Lost and Found

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The name that started the Korean wave. The one affectionately called as the Star of Asia. The "Best of All".

Everything this one name could ever hold vanished into thin air when BoA decided to disappear right before her official debut in August 2000. At the time when a tragic event happened to her whole family.

Now, disguising herself as a whole different person, BoA would soon find herself back into the limelight. To the life she knew was meant for her from the very beginning.



Back to the man she would come to realize as the only missing piece that could make her whole again.




"I'm sorry BoA... The plane that your family was on... crashed and... and it was reported that

there were no survivors from that flight..." Lee Soo Man finally finished.

BoA could feel her face draining of color. She can't be hearing the right stuff, right? This isn't happening.

They said they will wait for her. They promised.

"I'm sorry, I have to go," The young lady squeaked as she slipped out of her chair, outside the room,

ignoring the chairman calling out for her name.








Author's Notes:

My first (semi) AU fic. TBH, I'm not exactly confident about this but still, I'm excited to share it with everyone! Also, I want give a shoutout to nikatsu for this amazing fic poster! You're the best! Lastly, I want to thank everyone for picking up this story. Hope you enjoy the ride :3

Poster 1 by eyes2blues

Poster 2 by nikatsu


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