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Lesson Learnt

by KisungYouBaby26 updated on
Tags: drabbles jessica jessicajung jonghyun shinee snsd jongsica
Chapters: 22 | Votes: 3 | Comments: 23 |

  ... Read More

Forever and Love

by lolrocks12 updated on
Tags: minyul onfany seohyun sookey taemin jongsica shineegenration
Chapters: 9 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 6 |

Hello to all readers, I hope you can see this wonderful story that I make... This story with feature Shinee and SNSD going to school and their love life and if you guys are wondering who are the co... Read More

Love that we cannot have

by kenya2000_mlr updated on
Tags: donghae haesica jessica jonghyun minyul yuri jongsica
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 14 | Views: 440 | Comments: 4 |

Ok, so this is my first time writing, I hope someone sees this and likes it. Sorry if it isn't the best but all of a sudden I ... Read More


by HinataJapan2013 updated on
Tags: ftisland hongki jiyeon jongsica woomin
Chapters: 17 | Votes: 2 | Comments: 5 |

Year 1802. Park Ji Yeon i daughter of king,... Read More

She's My Dream Girl

by Love_SHINee updated on
Tags: jessica jonghyun onew onsica shinee taemin jongsica
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 13 | Views: 730 | Comments: 8 |

Onew, Jessica, and Jonghyun were the best of friends for the longest of times! Everything was going just fine in their high school lives. Until one day Jonghyun decides to ask Jessica to be his gir... Read More

Change [Complete] [Members Only]

by FourthofJuly updated on
Tags: jessica jonghyun yuri jongsica jongyul
Chapters: 40 | Votes: 5 | Comments: 26 |

Hey, AFF readers~ This is my second time writing a fanfic, so please forgive me if my story is boring or ... Read More

High School 2013

by Kpopsushi updated on
Tags: minyul shinee sifany snsd suju jongsica
Chapters: 9 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 19 | Views: 730 | Comments: 12 |

... Read More

That Should Be Me

by bananamilk10 updated on
Tags: angst jessica jonghyun romance shinee snsd jongsica
Chapters: 9 | Subscribers: 21 | Views: 660 | Comments: 21 |

"Did you think that I wouldn't see you out at the movies What you doin' to me... Read More

Mr. Mysterious [Complete]

by HighFives updated on
Tags: fluff jessica jessicajung jonghyun oneshot jongsica kimjonghyun
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 2 |

In which Jessica receives presents from Mr Mysterious who just ... Read More

Unforgettable [Complete]

by bananamilk10 updated on
Tags: minyul ontaeng sookey jongsica yoontae keyyul
Chapters: 46 | Votes: 8 | Subscribers: 59 | Views: 6820 | Comments: 42 |

Five Boys Five Girls..... Genie Arts High School... Onew, Jong... Read More

Unspoken Words

by _foreversicafied updated on
Tags: jessica jonghyun krystal onew onsica jongsica
Chapters: 1 | Subscribers: 7 | Views: 140 | Comments: 1 |

Being the oldest of the family, she was forced to give everything up for h... Read More

The 5 Kingkas & The Pauper

by IcyPrincess1905 updated on
Tags: jessicajung keysica minsica onsica shinee jongsica taemsica
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 14 | Views: 380 | Comments: 5 |

Description: A very poor girl got a scholarship into West Middleton University due to her good academic results in her previous school. Even though she’s poor, she looked radiant and beauti... Read More

I'll let you go [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by adamandminyullover updated on
Tags: angst jessica jonghyun sicajong jonghyunxjessica jongsica
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 5 |

JongSica oneshot Written in Jessica's Point of View ... Read More

Lovely Bodyguard

by Vickyluris14 updated on
Tags: action comedy soosun taeny jongsica spanish love
Chapters: 31 | Votes: 7 | Subscribers: 139 | Views: 13480 | Comments: 213 |

Tiffany Hwang, una estudiante ... Read More

Cage the cupids!

by ipastel updated on
Tags: fluff korean romance shinee jongsica minsul taeun
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 12 | Views: 9330 | Comments: 98 |

  "Dear Cupid, Please Shoot The Both Of Us Next Time." ... Read More

Seoul Arts No.2 Academy(HIATUS)

by minyul24 updated on
Tags: doohyo minyul ontae romance schoollife jongsica seohan
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 23 | Views: 710 | Comments: 9 |

ByungHae High School is a well-know delinquent all-boys high school, where the is always fighting instead of learning,while Seoul Arts Girls  Academy is an elcusive school,t... Read More

Inebriated [Complete]

by KisungYouBaby26 updated on
Tags: minyul ontaeng shinee snsd sookey taestal jongsica
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 3 |

  Everyone seemed so normal now in comparison to what he had just seen... Read More

Intoxicated [Complete]

by KisungYouBaby26 updated on
Tags: minyul ontaeng shinee snsd sookey taestal jongsica
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 1 |

  The phrase: ... Read More

He Took My Breath Away

by Esmeii updated on
Tags: romance shinee snsd jongsica against
Chapters: 46 | Votes: 7 | Subscribers: 43 | Views: 4510 | Comments: 127 |

Jessica parents just died 6 months ago from a car accident and was living with her aunt Len for 5 months now and realized how terrible her aunt was she moved out and how the school violence has ... Read More

Happiness Is Always A Coincidence

by lynnnnloves updated on
Tags: fluff jessica jonghyun shinee snsd jongsica
Chapters: 24 | Votes: 8 | Subscribers: 61 | Views: 4050 | Comments: 73 |

  ... Read More

Late for One Year

by JoyceLinSSJS updated on
Tags: jessica jonghyun shinee snsd jongsica
Chapters: 20 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 31 | Views: 1430 | Comments: 21 |

  Jessica is pretty popular in her school, but only because she got left back once when she was in 7th grade, so all her ex-classmates recognize her.  Well, the reason was because that ... Read More

Self-centered Jerk

by crazyasian002 updated on
Tags: minyul ontaeng shinee snsd sookey yoontaem jongsica
Chapters: 3 | Subscribers: 14 | Views: 330 | Comments: 2 |

Jung Jessica lived with her younger sister, Krystal, for 3 years by themselves ever since their parents died on a business trip due to the plane they were on malfunctioning which lead to a plane cr... Read More

Catch me i'm fallen for you

by Sheila_123 updated on
Tags: minyul ontaeng romance sookey jongsica taeyoon
Chapters: 29 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 55 | Views: 5480 | Comments: 22 |

English is not my first language...    Kwon Yuri is the Emperor’s daughter in Korea.  She grew up in States in Los Angeles, and lives with her aunt... Read More


by _Sica_Chuu_ updated on
Tags: fluff jessica jonghyun jongsica
Chapters: 3 | Views: 730 | Comments: 4 |

Jonghyun P.O.V. I'm Kim Jonghyun, my friends call me JJong, and my lovely girlfriend Jessica calls me JJongie. I miss Jessica so bad, why did she had to go back to America? To visit her family, Ugh... Read More

Black & White

by PINeeMaomao updated on
Tags: jessica onew onsica shinee snsd jongsica kimjonghyun
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 7 | Comments: 10 |

Black & White... Read More

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