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The stories featuring Taemin & Naeun, inspired from my favourite list of songs here!!

That's why -







Starting A Taeun oneshot series finally!!

I love these two people individually as the artists they are, as well as together in one frame, their chemistry inspired me to write few stories which have grown into a series now and so here I am to share them with you all!!

I hope you enjoy reading the stories!!



P.S. -  

Here's no intention of making comments about their real life relationship status, this is just a result of my enthusiasm after liking their onscreen chemistry to carve them into my own fantastical world.... I consider myself as fiction writer, so this is by all means a series of fiction writing !! So only positive supporters are welcomed here!!

Hate comments will be reported!!


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Chapter 27: It's so cute and sweet ><
lizzy26596 #2
Chapter 27: Aww I miss jonghyun 😢. I'm glad that you posted despite the situation about Shinee. This story is so cute. Thank you for posting this. I can't wait for the next update
Winter_Sakura #3
Chapter 27: I like this ☺️
SinixaJapan #4
Chapter 26: I really liked this chapter, although I would like to know a little more about their story together. It's beautifully tragic. Thanks autor
lizzy26596 #5
Thank you for the chapt 26. It was amazing and your writing skill is perfect. I really love your story about Taeun. I can't wait for the next one.
SinixaJapan #6
Chapter 25: what a cute chapter!! these two are so lovesick🥰
lizzy26596 #7
Chapter 25: Awwww sooo cute 😍 I love it. Thank you so much
Chapter 25: Awwww
Chapter 24: what a cute chapter, it gave me butterfly🥰 thank you so much and can't wait for another chapters. and so excited to see valentine's special chapter😍
SinixaJapan #10
Chapter 23: Amazing as always. Thanks and I can't wait for the other chapters! 🥰