It Will Never Be Easy

Lost and Found
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Just as what was planned 13 years ago, BoA will still debut as SM's secret weapon. She was slated to be a soloist that will bring an explosive song and dance performances on stage. It will be like no other.    She will also be versatile.    She will perform, she will act and she will strengthen SM's foothold in the whole of Asia, especially in Japan and probably in the United States, if she's that lucky. The possibilities are endless!   How she was going to do that however, she still has no clear idea but inside of her, there was already a spark. That was the determination she needed so she can only move forward. She didn't realize how much she has changed when she finally embraced her new reality. It was as if unleashing her full potential that was dormant for a long, long time. And she couldn't be more than thankful for this opportunity.    Slowly, BoA became even more energetic, she warmed up to people faster than usual and she's finally learning how to smile from the bottom of her heart.    She's back to her old self.          It's only been a little over a month so nobody really expected how much progress she'll be able to achieve with her vocals and stage performances. Yet, BoA showed so much growth that if she was told to debut the very next day, she'll be ready.   Everything came as a shock with everybody, even to her but Yunho.    Yunho, from day one, has always been an encouraging figure in her journey. He never failed to show his support that even some of the girls felt that it was a competition to win her attention with him around. Tiffany was especially open about her feelings and even considered Yunho as a threat to their friendship with BoA.    It was ridiculous.   But she liked it very much how Yunho takes care of her as if she's the most important person in the whole wide world to him.    BoA smiled with the thought and took a sip of her water as she glanced around, waiting to see if her friend has arrived.   'Ms. Kim! Over here!' She called out, waving her hand in the air.    The older woman spotted her immediately and walked towards her table merrily.    'Soon Hwa!' She greeted, hugging the small lady as she was just standing up from her seat. BoA felt at home whenever she's around her.    'You can call me BoA...' She squeaked shyly.    The older lady returned a meaningful smile. 'I'm glad you didn't have to hide your real self anymore.'   BoA merely nodded her head and gestured for her guest to sit down as they ordered their drink.    'How are you? It's been a long while since we saw each other.'   'And the last time only reminded me of unpleasant memories,' Ms. Kim groaned, frowning, remembering the day BoA was forced out of the publishing company. She shifted on her seat and looked at BoA as if she was studying her.    'It's still me. The same ol' Soon Hwa... BoA...' She fumbled and then sighed.    'Yes, the same hardworking girl I've ever known. Don't worry too much about your name. The important thing is what's inside.' The older lady took a sip of her coffee and crossed her leg. 'But you look... different. A good kind of different. I see you've learned a few tricks and is now able to really dress well! It's great that you can finally use that pretty face of yours,' she commented with a laugh that made the other girl blush deeply.    Ever since she started her training, that included special grooming from SM
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