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Myosotis - A Single Day

Everyday, Son Eunseo would receive a bouquet of forget-me-nots from a mysterious sender. Everyday, the florist, Lee Kwangsoo, would refuse to give her any clue about the mysterious customer.

The SHINee facts — BOOK 2

By cutterpillow published
Characters SHINee + The Readers
With 201 chapters, 33 votes, 1511 subscribers, 106050 views, 6314 comments
Status Completed

The continuation of The SHINee facts, Book 1. =P

The SHINee facts — BOOK 4

By cutterpillow published
Characters SHINee + Readers
With 100 chapters, 328 votes, 1142 subscribers, 69540 views, 1441 comments
Status Completed

The continuation of The SHINee facts, Book 3. =P

The SHINee facts — BOOK 3

By cutterpillow published
Characters SHINee + The Readers
With 201 chapters, 357 votes, 1447 subscribers, 126820 views, 5824 comments
Status Completed

The continuation of The SHINee facts, Book 2

The Miss A facts ☂

By cutterpillow published
Characters Miss A + The Readers
With 286 chapters, 40 votes, 437 subscribers, 38600 views, 1403 comments
Status Completed

Facts about Fei, Jia, Min & Suzy. (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Quotes on life.

By --wishingstars published
With 16 chapters, 40 subscribers, 587 views, 108 comments

Each chapter contain an incredible

| | Short Stories and Poems Galore| |

By ---xeffloresvencent published
With 1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 1 comments

Poems/ Short Stories Poetry is something more sweeter than sweet,  

All About Boy Groups ♡ (HIRING!)

By fanydragon-dotty published
Characters Boy Groups
With 41 chapters, 43 votes, 26270 views, 237 comments


To know MORE about EXO Planet ♛

By Music_Melody published
Characters EXO Planet, EXO-M,EXO-K
With 701 chapters, 36 votes, 3224 subscribers, 119150 views, 6284 comments
Status Completed

  To know MORE about EXO♛   Hey you, yes you!

~SHINee Facts~

By dreamteamace published
Characters Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho, Lee Taemin
With 58 chapters, 21 votes, 383 subscribers, 23500 views, 696 comments
Status Completed

I think its pretty obvious that this fanfic is all about shinee. So, shawols, listen up! I'm just gonna write facts about them. And I mean REAL facts. NOT FAN-MADE. Credits for poster goes to: kpoplovah4evah & MisyaDW | | L A M P R O P H O N Y . P O S T E R . S H O P | |

The SHINee facts ☂

By cutterpillow published
Characters SHINee + The Readers
With 201 chapters, 55 votes, 2574 subscribers, 104090 views, 5050 comments
Status Completed

Facts about our favorite boys. (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Facts About Me, ~alwaysbehappy~

By alwaysbehappy published
Tags facts
With 8 chapters, 201 views, 4 comments

안영~ behappy here! This 'story' is all about me (I might add some random stuff ^^)  It's what I like, dislike, love, hate, my crushes, wha I do with life, etc. ~behappy~

Right now it's SNSD! Forever it's SNSD!

By FeiLee published
Characters Girls Generation, Yuri, Yoona, Taeyeon, Sunny, Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon
With 132 chapters, 1 votes, 59 comments
Status Completed

Just a few random facts for all SONE's out there.

Let's learn more about Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 ✪

By dubuturtle published
Characters Super Junior
With 163 chapters, 82 votes, 42360 views, 2149 comments
Status Completed

Facts about our 15 lovable boys.

♦ Ⓕⓞⓡⓔⓥⓔⓡ & ⒶⓛⓦⒶⓨⓈ ➀➎

By FeiLee published
Characters Super Junior
With 176 chapters, 7 votes, 175 comments

Have you ever wanted to know which member has the smelliest feet? The cleanest? The cutest (I'll leave this up to you to answer) Come on and join me as we find out more about Super Junior. I, and E.LF, do hereby solemnly swear to:

To know MORE about EXO Planet ♛'s : The Rebound-2

By Music_Melody published
Characters EXO Planet, EXO-K, EXO-M, Fangirls & Fanboys
With 701 chapters, 17 votes, 1683 subscribers, 75820 views, 5047 comments
Status Completed

Annyeonghaseyo~ LOVELY SUBBIESS~ ^o^~   Music_Melody & Whytheglumface is proud to present you the rebound of :  

▬[♥] Super Junior Facts { for the unexperienced e.l.f }

By neon-rainbows published
Characters Our 15 Kings [♥] Super Junior
With 69 chapters, 8 votes, 157 subscribers, 4220 views, 135 comments

                         Are you new to Super Junior? Or are you an E.L.F who just likes looking up facts about our favorite group of boys?


By aozora_denie published
Characters Minho SHINee & Krystal FX
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 40 subscribers, 3710 views, 40 comments

Minho ♥ Stage Name: 민호 / Minho Real Name: Choi Minho (최민호) Nickname: Charismatic Flame Minho DOB: December 9th, 1991 Height: 181cm Family: Parents, older brother Position: Rap Hobby/Interest: Soccer, Basketball, Performing, English Appearances: Ha SangBaek’s Fashion Show (March 2008), 2008/2009 F/W Pret-a-Porter Busan Fashion Show (May 2008) Krystal ♥ Stage Name:

60 2min Facts ~!

By KoffeeNuts01 published
With 5 chapters, 6 votes, 106 subscribers, 8460 views, 44 comments

Annyeong! So I will be posting 60 2min facts I got from an Indonesian Blog (But I did add a little from what I know) If you are Indonesian, you can read it straight from there ^^  I'm Malaysia so I can translate a bit and get the idea of it since our langua

academia: to know more about kpop

By XXIBGDRGN published
With 13 chapters, 8 votes, 23 comments

  Academia: To Know More About KPOP;

SHINee Facts

By onewchichken14 published
Characters Minho Taemin Onew Key Jonghyun
With 16 chapters, 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 970 views, 10 comments

sooo, this is about SHINee's facts, It's my first time writing here on asianfanfics, so please give me a lot of support^^

∞ INFINITE Facts ∞

By Inspirit7_love published
With 98 chapters, 32 votes, 507 subscribers, 19060 views, 510 comments

Everything and anything

•··•☁To You, From Heaven to the Paradise of the Hotness☁•··•

By sweetcupcake91 published
Characters L.Joe, Chunji, Ricky, Changjo, Niel & CAP
With 181 chapters, 13 votes, 172 comments
Status Completed

Are you new to Teen Top❤ ?! Or are you an ANGEL who just likes looking up fun facts,news and everything about our Cuties

♡ f(x) Facts ♡

By ChibiDeer published
Characters To know more about f(x)
With 44 chapters, 32 votes, 447 subscribers, 320 comments

⁂♛ {{ What's To Know About B.A.P?! }} ♛⁂

By ForeverAsian published
Characters B.A.P
With 28 chapters, 2 votes, 22 comments

ll W E l C O M E , fellow BABYs. ll

♛ Big Bang Facts ♛

By ChibiDeer published
Characters Big Bang
With 39 chapters, 35 votes, 460 subscribers, 15620 views, 414 comments

  See the dorky side of Big Bang or, If you want to get to know them better.