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“Who’s there?” he raised his voice, noticing the part of hand he had discovered, disappearing from the frame of the door slowly. 

He stopped playing the piano and stepped down from the stage to walk himself to the exit.

On his way, he could hear the tapping of heels going farther, as he increased his pace to catch whoever it was in time. 

The pace of footsteps was increasing now, making him walk out of the door in quick steps, as he caught a female’s back, who was dressed in an elegant black dress, departing her way around the corner of the corridor.

As he now ran behind her in an attempt to catch her pace, following her throughout the corridor.

In heels, she couldn’t run that comfortably much farther, and hence Taemin was able to catch up with her, as she stopped on her feets after a few hasty steps, knowing that it was useless to run further and increase his doubt.

She was standing where the staircase was starting its way down, as she was panting softly. 

Both of them were in the middle of the lobby of Seoul Arts Hall.

Taemin who had completed his major in piano, and was there practicing for his special performance for the upcoming festival.

The female figure stood there in her black dress that was ending right below her knee, as strangely she had a huge Victorian hat on her head covering half of her face, so he could see only her lips painted with dark red lipstick against her fair skin, when she turned around to face him.

She took small, hesitant steps towards him, as he could see her biting on her lips, when she was walking to him slowly, “Why were you there watching me secretly?” he asked directly, cutting the formal talk now, as his head was only filled with curiosity at the moment.

She didn’t answer immediately so he bent to lean on his side, looking under the hat, confirming if there was a real human inside and not some ghost he happened to encounter in that extremely empty hall right now.

As he needed a peaceful practice session, he had managed to get the timeslot when the entire hall would be completely vacant, knowing the schedules pretty well, in benefit of being a regular performer, he had connections to arrange it.

She was still silent, as he took a step ahead, watching her suspiciously now, wondering about her mysterious existence in that hall, he knew that the hall wasn’t booked for anyone else.

Before he could ask further, she had reached for her hat, getting it off her head, “What do you mean secretly?” she had a offended tone, as he was going to answer back but-

When the hat was off and her face was revealed like some curtain falling apart, the one time he blinked in bewilderment, and he was done for his life, as his pupil continued to grow, till his eyes were wide open, when he couldn’t hide the amazement while admiring her beautiful face thereafter.

The awestrucked innocence was obvious on his freshly enchanted face.

She was waiting for him to say something in return but he was just staring at her, tongue tied now.

Naeun realized that maybe her face card had something to do with this, but she couldn’t accept it, when she herself was controlling her cheeks from rising now, remembering what had happened to her earlier.

Naeun was a piano major as well, who was also a part of the festival, and had got the chance to debut this year as a solo artist and the festival was her debut stage. Her father had planned it all for her, being the director of the recent music festival. That was why, her identity was decided to be kept secret until the stage and hence she was here with that large hat on her head at the time when the hall was unavailable for others.

She was there to check out the stage and hall as well, but after coming across this enchantingly beautiful looking man himself, playing the piano piece of Yiruma, ‘River flows in you’ she didn’t realize for how long she stood there, listening to the whole song, when his hands were gracefully walking her through the beautiful melody, she couldn’t leave sooner, soaking herself in the peace of that calmness.

She tried to escape then after acknowledging that she had been there through the whole song that would be ending soon now, in fear of exposing herself if he notices her, and he eventually did, as she had failed to act before the actual thing happened.

A heart-throbbing music piece presented with an eye-catching visual in front of her was what she had fallen for in the moment, but it resulted in her running corridors in her heels then, sadly hurting her feet too now.

If she was going to get caught this way, she wouldn't have run this much at the very first and hurt herself.

“I just didn’t want to disturb” she gave a purposeful dry response, “I’ll get going now” she had quickly turned around, before he could say anything in return, thinking of walking away from him now as quickly as possible, as she wouldn’t be able to hide her smile anymore.

She pressed the lips together that were already smiling aloud as she was not facing him anymore, making her walk down the stairs in quick steps only to stop in a while, looking back at him with a serious face hoping that he was not looking, but he still had that entranced look on his face, as she turned around only to walk all the way down, blushing like an idiot now.

Taemin walked ahead, leaning against the rail of the balcony to watch her walk out of the exit door.

He had a subtle smile lingering on his face now, as he saw her move out, “Was she real?” he was still unable to believe, it felt like a dream when he was again standing alone in that dead silent hall now.


“Why me?” He was staring at the same girl, now sitting beside him on the long stool, playing his piano with him.

Naeun was trying to follow his hand, which he had pulled off while talking to her now, as she tried finding the keys on herself then, peaking at the sheet music stuck on the music rack in front of her.

“In my father’s opinion, if I want to do a duet performance, it should be with you” she answered without looking at him, continuing to run her fingers on the piano keys, as she tried to learn the new score.

Taemin had built an image of a potential rising star in the field of instrumental music just two years after his graduation, so of course, as a respected person of the field, Naeun’s father wanted his daughter to have a show with him as she was still a rookie in the field.

Taemin still had not forgotten the moment they had met almost a month ago now, during the art festival.

And then last Saturday, she was in his recording studio with her manager, when they decided to have a duet performance for her second stage. 

They were just a year apart, and Taemin was much more experienced because of his ealy start in career and natural talent in music, so it made sense why her father wanted her to perform together with him now.

Though he was shocked to see her again, and pretended to not recognize her in front of her manager.

The way they met wasn’t really something to be called an encounter. It was still so surreal for him to believe that it actually happened.

This was for the longest time he was seeing her, as the reality seeped in slowly that she wasn’t a ghost for sure, and was an actual yet beautiful looking human.

“I have seen you perform” he blurted, breaking the silence & her focus again,

“When?” “I have only performed once till now” She was surprised to know, as she would have easily noticed him if he was there to watch her recital, on the festival day,

“The ballet one” he had a different answer, as she was shocked for real this time, totally flustered to answer back.

