The Past that Came to Haunt Her

Lost and Found
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It was to be expected but Soon Hwa genuinely enjoyed talking with the girls. She learned a lot of good things about them. She can honestly say that Girls' Generation is indeed a well rounded group who has a pretty face and a pretty heart. She wished the time she spent with them would be longer but all good things must end, and so was their encounter. The least she could do after those fun times was to write a really good article about them.

The magical day ended and she had to go back to her boring reality.

Honestly, after working for the company for quite sometime, working with the girls was the only time she got herself genuinely excited. She worked on her project diligently and made sure everything was well written and able to reflect how sincere the girls were.

One morning when she entered the office, she noticed people whispering as she graced the hallways. They weren't as discreet as they were before. It did bother her a bit but she didn't intend to waste time and confront them. What she can do instead was to finish her job well and show them she's not to be taken lightly, or at least let her earn the respect she deserves.

The time went by steadily. For the most part, Soon Hwa spent most of her time inside her office. Finally, a few hours towards the end of her shift, she was able to finish her task and had a run through of her written article meticulously. Satisfied with her write up, she was finally ready to hand it out to her Editor in Chief, just in time for her deadline. She just needed to see the pictures that they needed to include at the center fold and the caption that goes with it and it's all done.

As she was scanning the sample page, she noticed that they interchanged Yuri and YoonA's name on the spread. Alarmed, she hurriedly went up to the person in charge with the graphics to take care of it right away.

'Sir, I noticed that the names weren't written correctly here and here,' she started to explain, pointing at the caption. 'Would it be possible for you to change it now so we can send it to the printing press the soonest possible time?'

Scratching his head in annoyance, the graphic artist just nodded his head as he continued his work.

'I'll check up on you again so please don't forget to change it...'

'Are you blind? Didn't I acknowledge it already?!' he yelled heatedly. Soon Hwa decided to leave without another word in the hopes not to aggravate him further.

Although she had meant to check the documents later that day before leaving, she was suddenly swamped with a lot of editing she needed to finish from her colleagues. She figured that it was their own way of showing their bitterness towards her from the last time. She was aware that they could've given her their articles earlier so she could check them up beforehand but of course they chose to rush her instead.

Who wouldn't want to give Soon Hwa a headache, right?

But taking this as a challenge instead of some cheap and immature antics from them, she went straight ahead and finished all the work accordingly. Once done, although a bit late, she went back to the creatives department but nobody was there anymore to whom she could check the progress of her request.

Leaving her no other choice, she left and wished that everything was going to be alright as she emailed her Editor in Chief of her finalized article.


It was foolish to even dream about something luxurious like that because a few days later, she was called into the office to have a 'talk' with the higher authorities of the company.

Soon Hwa walked the hallways going to the conference room where curious eyes followed her every move. It wasn't a big company so gossips spread fast. Nobody gave her a memo though and she could only wonder why she was being asked all of a sudden.

'Good morning,' Soon Hwa greeted the other three people inside with an even voice.

'You may take a seat.'

Soon Hwa followed as was instructed and sat beside her Editor in Chief. The older woman beside her had a hardened look on her face. She was a lot older than Soon Hwa but particularly for today, she looked like she aged even more.

The Managing Editor on the other hand looked menacing. He stared at Soon Hwa with piercing contempt.

'From being a regular columnist, are you not a candidate for one of the Editorial positions open?' he hissed.

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