 340 views, 16 comments
Status [M]

I know a lot of you were left with heart break, a lot of people (basically everyone) died and a lot fo couples were torn apart. So, with the help of my own mind and a select few readers whom I bounced ideas off of, I have come up with this small series of one shots. Not even oneshots really, like just scenarios and alternate endings for different people, different lives and different deaths. There should only be about 10 of these or so. But either way I hope you enjoy them!

Your Mysterious Boyfriend

By ILoveByunBaekhyun56 updated
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 24 subscribers, 310 views, 5 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Your name is Kim Hyun Joo. You were now 28 years old. On earth that is. He became your best friend along time ag

You're Beautiful No Matter What

By blueboba updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 58 subscribers, 500 views, 7 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Sehun. Oh Sehun. Sehun was suffering. He was suffering so badly. He was br

Sweet Child Of Mine -

By chnyeols- updated
Characters Sehun || Luhan
With 7 chapters, 17 votes, 407 subscribers, 3830 views, 20 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Luhan is different, he's has a mental disability that makes him see himself still as a kid, probably a ten year old but nobody really cared or thought really rude of the poor boy.  Until he met this perfect person, that was meant to be in his life, Oh Sehun or Daddy. 


By pardonmygrammar updated
Characters KyuMin, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Xiumin, Luhan, Super Junior, EXO
With 39 chapters, 22 votes, 394 subscribers, 7550 views, 214 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

There is nothing that Sungmin would not do for his son. Xiumin is his everything. The kid was the reason for him believing in life again and he’s ready to sacrifice everything even his own happiness. Kyuhyun never really cared about anyone. But one night had changed his perspective about people and how it was to actually be concerned with another human being. He’s decided to never let go the source of his happiness. It’s a twisted world. If only life can be how one vision it t

The Possessor

By dksdks updated
Characters Luhan x Jang Nayeon (OC)
With 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 50 views, 1 comments
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Luhan is Jang Nayeon's possessor. Jang Nayeon is Luhan's property. All inside Luhan's mind is . All inside Nayeon's mind is money.  

Story of Our Lives

By bookishvice updated
Characters Luhan, Kai, Kyungsoo, Minseok
With 20 chapters, 14 votes, 50 subscribers, 840 views, 27 comments
Status [M]

Luhan and Kai run into each other one day...the rest is just life <3

Breaking The Storm

By haz2811 updated
With 19 chapters, 9 votes, 241 subscribers, 3410 views, 48 comments
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

“Do you ever let go, storm boy?” he asked. “Ever lose control? Ever surrender?” “Never,” I whispered. “I never surrender.”

The one with blue eyes

By suchentao updated
Characters Xiumin, Luhan
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 6 subscribers, 270 views, 4 comments
Status [M], Completed

Luhan knows Minseok is special and only has one goal--protect Minseok.

POP (XiuHunHan Fanfic)

By derpxiusooo updated
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 23 subscribers, 200 views, 4 comments
Status [M]

It's the start of Minseok’s 2nd year in high school. He always hated the start of classes, its not because of the constant schoolwork or pressure. The reason? His roommate. An arrogant, cold hearted ‘harlot’ as he says. Every semester they have to share a room together. But will this year be different?

The Most Shipped Couple HunHan

By lilvan updated
Characters Luhan, Sehun, Kris, Tao, Kai, Kyungsoo, Xiumin, Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho, Lay and other KPOP artist
With 6 chapters, 8 votes, 256 subscribers, 2390 views, 44 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

After the sensational rookie boyband called EXO debut, 2 months later there was a new rookie actor named Lu Han that media always talking about because of his successful drama came #1 in viewer ratings

My Sweetest Melody Calls Only You

By Megara0709 updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan, The rest of EXO, some OC's
With 5 chapters, 9 votes, 92 subscribers, 820 views, 32 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

    A slave to her own past and ghosts, how can Luhan capture the heart of the prince who has long forgotten her before the clock strikes twelve?        

