It was Destiny's Choice

Lost and Found
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And although her stomach has been lurching in all unimaginable ways, she wouldn't deny a tinge of excitement as she stood at the front of SM building.

It gave her this strange feeling of being alive.

She clutched the black card underneath her pocket and took a deep breath as she made her way inside where applicants gathered around, waiting to be called. She couldn't help but marvel by just how much the company grew to be one of the strongest brand in the music industry. It gave her a happy feeling inside to have been a part of it once.

She waited a few minutes at the receiving area until it was her turn to talk to the front desk personnel. BoA handed her queue number and showed the black card along with her application form that earned her quite the bewildered look from the lady in front of her.

'A recommendation for the executive group would be at the other building.'

The clerk continued to stare at her quizzically.

With BoA's unfashionable thick glasses and old business attire (that was almost fading in color by now) the clerk couldn't quite believe that she's holding a black card. There was only one thing written on it -- Platinum R. Everybody who works for the company knows what it means to have this card since not everyone is privileged to get this kind of recommendation from any of the board members. But since nobody told BoA anything about its importance or purpose, she didn't have any type of expectations when she applied. It seemed to be just an ordinary card to her, anyway.

Soon, people who noticed the little commotion, started to pay them closer attention and began murmuring behind their backs. Her head started to spin and the last thing she wanted was to draw too much attention to herself. She covered half of her face with her left hand and hunched her back low.

'No no no no no. I'm... I'm only applying for the managerial position for... for Girls' Generation...!' She gushed on quickly before she could think properly of a better excuse.

BoA didn't want to be a manager, of course. Why would she want something that would remind her of the life she should be living right now? She was too caught up in the moment to think properly but before she could stop them from recording her information, her name was already listed as one of the applicants for the position.

'But... But...!'

'Ms. Kwon, there are other people in line so if you could please just step aside...'

Leaving her no other choice, she walked begrudgingly towards the receiving area and crashed to the nearest empty couch.

More and more, she was regretting the fact that she ever considered this job offer. If only she didn't have to pay for the house then she could've just taken even the menial of jobs out there.

She's well aware that she was already too late to correct everything, now that her application's on file, but she needed to push her luck a bit more. Looking around, she noticed an empty hallway going towards the elevator. She stealthily walked that way, trying to be as invisible as much as she can. When she made sure she was alone, she pulled out her old phone and dialed her Editor in Chief's number. She was hoping she could get the President's mobile number from her and request for him to get her out of this mess. If he has the power to grant her this opportunity, surely he has every power to lift it up, right?

Unfortunately for her, before she could even execute her plans, her phone died on her. Desperate, she rounded the empty hallway in search for someone when she saw a young man with sunglasses and a face mask fiddling with his phone by himself. She approached him hastily and held out her hand towards him.

'C-c-can I borrow?'

The man lifted his chin and looked at BoA underneath his dark sunglasses. He went completely still. BoA was aware that he was watching her intently. And who wouldn't? She looked like a complete mess that instance and more so like a lost lunatic. It's not his fault for being wary of her.

'Don't worry, I won't steal your phone! I just need to make a very important phone call...!' She pleaded, still having her arms extended.

'Your... your name...?' The young man croaked as he stood up. He was unexpectedly tall. The young man took off his sunglasses so he could stare at her properly.

BoA suddenly became conscious of herself. 'It's... Soon Hwa.'
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