Every Meeting has a Meaning

Lost and Found
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- December, 12 years later -

She was wearing her unfashionable thick glasses as she was skimming through several web pages on her good ol' laptop. Her long sleeves were sticking out and she had to pull them up to her arm if she wanted to use her hands freely. She took her pen out of her messy bun and started swishing it in between her fingers, trying hard to think of a new article write up for her editor.

As a struggling fashion columnist under the name of Kwon Soon Hwa, anybody from the said fashion industry would have to tie her up on a stake and burn her alive. She's not what you would call a bad person. It's just really the way she looked in general.

She looked... The way she looked was just so plain compared to all these flambouyant fashionistas she works with at the office. It was to the point that she's considered an offense to their profession but since they can clearly see her potential as a successful fashion editor in the making, they can't exactly throw her talent away. She's meticulous in her craft and her ideas are always amazing. All they can manage was to at least hold off her promotion.

The young lady let out a soft giggle as she started writing on her notebook happily.

To be honest, she was well aware of the dark schemes of her co-workers. But she couldn't care less as long as she could keep her personal space to herself but suddenly, stuff came up and she can't exactly idle anymore. She would need extra cash if she wanted to survive and keep their family house from being sold off to the market.

A few weeks ago, her Editor in Chief gave her a chance for a breakthrough project that could possibly propel her career. Apparently, their fashion magazine was able to snag an opportunity to interview Korea's National Girl Group for their anniversary issue. Just having one of the girls featured was already considered a sure hit but having all nine was just really begging for the golden prize.

The problem was, she's not quite familiar with these people. She had long been detached from the world of pop music and have been working her off since young to be concerned with this kind of affair. But she needed to make this project a hit. She would need to put more effort into this.

The girl in glasses sipped from her mug and stared at the photo in front of her.

'Oh, this girl looks strangely familiar...' she mulled over, looking at a picture of a petite, brown haired girl. The girl in the picture has a great chic expression and she liked the choice of clothes she was wearing. It looked like a photoshoot from the streets of New York. Looking at the picture, it reminded her of this skinny kid with braces practicing her singing and dancing as a new trainee.

Soon Hwa shook her head.

OMG, you and your obssession with teeth, she scolded herself mentally as she waved her hand in the air, accidentally tipping the mug and spilling a bit of coffee on some of the other pictures.

See? This is what happens when you try to remember the awful past.

She groaned and got up from her seat to get napkins from the counter. All of a sudden, she wasn't in her best humor anymore.


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