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broken promises

by lupe05 updated on
Tags: romance sad you bap youngguk arragedmarriage youngnam
Chapters: 9 | Subscribers: 7 | Views: 310 | Comments: 4 |

​                                                                ... Read More

The "Dream" Life

by taeminlover77 updated on
Tags: zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae youngguk
Chapters: 8 | Subscribers: 5 | Views: 570 |

Arwen Lee is living in the "dream" life. Her eldest sister, Luna, runs the biggest entertainment company in Korea, Luna Records. Luna is determined to get Arwen married. ... Read More


by cheerichelsea updated on
Tags: comedy dance jonghyun shinee zelo bap youngguk
Chapters: 23 | Votes: 6 | Subscribers: 38 | Views: 1170 | Comments: 16 |

 Jae is a BAP fan. Well one of the thousands of BAP fans anyways. But for Jae, BAP is her escape from her stressful life. Their music is what got her through her mother l... Read More

Sweet? Normal? [Subscribers Only]

by nonnaslim updated on
Tags: you zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngguk
Chapters: 22 | Votes: 3 | Subscribers: 57 | Views: 1640 | Comments: 18 |

Kim Kana (you) is a rather simple girl who is just going through life as an eighteen year old which includes a sweet loving boyfriend.    ... Read More

Silent Devotion [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by heartcupcake updated on
Tags: angst romance you schoolife bap youngguk btsjungkook
Chapters: 4 | Votes: 6 | Subscribers: 27 | Views: 340 | Comments: 3 |

  Not everyone is the same. ... Read More

B.A.P. NYC concert 4/15/14 at the Best Buy Theater [Complete]

by kierianna updated on
Tags: zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae youngguk
Chapters: 10 | Views: 150 |

Words can not express HOW awesome these boys were at this show. 100% more energy and just perfection from the show last year.   Here are some videos from the show! Enjoy :-D... Read More

Coffee Shop [Complete]

by MinRinAeChan updated on
Tags: zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae youngguk
Chapters: 3 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 2 | Views: 120 | Comments: 1 |

Hi everyone, This is my secong fanfic-like thing, I'm planning to make it a short one. I hope you like it ^_^                                                    ... Read More

Rated R's

by nomad222 updated on
Tags: zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae youngguk
Chapters: 17 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 27 | Views: 1580 | Comments: 28 |

Hello, My lovely readers... Well, Good News I am writing a new Fanfic.. Woo hoooooo!!!! This time I'... Read More

There is no love it is all based on lies!

by peaches123 updated on
Tags: comedy romance exo chanyeol youngguk
Chapters: 2 | Subscribers: 12 | Views: 2270 | Comments: 5 |

You kim Minhee the most popular QueenKa in school is forced to marry ... Read More

My Long Lost Brother

by Tashey updated on
Tags: zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae youngguk
Chapters: 13 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 46 |

Bang Ji Min, a girl who finds the chance to escape from the orphans’ house, and goes to Korea alone to look for her lost brother. Is she going to find him? What i... Read More


by WhatsTheMato updated on
Tags: youngguk
Chapters: 11 | Votes: 1 |

These two are meant to be. The end. Well... not to the story, but to the description.... Yeah....... Read More


by tiffanciel updated on
Tags: beast hyosung jieun kikwang secret bap youngguk
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 5 |

There’s only one chance as you walk on this dark path Shine the light like Martin Luther King Get your mind out fro’ the gutter It’s too early for failure, you’re still young On... Read More

Why must be you?

by HanaChoi updated on
Tags: drama romance schoollife exo luhan bap youngguk
Chapters: 5 | Subscribers: 8 | Views: 610 | Comments: 5 |

Since childhood Hana never felt a family warmth in her life. Her parents always fighting everyday. When Hana's father died because of heart attacked, Her mom left you ... Read More

Luk Crackship (Leo from VIXX and YoungGuk from B.A.P) [Complete]

by JelloChan updated on
Tags: fluff leo youngguk crackship
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 2 | Views: 110 | Comments: 1 |

Just a short fluff cute scene with the random crackship I came up with with my dear friend Galaxydies. Check her stuff out by the way it's amazing~ :) ... Read More

Kill me [Complete]

by Equestre updated on
Tags: bangyongguk you youngguk yonggukandyou
Chapters: 12 | Subscribers: 24 | Views: 690 | Comments: 8 |

She was an agent, he was the target. Two people that should't be together were destined to stayed together.... Read More

Apple Of My Eye [Complete]

by swivelandpop updated on
Tags: fluff oneshot yongguk bap youngjae youngguk bangjae
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 6 | Views: 630 | Comments: 10 |

  ~ 'Why can't I be good at something? Daehyun is good at singing. Himchan hyung is good at cooking. Jo... Read More

Night Warriors [Hiatus]

by kim_seul_young updated on
Tags: zelo himchan jongup bap daehyun youngjae youngguk
Chapters: 3 | Subscribers: 8 | Views: 270 |

  BAP are members of an organization called Night Warriors. They are tasked to protect the human race fr... Read More

B.A.P's Love Stories

by Nana14056 updated on
Tags: zelo himchan jongup bap youngjae youngguk deahyun
Chapters: 3 | Comments: 4 |

Characters: Luna & Zelo Luna : 16 years old, Thai girl can speak fluent english,  and Thai. She's a kpop fan sin... Read More

Dark Maknae

by ToxicTriumph updated on
Tags: mystery zelo himchan bap daehyun youngjae youngguk
Chapters: 5 | Votes: 5 | Subscribers: 48 | Views: 1340 | Comments: 13 |

The government has secrets. Secrets that they don't want people to know about. Zelo is a prime example of one of those secrets. He is a top assassin who has been working for them since he w... Read More

The Beautiful Hausekeeper

by NalinaEJ updated on
Tags: zico himchan banghim youngguk himzic
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 3 | Comments: 5 |

Himchan is a normal boy; he lives with his mother in a small apartment. Because of their money problems couldn’t he afford going to college. Sense he was 16 years ol... Read More

The pabo in love [Complete]

by Kai-chan updated on
Tags: romance you youngguk
Chapters: 3 | Comments: 3 |

The pabo in love starring: you (chai) & youngguk from BAP!  ... Read More

I'm already yours [Complete]

by Findyourdestiny updated on
Tags: boyxboy bap youngguk xuimin bts namjoon
Chapters: 2 | Views: 250 |

Youngguk and Namjoon were lovers in the past Namjoon wanted to fulfill his dream so he left Youngguk.5 years later they meet when they are famous can they rekindle the love they once had .... Read More

Behind Closed Doors [Complete]

by JelloChan updated on
Tags: fluff zelo himchan bap youngjae youngguk himlo
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 5 | Views: 850 | Comments: 4 |

Funny what one hears from the other side of a closed door. YoungJae finds himself in a similar situation that doesn't quite turn out like he had thought. #B.A.P #Himlo #bap #Himchan #Zel... Read More

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