31 Days Of Halloween (Stray Kids): October 2023



It's 31 Stray Kids FT. NCT Dream (occasionally ;) Supernatural Tales, one for each day of Halloween.






3/25/2024:  I haven't told you much about these stories or the plan I had for it.


What had happened- Lol ;) ...was...


I had dreamed for a few years of doing thirty-one days of Halloween, because I saw people on AO3 doing it (& I wanted to do it).


I kept self-sabotaging myself though & this year I thought, "NO MORE!"  & I decided to do it


(To write MY own Thirty-One Days Of Halloween!)


I had so many ideas for stories because they'd been accumulating for years, so it wasn't difficult to create them.

Writing them was the hard part.  I didn't do it ahead of time & attempted to write them during October.  I learned from that lesson.




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(There are no stories written and everything is set up to be filled out later).

But if you'd like to get ahead and be sure you'll get notified on OCT 1st, then go ahead and Subscribe.

(I have ideas about what to offer before then- MORE on that LATER :)






Raise Your Hand If You're One Of Those People (LIKE ME) Who Likes Halloween All Year 'Round!


(Great!  Welcome to a SAFE SPACE! for Just That!)


If you've read my stories, which one or one(s) are your favorite & why?  Tell me in the Comment Section.  I can't wait to read it <3




Another reason why I wrote these stories was to express my feelings about my suspicion that I may be neurodivergent/on the autism spectrum.


I had themes for these stories (Halloween & Autism).  I don't feel I put them in all the stories, but I tried.  And I'm going to start putting the notes I had added in AO3 for each story, (so you'll be able to periodically go through and read them if you'd like ;)  If not, that's perfectly fine.


These stories are first and foremost here to feel that Halloween fun love all year 'round.  For your entertainment ;)  So never feel pressured to read any notes or leave Comments. 


If you don't feel comfortable or you're not having fun, (I always recommend you simply leave and go find your comfort spot.)




You can scroll down and pick which story you want to read and Click the Link to go there - OR - you can find the navigation links on the right-hand side of the screen (where you can also choose which story you want to read :)


Don't want to read a story?

Okay.  You can click away and go wherever you please :) 




Thank you for reading.

~ Demitria_Teague (Author ;)



Oldest Note:


I know it's a little late.  I don't know why I forgot to post these over here too.  They've been sitting in just AO3 since Oct. 2023.

I still have to finish the last few stories - and I plan on adding the ones for 2024 here during the actual OCT 2024.  Lol.  I'll provide a link [Click HERE] to it then.

For now, enjoy all of these Stray Kids Halloween stories. *


~Demitria_Teague (Author :)



Click these links to go to the specific chapters I've posted so far:


| The Little *Smol Ghostie: Part 1| The Ghoul School Ft.  NCT Dream  | Familiar  You Are A Vampire | Fae Stray Kids Who Live In Mushrooms In The Forest  | Oh, Poop  | I Came Back For You | The Little *Smol Ghostie: Part 2 | I Hate You, I Love You | Fairies, Not Aliens The Huldrefolk (The Little/Hidden Ones) | Forever After Happy Halloween, Baby Bloody Mary (Not What It Sounds Like) <3 Just Because I'm An Incubus... Campville (Season: Autumn) I'm Head Over Tails For You, Meow! Distance Can't Stop Us OUR KID The Little 'Smol Ghostie: Part 3 Outliers and Their Cotton Candy Beastie Trick... or Treat Autistic Magical Community... Stuff Magical Mishaps & Found Families Blood Of Thine Enemy, Frankenstein Interworlds Protector Sometimes You Do Something Right And- A Ghost, A Gnome, and a Forest Spirit Walk Into A Bar... - - - |





I plan on laying out all these chapters with full Summaries & Links (for your convenience)!-

Look forward to that <3




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I am enjoying everything you have written so far. I can not wait until you post the next chapter and I will keep on enjoying the story.
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Chapter 7: Congratulations