An Understanding of One's Heart

Lost and Found
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'I give up! I really give up! This is so ridiculous!' Yunho screeched as he made another wrong turn in the neighborhood.          So one day, he finally decided to visit BoA at her apartment. It's been exactly one week when she stopped coming to work and she's making quite a stir in the company as it is already.    For what reasons?    Well... She's favored by the girls so much. Yunho's been very open at showing his affection towards her since the beginning. The news about her having the black card when she applied initially has been floating around, too. Lastly, the fact that she was supposed to debut under the company 13 years ago as their 'secret project' finally came to light (his fault of course, and he's really sorry about that).    That just added to the list of stuff that made the name BoA that much more controversial. In his defense however, people tried to limit the gossiping about her, thanks to him and the efforts of the girls who asked for their cooperation sincerely. Anyway, he was sure BoA expected as much already that's why he's on the quest to convince her that the past doesn't matter anymore and that she has to go back for a new beginning.    They needed to do something before it's too late. In fact, yesterday, Taeyeon and Tiffany tried to meet with Yunho alone at the office. They didn't have the intention to go beat around the bush and straight away asked him for help.          'And here I am now,' he sighed as he parked at the side of the street for the meantime.    Truthfully, he's been meaning to visit BoA much earlier than this. He just didn't have the face to show her until now. After a few days of reflecting over his actions, he concluded that he may have been rash, but he wasn't in the wrong either.   And with the chairman's special request, he has no reason to stay away from her anymore.    He'll be the one by her side -- always.         Yunho took out his phone and examined his note again. According to Tiffany's directions, BoA's apartment should be around here somewhere. But looking around, it seemed like a community for old people. Everywhere he turned, there will always be some old lady gossiping with each other or walking around the neighborhood with their visor and nifty rubber shoes. He was very confused.    'Has she been living her whole life like an old lady?' He pondered with a sigh. And then shuddered for its very possibility.    He was concentrating too hard, staring at his phone, that he was startled by a knock at his car door. Yunho lowered his window and greeted the old lady with his most handsome smile.    'What can I do for you, grandma?'   'Aiyoo... Such a good looking gentleman you are!' She greeted with a nod.    Yunho kept on smiling as he fixed his hair bashfully. He then noticed the two baskets the old lady was carrying. 'Grandma!' He gasped and then got out of his car immediately. 'Let me help you with that!'   The old lady kept on nodding her head in approval. 'Thank you young man. My back is hurting me and my legs feels stiff so it's a good thing I came across you for help.'    'My pleasure!' Yunho proceeded to carrying the basket for her as they began walking towards the corner of the street. It was a good day and a nice weather to take a stroll. It's been a while since he got the chance to do so, actually.    'I'm on my way to bring these to our young lady friend. Oh! You're going to be surprised! She's really pretty,' she mused clapping her hands together.    'A young lady in this neighborhood? Is it--'   'Here we are!'   Yunho halted abruptly. It was a shorter trip than he had expected. He glanced at the old lady and followed her line of vision. He found himself in front of a worn out apartment unit with a really small door. Apart from the shrubs with wild flowers at the sides, nothing else decorated the place. It was plain and terrible. 'Little missy!' The old lady called out while knocking.    'I'm coming grandma!' Came her distant voice.    'No way...' There was a slow smile that crept on Yunho's face. He wouldn't mistake that voice for anybody else. He can't believe he's finally in front of BoA's house. Automatically, he cleared his throat and tried to fix his collar, readying himself for the somewhat long awaited reunion.    'Grandma! I told you I was going to--' she began and then stopped mid-sentence when she saw the guests at her doorstep. She fought the urge to slam the door in front of him if not only for her old lady friend.    The old lady cleared this time. 'Here you go Soon Hwa,' she said gesturing for Yunho to hand the baskets to the young lady. BoA reached for it awkwardly. There was a short silence afterwards that added to the uncomfortable air around them. The old lady kept on glancing back and forth towards the young people with her. 'I think it would be great if we could come in. What do you think, hun?'   BoA gripped the doorknob in between her hand as she forced a smile on her face. It was obvious that what she's about to do was against her will and Yunho mused at her internal struggles. 'S-sure granny. But I think this young man is quite busy to stay behind.'   'Oh no! Not at all! My schedule's totally free for the day!' He announced with a loud voice (as if she couldn't hear him well enough), and just enjoying every bit of it.    'Great! Then let's go!'   'W-wait!' BoA pleaded but the two were already making themselves comfortable in her tiny and bear living room. She let out a long sigh and followed right behind them, left with no other choice but to concede with the unwelcome invitation.   With heavy foot steps, she stood in front of her guests. 'Please make yourself comfortable while I get us something to drink.'   'That's fantastic! Why don't you help our young lady prepare for the meantime... Uhm...?'   'Yunho. My name is Yunho,' he supplemented with that dazzling smile again. 'And I'll be glad to help her with the chores.'   'There's no need for that, Yundol,' BoA cut in with a warning tone he ignored deliberately.    'Oh my! You two know each other already?' There was a glint in the old lady's eyes.   'You could say that again,' he replied with a wink (with BoA rolling her eyes with disgust at the sidelines). Yunho stood up not long after and walked towards BoA. Now side by side, he turned his head and grinned at her. 'Glad to see you after all this time.'   'Don't m
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