She Didn't Know Then, But Something has Ended

Lost and Found
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He his right and stomped his foot, bumping into Changmin who was dancing alongside him.

'Ouch! Be careful!'

'I'm sorry... I'm sorry...' Yunho gasped as he finally collapsed on the floor. His face, bright red.

'You've been doing the wrong move over and over again. What's wrong with you all of a sudden? It's been like this since 2 days ago,' Changmin fumed while he joined him on the floor, cueing an unexpected break on their practice session.

After announcing their Time concert tour last year, the duo had been on a tight schedule preparing for it. Having a five-Dome tour in Japan starting this April, put a lot of pressure on their shoulders but at the same time, an assurance just how relevant they still are in the industry.

And although Yunho would love to give a hundred and ten percent of his time and effort in this preparation, he couldn't help his thoughts to drift away someplace else.

Yesterday, before reporting to practice, he went to the recruiting building to talk with the front desk personnel. As much as he believes it was BoA whom he had a chance encounter previously, there was a small part in him that still wanted a solid proof to reassure himself.

It's been 13 years since she left the company. Why return now? What was her purpose? She changed so much that if he didn't pay close attention to her during his short training days with her, he wouldn't recognize her present self anymore. Still, the ugly glasses and the horrific outfit wouldn't hide her star power. Maybe he liked her that much for her memory to be so ingrained in his brain.

So, going through with his plans, he walked towards the front desk and casually asked the lady on duty about the people who were applying for SM. He had to use a little bit of charm so she could give him the official list of all applicants. He scanned through the list quickly and there it was, written in bold black ink, the name Kwon BoA.

Smiling as he remembered the little adventure he had yesterday, Yunho looked at Changmin and pat his shoulder. 'Nothing's wrong. But maybe we can wrap up the practice now? It's way past noon already and we've been here since 7.'

Changmin thought for a while. It was so unlike Yunho to be cancelling a practice session. Between the two of them, it should be his job to request petty stuff from the team. But Yunho... This isn't his style.

Something's bothering the older man and after living with him for so long, Changmin can't just sit and watch as if this doesn't concern him as well. He needed to know everything about Yunho so he decided to make his own investigation himself.

'What's with you?'


'What's up. You're not like this, ditching practice for something... or someone else. What happened?'

Changmin followed Yunho relentlessly around the practice room, determined to squeeze information out of him, but Yunho wasn't budging at all. The older of the two just kept on smiling.

'Fine, if you wanna be like that then I'll just shut up.'

'Thanks, pal.'


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