Who Would Have Thought?




side HyunWoon

slight: JunSeung, DooSeob and KiWoon


Junhyung and Kikwang were best friends but Kikwang had feelings for Junhyung--of course it was one-sided. Junhyung had a one-sided crush on Hyunseung but Hyunseung was straight and so Junhyung didn't have interest in anything else. Kikwang struggled with his feelings and try to put it all away so it wouldn't affect his and Junhyung's friendship. Then one day--a new kid came to the school and he had eyes on Kikwang. What to do? Will Kikwang's heart be swayed? Will Junhyung give Kikwang a second glance and put their friendship behind for something more? Will the new kid have a chance at Kikwang? What's up with the wacky duo teacher playing cupid?



Who's the new kid? The duo teacher cupid? Hyunseung is straight?

Will update soon!


Disclaimer: Original story created by KalinePhan. These character are used mainly for fictional purposes only. Please do not take without crediting or taking it and take ownership of it. You have been warned.


Kikwang's POV:
    “I open my eyes one last time as I see him walking away...............with someone.............and it wasn't me.”

    I watch as they walked away. I just could not tear my eyes away from them. Why am I torturing myself? I deserve better! “Look away!!” is what I've been telling myself, but I just couldn't. I am so heartbroken, and shaken. My body felt like it was hit by a big truck, and that's why I couldn't move.

The next day...............................

I woke up sitting on my bed. I had a headache. I was too lazy to get from bed, so I lied down again before getting up to get ready for school.

No update this week. Sorry. I'm busy planning my birthday party!
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