Sing With Me


Hongki and Suzy were siblings, and their parents were really good friends with Eunjung’s parents. Eungjung parents never had time for her because they always worked non-stop. Never the less Eunjung still put a smile on her face every day despite the loneliness in her heart. So Hongki and Suzy’s parents took her in and cared for her most of the time. Hongki, Suzy and Eunjung became really close friends, and would share everything together.

Hongki entered a band called FT Island and years passed and he has been living a hectic life and couldn’t contact them as often but still tried to whenever he could.

One day he got an urgent call from his sister and stated that Eunjung’s parents died in a plane crash, and her birthday were a few days away. Suzy wasn’t there to comfort Eunjung because she currently lived in a different country. She asked for a favour, which was to take care of her for now till she got back. Since Eunjung is still young it’s dangerous for her to live by herself. Hongki takes her into FT Island’s dorm and they all take care of her. Imagine what will happen when her classmates find out she is living with FT Island...What will she do? Worst of all what will the evil, cold hearted, obsessive FTI fan/daughter of FNC's C.E.O (FT Island entertainment label)do when she finds out they were living with a girl? A love conflict slowly develops between her, Jaejin,Suzy, Seunghyun, Hyomin, and Hongki. Who will they all end up with? 


Suzy doesn't appear till later on in the story*




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