Blood On the Leaf

By lilafila updated
Characters Kris, Avery, Seohyun, Luhan, Exo
With 36 chapters, 44 votes, 582 subscribers, 14160 views, 246 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Avery Kim isnt your averge high school girl, well she is until her house unexpectedly burns down and her dad is moved to be the personal chef for one of Korea's richest tycoons.  Little does she know that the grandson of that chaebol will turn her life upside down as she slowly discovers every secret under the Wu empire. 

Breathe For Me (English Ver.)

By AtomicFlea updated
Characters xiumin luhan kai sehun chen exo
With 8 chapters, 1 votes, 51 subscribers, 960 views, 14 comments
Status [M]

My name is Kim Minseok, 21 years old. I have a little brother called Sehun and my bestfriend is Jongdae. I have my parents too, who turned their back to me when most I needed them, and two deep cuts in the wrists that forced me to ask for help. "Things that happen in life", they say. It looks like my life has suffered a change which I would never forget. This is my story.

Bubble Tea Shop

By StarbucksPhan updated
Characters Sehun, Luhan, and the rest of Exo
With 6 subscribers, 40 views
Status [M]

In which Sehun and Luhan bond over their love of bubble tea.

In Another Life, A Memory Of You And Me

By eldoris updated
With 7 votes, 5 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Apart from the bright blue ripples and the glimmering sun being devoured down the horizon, Luhan sees Sehun.   title: in another life, a memory of you and me length: one shot

Come Play with Me

By Shadowtime updated
Characters Luhan and the other members of EXO.
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 30 subscribers
Status [M]

In which Luhan is Exo's . 'Nuff said. Exo x Luhan oneshots. Luhan!centric. Warnings: Basically any kink I can write... bondage, crossdressing, daddy play, asphyxiation, knife play, muscle worship, foot , hand , Dacryphilia, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, various roleplays and fantasies. Proceed with cation.


By libbybiey updated
With 24 chapters, 9 votes, 535 subscribers, 8230 views, 91 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Rumah Dahae, 9.30a.m.  

My Boyfie Next Door

By sirosiro updated
Characters Sehun Kai Luhan
With 13 chapters, 15 votes, 415 subscribers, 6080 views, 84 comments
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Back in high-school Sehun was a boy who had nothing but a crush on his fellow classmate. Everyone made fun of him, nobody spoke to him, shortly - he was outsider from poor family. But now, Sehun is a young man who has everything, good looks, great job, money, family members who love him dearly. There's just one thing that he needs - boyfriend for just one night. The date of his high school reunion is just around the corner, and Sehun desperately needs someone to act like his boyfriend. Will h


By dksdks updated
Characters Luhan, Irene
With 35 chapters, 13 votes, 385 subscribers, 8630 views, 312 comments
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Twins from different mothers? Hell no!


By Kim_Joyce updated
With 6 chapters, 98 subscribers, 780 views, 1 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: There will be a very ual content each of my recommend story so if you can't handle things don't try to read any of this story. Each of them is not mine actually but definitely those stories are the best and if you have questions just ask me and I will answer all of it. To all Kpop fan out there let's get along and let's stop the FANWAR because it's tiring you know. And if you're curious about this byuntae noona/Unnie my pro

Made In Law

By ShinHaRin updated
Characters Kang Yo Na (OC), Lu Han, Byun Baekhyun, etc.
With 4 chapters, 31 subscribers, 310 views, 5 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Newly hired associates of the Cleosmithe Law and Order are about face the dangers of the battling the law, with law. With the help of their senior associates and legal partners, they now will hold the future of the firm. But they must also battle the laws they have built for their own selves. Take courage as Kang Yo Na unravels her story on ho

The Other Side

By amethystran updated
Characters luhan OC
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 12 subscribers, 180 views, 1 comments
Status [M], Members Only

I have a secret, something that actually changed my life. And I am willing to share it with you. Why? Because I think this can be something you can learn of.