The Predator's Claws

Lost and Found
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'So what do you think?'   'Huh?' BoA blinked, finally snapping out of her reverie.    Yunho frowned and then pulled over so he can directly look at her. 'I was just saying if you wanted to have Japanese food for dinner?'   'Yeah, sure.' She answered absentmindedly and then thought for a while. 'Wait, why?'   'Why?' He echoed in surprise. 'So you mean to say I've been talking all this time for nothing?' Yunho sounded hurt. BoA debated whether to console him or ignore him altogether. 'Anyway,' he said, interrupting her thoughts to her relief, 'I was thinking we should have dinner at this Japanese restaurant Jessica recommended a while ago.' There was a quizzical look on BoA's face as he said all this. 'It's not a date date!' He added defensively and then looked away.     'I didn't even say anything!' she snapped rolling her eyes. 'I was just thinking which place you were talking about exactly.' She sighed and then looked away, ending the conversation abruptly, failing to see Yunho's red face.    So okay.    He wouldn't deny the fact that he wanted it to be a real date and that there has been several instances lately where he just wants to slam BoA against the wall and kiss her on the lips. To want all of her for himself. It's useless to deny the simple fact that he loves her this much when he has always been in love with her.    Perhaps it's even the reason why he could never stay in a relationship. Because he knew that deep down, he was going to meet her again. That someday, somehow, fate will make that happen...   That's why when it did, in the most unexpected way, he wouldn't be so foolish and let her out of his sight ever again.    Yet, as much as he had wanted to monopolize her for himself, he knew that that would only make their budding relationship crumble so instead, he chose to be a friend who would support her in this journey. Wishing that eventually along the way, BoA would realize that he will be that someone who would be able to complete the missing piece in her heart. That he would be that someone whom she won't be able to live without anymore.    Yunho went back on the road while BoA kept to herself at the duration of their ride. She was obviously still preoccupied about her earlier encounter with Mr. Lee that she couldn't stop thinking of all the possible ways he could destroy her. Admittedly, that person is still someone who makes her feel threatened. Always like a daunting presence waiting for that perfect timing to prey on her.   'Actually, Teacher Soo Man was supposed to join us today to discuss a couple of things with you but he needed to cancel in the last minut
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