I'm Taking You With Me

Lost and Found
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He walked out of the apartment with a giddy smile plastered on his face. He fixed his sunglasses out of habit and made his way towards his car, completely unaware of another person walking just behind him.    'Excuse me?'   Yunho jumped a little bit and then turned to his side to greet the stranger.    The young man looked smart with his dark suit and glossy shoes. Yunho also noticed an expensive looking watch peeking underneath his long sleeves. His face looked friendly but the aura emanating from him felt different. He felt like he needed to be wary around this particular stranger.    'Yes?' Yunho answered cautiously retracting a step back.    'I was wondering if you're familiar with this neighborhood.'   Yunho creased his brows, trying to make out what the question meant. 'No, not really.'   'Oh, I was hoping you could help me out...' The stranger sighed, looking resigned. 'Then maybe you were just visiting your grandma?'   Yunho shook his head and waved his hand. 'Oh no! I was here to visit a friend.' He explained and saw his companion's face taking in this information. 'She's not an oldie! My friend. I mean, we're the same age and we work together!' He continued in a rush, afraid to confuse the stranger. He wasn't even sure why he bothered explaining himself.    Yunho cleared his throat to distract himself.    'Interesting...' The other man said with a certain glint in his eyes. It left quite an unsettling feeling in his stomach and Yunho can't help but really worry.    'Anyway, I have to go. Nice seeing you sir.' Yunho scurried inside the car and drove away without stopping.    The stranger remained on his spot however, his mouth turning up into a smile.    'This is going to be fun.'     *     BoA fell on her bed, and caressed the necklace with her right hand.    The truth is, in the past, just gazing at the beautiful necklace would automatically rob her off her loneliness. But since the intensity of her worries increased, she started wearing it to find a peace of mind.   It's weird. She was certain that the necklace would look awkward with it around her neck but it was the opposite of it if anything. It
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