The Blindfold was Lifted

Lost and Found
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She hated her name so much that she created Soon Hwa. She just couldn't bring herself to go back in the past and be reminded of all the pain from her childhood.

Numbing herself was the only way for her not to get hurt. It was a conscious effort but then, just one word, and everything else shattered.

Being called BoA reminded her how she killed her own family. The memory she so desperately wanted to bury in the depths of her heart.

She just couldn't recover from the unexpected blow. For almost two weeks since she left the company, she had to lock herself up, away from society and wished she'd disappear forever. She chose to hide in her own demons instead of facing her bitter reality.

She's become this weak.


As always, it was eerily quiet at her family house, where she chose to spend the remaining of her days until she completely fade away. But all of a sudden, she heard knocking at the door which was a bit odd for her usual days. She had a mental debate whether or not to check who was at the doors or pretend she was dead for a second but was left with no other choice as soon as his voice floated in the air.

'BoA, I know you're inside.'

She shuddered not just by the sound of her name but also when she realized that it was actually the President at her doorstep. She had a momentary run through of all the possible reasons that brought him here but in the end, facing him was the only way to relieve her curiosity.

She attempted to flatten her hair before greeting her guest but some strands were still left sticking out of her head. Her eyes were also bloodshot from crying and the lost weight just added how miserable she looked.

After a few minutes of mulling as if to prepare herself, she finally went outside. As always, the President was well dressed in his suit and his polished black shoes. His hair was brushed up and although he was about the same age as her father, he looked rather young upfront. She never got the chance to ever look at him this closely before.

'My name is Soon Hwa,' she corrected in a small voice, but even to her, sounded far from being convincing if anything.

The President merely smiled at her sympathetically. 'You probably don't remember me but I do. And honestly, you can't hide your real identity forever, BoA.'

Soon Hwa -- BoA -- had her lips sealed together in a tight line. The gush of information made her feel dizzy that she had to sit somewhere to support her rubbery legs quick.

'You... I guess you can come inside for now, sir.'

The two walked the bare hallways until they reached the living room where they sat in front of each other. 'You must be real surprised by the sudden turn of events.'

'Surprise, is an understatement, to be quite honest, sir.' BoA took in a deep breath and sighed. 'How did you know about me?'

The President had a solemn look on his face, expectant of the question but not quite prepared to answer. 'Nobody can ever forget you, BoA. You may change how you look, modify your actions and even attempt to completely erase your existence by ca

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