Never Again



He had known her more than half of his life. Maybe because they've been together for so long, Yunho can practically read her mind. 

Whether she's happy, sad, hurt or overwhelmed with feelings, it will always be him, readily by her side. 

Yet, it doesn't mean everything runs smooth for her. In fact, Yunho uses that advantage to make fun of BoA, by having her lose several bets and make her suffer each embarrassing punishments that couples with it. 

Who would have suspected though, that these little games would eventually stir their friendship into something neither of them have even dared cross.


And that the game would someday have to end

"I swear to god, I am never gonna play this game with you. Never again"





“Wanna make a bet?”

BoA turned her head to look at him. Another second and now, the two were face to face. The lights were dimmed but his eyes particularly twinkled at her. His brown hair looked so soft as he lazily brushed it off his face.

The contour of his face.

His lips…

"Let's play a game. Let's play a game that will determine our fate together."



Author's Note:

This story is deemed too long for a one shot so I decided to break it down into chapters. HAHA. Thank you for picking up this story :3

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues



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BluebutterflyKPop #1
Chapter 4: I love YUNBOA, I love this story and I love you for your work. <3
I hope one day YUNBOA be real ;-)
Chapter 2: Kya~ this story gets better and better! Oh, disregard my previous comment... That was me just being incomprehensive
Chapter 1: I already love the storyline~ and wait, BoAs debut in Japan flopped? I probably just don't remember this :P
I always learn a lot reading your stories and never fail to admire how u did all that research! :)
Chapter 4: /barfs out rainbows and unicorns and everything nice/
Damn giiirl! LOL. I loved this story and I'm quite sad to see that it has ended. But oh well! I'm completely satisfied with the ending and it gave me so many feels. ^_^ <3
Babysuie #6
Chapter 4: awww..this is the end,why so soon.hahaha
yunho..that's so sweet of him ^^
and now we just need to wait for wedding announcement.

YunBoA..they complete each other and they're meant for each other.kekeke

congrats for finishing,i'll be waiting for another yunboa story from you.
you're great..keep writing.hugs~~~~^^
Chapter 4: Beautiful ending! It was so sickingly cute!! ^^*
sone-cassiopeia #8
Chapter 4: WOW!! Amajjang! I love how you endend this.. with a bet and all :) the sunflower ^^ how beautiful it is!

Thank you for your story!
Yundol and Bboa hwaiting!!!!

Waiting for your next story author-nim :D
Babysuie #9
Chapter 3: awww..poor yunho :(
that's good BoA is there to cheer him up and embrace him!!
and about "phone walpaper" i hope it's happened in real life.hahaha
can't wait for the next update,fighting ^^
This story reminds me of france movie that i watch when two main character, close friends do bet game a lot to deny that they fall in love each other,i will read everything once you finish it, i am pretty sure it will be a few chapters before you finish it, isnt it :D