The Perfectly Imperfect Mistake

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One mistake and Sungjong cannot ever turn back. Nothing could fixed. This is his hill to climb alone. But deep down in his little heart, he hoped somebody will eventually come and help him to go through it. 






disclaimer: this is in no way real. i do not own or know any of these people. this is a product of my own imagination and i just thought i would share.


a/n: story takes place between SI and SIE. but the boys already moved to the new dorm with roommates arrangement; sunggyu + sungyeol + myungsoo, dongwoo + hoya, woohyun, sungjong. this fic also mention about mpreg. you have been warned.

the beginning 9 chapthers are repost because i deleted the story by mistake ㅠㅠ there might be a slight difference here and there but they didn't change anything much.




You can cover your ears if you don't want to hear, but you can't just keep your heart from something you don't want to feel.




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Chapter 27: Thanks for the update! I've heard abt it too. So sad for Sungjong. I barely see him active nowadays. He used to be when he had been in spk but thinking abt him not getting paid when he did all that, really saddens me. I hope he will resolve it soon and join a new company. He is such a gem in variety. I miss him. 😢

Also, I hope the one who is threatening him in this story will be discovered and put to jail already. I'm excited for the baby to be delivered 😭
Chapter 26: I just read this update. I only just came back to aff recently. Thank you for updating! And yes, we had some myungjong moments with their comeback. I wish there could be more. :">
K9ya_l969 #3
Chapter 25: Aw... Can you continue this story?
Chapter 25: please come back you can't just leave me like this and especially with that cliffhanger and Myungsoo possible proposal... I can't take this betrayal!!!
K9ya_l969 #5
Chapter 1: Please continue this story... I really love it... If it really happen all myungjong must happy and ask myungsoo hyung to take responsibility.. Yay
Chapter 24: Omg Myungjong so cute TT
And omg whaaaaaaat??
32bella #7
Chapter 24: Wow!!!! What a way to get back haha now that's going on with my baby now that they were happy at last. Come on, Jjongie trusts. Myung. And the prize for the best brother gets it. Thank you for updating
arissayagi #8
Chapter 23: uwu..a baby boy? I think Cha Junho's visual will be suitable to be their child (you know that Woollim trainee who looks like Myungsoo) sungjong was wrong when he thought he's carrying a baby girl,
Just get married you two! ;-)
arissayagi #9
Chapter 22: What happened what happened?? What happened with Myungsoo? Is it an accident or what? Uhh poor him.. i need part.2 asap ^^
32bella #10
Chapter 22: Ahhh! This first part is so tender and beautiful, they are so sweet I love them. But of course not everything could be pink haha ​​Myung poor, I hope it is well and that when Jjongie, he finds out nothing happens to bean. Thank you for updating, looking forward to the continuation.