The Past, the Present and the Future

Lost and Found
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'Where's BoA?' he asked, quite out of breath.    'Were you running around the building searching for her or something?'   'I'm the one asking a question here, Changmin,' Yunho snapped, a bit frustrated.    The younger man raised his eyebrow and sat upright on his seat, pretending to browse his phone to irritate his companion a bit more. Since the preparation for the concert required them to be always away from home, there was not a single day Yunho did not fret over BoA especially when they had to stay long outside Korea. This time, the duo had to be away for almost two weeks making the older man even more unbearable as he worried about stuff.   Yet, Changmin can't bring himself to get mad at Yunho after learning about their past (or his past since it doesn't seem like a mutual thing for the both of them. He gets a scornful look from Yunho whenever he points that out.).   Changmin let a moment linger before finally answering. 'She ditched work.'   Yunho looked taken aback. 'What do you mean she ditched work?!'   'Exactly that. Maybe you should go ask her yourself. They said she's back at her old apartment, too.'   Yunho blinked a couple of times letting this new information sink in. The past few months have been good and she showed obvious determination to live a new life not shadowed by the past.    She looked happier.    But then just before he left, it seemed like everything she built for herself as her new beginning, crumbled before her and now she's caved in to the void she created around herself. This caused him to worry especially that the Chairman called for him specifically to ask him to be BoA's distraction without as much as a clear explanation why.    'We're done for today right?'   Changmin looked up from his phone. 'Yeah. But tomorrow, it'll be a hard day again.'   The older man rubbed his temple, having a mental debate how to go around with this.    'I'll... I'll just worry about that tomorrow. I've got somewhere to go, so I'll leave now!' Yunho yelped as he disappeared from the door.    He walked the hallways hastily, his mind full of questions.    The chairman told me to be a distraction. But a distraction from what? Shouldn't he be asking me to support BoA as the person closest to her? Or if not that, protect her from all the vicious people who might hurt her in this industry? Why of all things, a distraction?   The possibilities were endless and he's got no time to sit around and wait for that moment to happen. Despite his tired body, he was able to hop on his car and drive his way to BoA's apartment. It took almost an hour before he reached the familiar road and then eventually stopped in front of her door.    He got out of his car mechanically and rang her doorbell repeatedly. Nobody was answering. A bit irritated, he grabbed the doorknob and twisted it in the hopes that it'll open up for him. But of course BoA was not so stupid to leave her door unlocked. Furious, he banged on her door like a mad man, earning him quite the unpleasant look from the old people who happened to walk by.    Yunho fixed his sunglasses and pulled his hat closer, concealing his face as much as he could manage. Unexpectedly, his phone vibrated in his pocket making him jump from surprise.    It was a text message from BoA.   Leave.   'I'm sure you know I'm a pretty wealthy man and that I can just destroy your door and then pay somebody to fix it afterwards if you'll keep on refusing to open it for me.'   Barely a second after his big (and unnecessary) speech, the door swung open with an enraged BoA behind it.    'You are such a terrible actor, Yundol,' she hissed, glaring at him as if she wanted to punch his face.   'And yet you know I wasn't kidding.'   The young lady turned his head to the side. 'Tell me what you want and then leave.'   'But I want to stay here and spend time with you. You see the problem here?'   BoA's face twisted into a frown. 'Go away,' she spat dismissively but he was far too stubborn and instead, made his way inside her apartment and strutted towards her small dining area.    'Seriously?!'   'I'm in the mood for some coffee. Why don't we have some?'   'Are you seriously gonna ignore the fact that you're not even welcome here?'   Yunho looked at her evenly and dawned an unreadable expression on his face. He could tell that BoA's edgier than usual and that there's definitely something bothering her.    'You look stressed.'   BoA took a moment to answer, surveying his face closely. 'You do, too,' she commented and then took a deep breath before sighing. Her rigid shoulders finally relaxing and the strain from her face disappeared eventually.    She knew that Yunho must be busy with their tour and would need to rest instead of wasting his time on her... But look at him wor
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MochiUp #1
Chapter 16: OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! New reader by the way kkk~
This is so scary!! Please Yunho and BoA be safe ㅠㅠ
tbh I'm confused with the progression ahaha oops sorry I've forgotten a lot about the story
Noelle #4
Chapter 14: Wow a twist? Why that bad guy have to be Yunho also though
Anw love the update can't wait for more
Chapter 14: I'm quite confused... Lee Sooman is dark?! Quite anticipating your future updates to see how this continues. Hahaha!
Chapter 14: Whoaoa~ plot twist! And I thought it was going to end soon!
I'm enjoying this! Lee Yunho's got some drama up his sleeve? Lee Sooman's got dirt! I'm excited!
Thanks for the update :D
Chapter 13: Kk I'm sorry I didn't write a proper comment huhu... But I was so shocked!!!! :(
Anyway update soon!!! I miss yunboa, huhu
Chapter 13: WAIT WHAT
I don't even know what to expect!
Chapter 12: I love this moral reunification [: you make Yunbo such a lovable person~