Never Again



//Year 2001

BoA sat at the very corner of the practice room, playing with the ends of her baggy shirt. Sweat was still trickling down her temples but she didn’t bother wiping it away. She instead, concentrated looking at her feet as if waiting to grow another pair. Her mind and attention was already someplace else that when he brushed her hair away from her face, it was only when she realized she had company.

“Usually, this is the time for you to practice your rapping for Dana’s music video*, so I think you should go and do your work already. You can leave me alone now.”

BoA squinted her eyes on him, obviously finding a way to bully her unexpected companion. He may be older (only for a few months but he still acts like a doting oppa, which she hated so much) than her but she debuted ahead of him, giving her a bit of an upper hand to act like a self-important senior whenever dealing with him and his inflated ego. (Okay, he’s not really an egotistical maniac like she always calls him but that doesn’t erase the fact that his mere presence was annoying)

“And weren’t you supposed to be practicing for your new song?” He countered, a smirk on his face.

BoA glared at him in annoyance. How he always beats her in the argument she herself started, definitely made her blood boil. And to do it at this very moment, only escalated her already heightened emotions.

“Leave me alone Yunho!” She snapped in an attempt to send him away as quickly as possible, wishing that she can claim back her solitude.

“Nope, don’t want. It’s not like you’re using this room anyway,” he hummed, standing up from his place. He walked towards the mirrors and started stretching. He took a quick look at BoA’s reflection and he was almost satisfied by how pissed she looked to him. Poor BoA, completely unaware by his watchful eyes who likes nothing but to torture her, every chance he gets.

Sighing, BoA finally stood up and walked towards him in an abraded fashion. She had a huge (fake) smile on her face coupled with a murderous intent, clearly showing in her eyes.

“Yunho… Oppa… I am going to use this room,” she hissed with an evident dissatisfaction, also not forgetting to stress the word ‘oppa’ to indicate just how much she wanted to strangle him instead (and as if she needed more older brothers in the first place. Just having two was already a torture). BoA also took particular care and made sure that her words came out as a statement than a favor. She was not going to back down when it came to him.

“Ah sure, if you can win an easy bet with me.”

BoA raised her eyebrow, contemplating whether to take on the challenge when she realized that she shouldn’t be the one playing with his silly games. She remembered that she had a little advantage in this argument for debuting before him.

She’s his senior.

When Yunho was almost sure she wasn’t taking the bait, he did a different approach. “It’s okay if you don’t want to. It’s not my problem if you’re not confident enough about yourself. I’ll just go somewhere to practice…”

The words stung.

Wasn’t it because of her lack of confidence the reason behind her slump? Why she’s wallowing in her own misery just before Yunho came into the practice room?

The way Yunho pointed it out so easily,despite her pretending to be a haughty little kid, bothered her. He wasn’t supposed to know.

“Fine. Let’s do it.”

Yunho tried to suppress a smile. She gave in too soon.

“It’s pretty easy. You just have to remain like that in place for one whole minute. If you win, I’ll do absolutely anything you ask of me. You can even have me as your slave.” he explained under one breath. “But if you lose–”

BoA scoffed, cutting his speech, either because of the simplicity of his rules or to the fact that she’s actually putting up to this silly game.

It didn’t matter.

Yunho cleared his throat. “Okay… So, I guess you’re ready?”

“I’ve been waiting for this since forever,” she answered in a brash.

Yunho wasted no time and stood directly in front of her. She figured they were starting when he did that, so she stood defiantly, making eye contact to prove him that she’s going to be the winner of this bet.

That’s when she saw his eyes. She couldn’t explain it but his eyes looked thoughtful. Like it ached for her. She became confused at the sudden dawning realization. And then he lifted his hand to touch her cheek. The slightest contact sent bolts of electricity in every inch of her skin. There was a ringing sound in her ear and her initial reaction was to stop the disturbance.

It hasn’t been another 20 seconds when she took a step back pushing her hands against his broad chest.

“You lose!” He yelled, pleased about the turn of events. And then BoA wondered if what she saw pass between his eyes were fake concerns.

It couldn’t be.

Her heart wouldn’t be hammering this violently if she didn’t feel his sincerity, would it?

“You cheated!” BoA screamed at him.

“I did not.”

“But you did…” BoA tried to explain making several hand gestures to mimic the moment, “…that!” She could feel her face turning bright red. It’s making her even more flustered.

“And so..? It’s not like it’s against the rules.”

BoA automatically shut , in utter shock, hearing his counterargument. Technically, they only agreed not to move from their spot. Whatever look or hand gestures they try to execute within that confined space, wasn’t part of the rule and admittedly, she did lose the bet. She was infuriated not because of him, but because of her own carelessness.

“Whatever. Just tell me what you want so we can move on with our lives quickly,” she pouted, shooting her hands inside her pocket out of frustration.

Yunho walked towards her and leaned closer so their face were only inches apart. The ringing sound was back and she could feel herself panicking.

And then Yunho poked the sides of her cheeks.

“What the–”

“Smile a little more,” he said.


“Smile a little more,” he repeated. His face was serious though, as if he was prepared to force his request on her if she started protesting. BoA held his gaze in return, just waiting for further instructions that made more sense. She may be the loser of this unfair game but she’s not the type to turn back on her words.

“Please, just tell me–”

The weight of his hands on her shoulders silenced her. “I just want you to smile. For you to gain back your old self…” He said softly, his lips barely moving. “I know it’s a scary place for a young girl like you, to start anew in a different country, but don’t ever doubt yourself that you can do it.”

Yunho’s soothing voice soon calmed her heart. That despite everything she said earlier, Yunho’s still the one able to comfort her even before she asked for it. BoA’s face looked serene and melancholic, recalling all those times Yunho saved her from her sadness.

“Aigoo! Didn’t I just tell you to smile as your punishment for losing the game?!”

Finally, a smile was already tugging at the corner of . “Arg! You and your weird logic!” She snapped but Yunho knew well enough that he did a good job bringing her old spirit back.

“Ha! And I’ll even shave my head if you flop your Japanese debut! Just you watch..!”


Yunho never shaved his head obviously.




Author's Note:

*Yunho entered the company as a trainee in 2000 but in late 2001, when he was fifteen, Yunho appeared in label-mate Dana's music video for her song "Diamond" as a rapper and backup dancer. He had made his actual debut under TVXQ in 2003.


Yey! I can finally post this up on AFF! I hope you enjoyed just the right amount of fluff in this particular chapter. And like usual, imma mix in a lot of facts in this fiction coz you know my style already. But seriously tho, I've never done so much research than in this particular fic and Dangerous Territory |||OTL

TBH, this was meant to be a oneshot fic but then it ended up being twice as long as Burning... I thought Burning would snag all of the awards for being so loooooong (and bordering the category) *cough* from any of my stories but then, this happened (sorry, this is not going to be Rated R tho). HAHA!

Oh well, towel. Next chapter is coming up very soon! (Note that there would be several time leaps so just hang on tight! This is quite fast paced)



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