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i'm sorry i provide only snail updates... so irresponsible otl

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hi, i've been on here for a decade, (pardon my writing despite that,) and some idols i like are:

AKB48/Nogizaka46/Sakurazaka46, GFriend, gu9udan, Cosmic Girls, Lovelyz, BoA, TVXQ/DBSK/JYJ

and some of my biases are:

minegishi minami (miichan), kashiwagi yuki (yukirin), shiraishi mai (maiyan), nishino nanase (naachan), yamamoto sayaka (sayanee), yamasaki ten (tenchan), hwang eunbi (shinb), han haebin, kim nayoung, meng meiqi, kwon boa, kim jaejoong

and my main ships are:

sinju (GFriend's shinb and yuju), nanamai (Nogizaka46's maiyan and naachan), sayamilky (NMB48's sayanee and milky), yunboa (TVXQ's yunho and boa), sashimayu (AKB48's mayuyu and HKT48's sasshi), kkubi (IZ*ONE's eunbi and sakura), meixuan (WJSN's meiqi and xuanyi)