Where She Belongs

Lost and Found
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He held her hand gently. BoA had a momentary gasp and then blushed.    'You ready?'   She closed her eyes and tried to calm her heart knowing that starting now, there was no other way but to move forward.    'Yes.'   Yunho smiled at her and gave her hand a squeeze. He got out of the car and opened the door for her. Since his last visit, he had met with BoA for a couple times more. He made it a point that she wouldn't feel alone. That he will always be there, ready to give her strength whenever she needed it.    His effort was not in vain because BoA could feel the support emanating from him. He didn't ask for anything in return either. Without knowing, they have suddenly reached that point where their hearts were at ease with each other's side. (And to think I loathed him so much before. She kept on thinking)   It was a weird feeling, to have a friend like him. Almost like... a bestfriend. She can't be even more thankful that God brought him to her life. Which was something that she can't quite say out loud if she wanted to preserve her remaining pride after the little drama she displayed the first time Yunho visited her at the apartment.          The two got out of the car. At the corner of his eyes, he saw uncertainties in her action. She kept on fiddling with her fingers and couldn't even bring herself to lift up her chin to face people. 'Hey! No need to feel so troubled. We're just here to meet with people and prove that you didn't run off and transform into a Gumiho or something.'   'What the hell, Yundol. Don't make me out like some weird freak!'   'Woah! Watch out with that coarse language young lady! You're talking to oppa!' There was a dramatic pause that followed. 'And anyway, Gumiho is supposed to be a very pretty creature.'   Did he just implied I'm beautiful?   BoA looked away, not quite sure how to respond to that. 'Oh please. You're far from being a real, oppa,' she retorted back shakily, crossing her arms over her chest. 'And anyway, I looked it up and we're the same age!'   Yunho just grinned at that familiar spunk and patted her hair. BoA jerked her shoulders a little bit in surprise and stepped away. 'Oh! So you google me, too!' He teased happily making her blush deeper. 'Don't worry, oppa will take care of you. You don't have to do anything.'   BoA chose not to argue back in fear of losing again. So instead, the two walked the hallways in silence. Yunho could feel her nervousness rise as people looked at her as they pass. She lowered her head again in the hopes nobody would recognize her. Smiling at the opportunity, he wrapped his arms around her protectively. That only made BoA even more conscious about herself.    'Dammit Yundol! People are still looking!' She screeched through gritted teeth while struggling to loosen his grip.    'Don't you think that maybe... I wanted them to see...?' He trailed off teasingly, making her face go beet red. 'Oh here we are!' He suddenly exclaimed before BoA could scream at him.    The young lady took a sharp breath and exhaled deeply. It seemed everything happened faster than a second because even before she could prepare herself for the meeting, she already found herself in front of the President with a familiar man behind him.    She windened her eyes and gasped when she realized who it was. 'Teacher Soo Man!'   There was a meaningful smile on the face of the chairman as he walked hurriedly towards BoA to envelope her in a warm embrace.    'Finally... Finally!' Lee Soo Man cried as he eventually let go so he could look at her. He touched her face and wiped away her tears. 'You're still so tiny...!' he commented much to BoA's shock.    'That's mean Teacher Soo Man!'   'I think you are to blame for her height deficiency when you made her practice her dance nonstop everyday,' the President suddenly cut in with a smile. He walked towards their long awaited guest and gave her a quick hug. 'Hello, BoA.'   'President!'   Her old boss shook his head. 'You can call me Uncle Park from now on.'   BoA blushed, a bit taken aback. Looking at all of them, she readily felt the welcoming warmth in their eyes. As if it was a reunion they have been waiting for so long.    'Thank you Yunho for bringing her back,' Lee Soo Man said softly. He walked towards the young man and shook his hand. 'But BoA,' he followed as he looked back, 'what happened?'   She was initially confused about the question until she realized that the chairman was staring at her clothes.    'She's been like that even in my company,' Mr. Park supplemented, reminiscing the time he spent with the unknowing young lady. 'But admit it, that doesn't erase the fact how charming she still is.'   Yunho nodded his head enthusiastically. From her long black hair, to the contour of her face, that dimple and radiant smile... Even her oversized cardigan couldn't hide her great figure underneath. Yunho had to divert her eyes somewhere else before he jumps at her in front of everybody. The embarrassing thought made him shudder.   'Well... It's not like I can do anything about my wardrobe or anything...' S
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