There Were No Beginnings

Lost and Found
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It was about a month or two prior to her official debut.

By then, BoA has been training for a little over 2 years. It was a tough time but slowly, their family was able to recover from their financial slump (thanks to her efforts as a trainee under SM) and everything was finally looking better on their end.

Because of the steady economy, just a couple of weeks ago in fact, their family was able to organize a little trip to Jeju island as a treat to themselves. They haven't gone for a vacation in a long, long time so everybody was pretty excited about it.

There wasn't a lot of preparation needed, really, but everybody looked busy. It was obvious how much they were all looking forward to this. It's not just a liesure time for them. It was more of a celebration for being able to survive the hurdle that hit their family -- together.

Time went by steadily for the Kwon's ever since.

Finally, the night before the trip, BoA was suddenly called for an emergency meeting at the office. Apparently, they were already setting up the date for her debut. And since they were on a tight schedule, they requested if BoA could join them for a quick meeting as soon as she can the next day.

'Mom, you know I can't miss this,' BoA was explaining. Her stubborn streak, clearly showing.

'I know honey, that's why we're not going to Jeju Island anymore. That way, you can attend your meeting peacefully.'

'But you can't miss this trip either!' BoA was half screaming now, tears b at the corner of her eyes. She felt responsible for ruining her family's trip and she felt horrible. 'What I'm saying is for you guys to go ahead and I'll just follow you right after. How hard could it get?'

'But you're a minor, we can't just let you travel alone,' Soon Hwon, the oldest of her brothers, said with a cutting edge.

'Oppa, I'm 13 years old, I'm definitely old enough!' She replied defiantly, she looked towards her Dad and silently pleaded for him to consent her to travel alone so they can end this discussion already.

'Barely thirteen. I mean, come on... You don't even have s,' Soon Wook sneared, obviously on his brother's side. He was serious though. About her not having any s.

'Shut up, oppa! At least I have boys liking me despite being less but no girl would even date you.'

There was an awkward silence that followed and for a while, it felt like the night wouldn't end anytime soon. None of them wanted to back down, both for a reasonable argument backing them up. It was three against one but the head of the family still has the last say on this.

Her Dad sighed. 'I agree, BoA is not old enough to travel by herself,' the brothers had a momentary gasp of success, 'but she's not exactly young either.'

BoA's eyes lit up. She could almost taste the sweet victory on her lips. 'Thank you, Daddy--'

Her Dad shot her a sharp look silencing her instead. 'But you, young lady, should know that you're accountable for your actions. If you mess this up, you can say bye bye to your singing career once and for all. Are we clear about this?'

Suddenly, she couldn't answer her Dad and it was pathetic. After everything she had said, her vicious fervor and her biting stubborness... She can't just say no and back down. What would that say about her? She has her pride to uphold.

Anyway, she knew deep inside that it's only right for her Dad to set those rules.

She bit her lip until it bled.

It was a gamble.

Of course it was a gamble.

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