She knew it must be her university days, as they both had gone to the same university, but couldn’t guess exactly when he would’ve seen her, as there was not some one day that this happened, she would sneak into an empty practice hall almost everyday to practice her ballet secretly in those days.

“I wasn’t sure at first” “But now I am” Taemin added, as she was staring at the piano blindly now, avoiding to look at him purposely.

During their university days, Taemin had come across a girl dancing ballet in an empty practice hall, he had only seen her from the back side then, but now that he had observed Naeun well, he was almost sure it was her.

“Why would you major in piano then?” He asked again, curious now, as she pouted, focusing on piano again, “Shall we practice?” She continued playing the piano again, getting used to the new chords slowly now, as her fingers were getting quicker and precise, catching up with the melody now.

He was staring at her concentrated face, trying to understand what kind of girl she was in her life.

“I look better while dancing, don’t I?” she stated before he could think much, taking back his attention. He observed her distracted eyes struggling to focus, as she was trying to continue what she was doing, as he thought about her question a bit more deeply for a while before saying anything vague now.

“You shouldn’t really do what you don’t like” his tone was serious, as she turned to him to find his sincere eyes, making her smile back softly, “What makes you think I don’t like this?” “I like piano,” “I like music,” she concluded, before starting to practice again.

He was confused, if she really meant what she was saying or was expressing something else in those forced words of agreement.

She definitely looked concerned, as he could read her fingers losing track of the notes, and she was out of tune soon.

She pressed her lips together, watching his thoughtful face again, “Is it okay if I ask you a favor?

“What kind of favor?” he questioned, amazed, making her press a smile, as he watched her in more amazement now, wondering what it was.

“There is this musical play my friend is directing” “he has asked me if I can join them” “as a ballet dancer?” 

“So?” Taemin had a clueless face, making her hesitate, as he caught up on the point soon to exclaim immediately, "Arghh!" 

“You want to use this time of coming here as an excuse for escaping?” 

 “Escaping?” she had that old offensive face, making him chuckle then, as she watched him confused, “In a good way” he blinked at her cutely, laughing at himself,

“But am I right?” he asked ahead, as she nodded quietly, getting tensed again, as she watched him sigh loudly in response.

Her face got pale in that minute of him going silent, thinking on his own.

“How much time-?” he enquired, making her jump on her place to turn to face him now, “Only an hour everyday” she suddenly seemed cheerful, “Just a month” “And I’ll make sure to put double effort here” before he could complete his question, she was blurting out an unending train of words filled with humility.

She looked cute there, something he never thought he would see of her that sooner.

He got his thoughtful face again, as she was waiting, watching him with hope.

She saw him nod quickly in the next moment, turning his eyes on her again, “Okay” “It’s not that difficult to manage” she had a quick joyful smile on her face, as he went to add more, “but-” he paused, making her anxious again,

“But what song do you wanna perform as a duet?” he asked, observing her face ease down, as her smile widened, her anticipating eyes relaxing slowly, 

“River flows in you- Yiruma” she answered, and he was surprised to remember now as a scoff left his mouth in reaction, as his nose was scrunched cutely smiling, when he took a moment to himself, reminiscing the day, making her smile shy, watching him in hindsight, look so soft for the first time.

Maybe she was a little bit more attracted to him now, than the day before, as her heart had started racing like crazy in that short spur of a moment.

She wanted to feel that magic again by playing that song with him together, now that she had that chance.


“It feels like you are married to piano when you are in love with ballet” Taemin confessed, watching Naeun chortle like a kid, as she heard his words, 

“But I’m still happily married woman” she was giggling,, as she went on with the pun.

But he had turned serious, his concern yet oblivious to her.

They both were sitting on the bench in a park near the Han River, as they were just meeting again today, for one of their casual meetings. 

After helping Naeun with the musical, Taemin and Naeun had developed a relationship of growing trust and friendship for sure. They had been meeting a lot for reasons, here and there, professionally & non-professionally since then.

They also did a number of duet performances after that one, as the four years had passed when Naeun had her own solo concerts sold out now, and Taemin was aspiring for a fellowship program in London.

Now that he had less time left here in Korea before his application would be accepted, he was using every little excuse to meet Naeun every now and then, but just meeting her was not his goal anymore these days.

“I wish I could read your thoughts” he muttered in the quiet, making her snap at him in surprise, with a question mark on her face, “You always have these mysterious answers to avoid the topic”

She didn’t have many words to convince him, he was right, there were things she was hiding on purpose, there were things she had not even considered telling him, he didn’t know much about her for sure, so his accusation made sense.

“I keep feeling this need to know your mind?” he confessed more, but she ended up laughing this time, making him more angry and giving her an irritated stare.

“What is so funny about it?” he was genuinely upset, as she held back her laughter then, clearing to answer him, “I’m sorry”

“But why is oppa so serious today?” She had a gentle smile, adoring his grumpy face now.

He was like a little puppy when angry, pouting and sulking for hours and hours till she would make it up for him. 

But today she had no idea what was the reason for this unexpected picking on a fight, when they were meeting on a good note and any conversation until now didn’t have any hint of this sourness in his voice at the moment.

Naeun had her concert in a week, and she wanted to share her thoughts with Taemin about all the preparations, after all he was her senior in the field, he had always helped her in the smallest of the smallest techniques she had learned in her debut days, so he was a precious person she would always consider talking to, before her concerts became a final product.

He breathed out a heavy sigh, catching her eyes on him, “You need to tell me” “What you really want in life?” 

“Nothing!” “I have what I want” she gave another vague answer, fueling up his frustration, “Liar!” 

“What are you even talking about?” she was genuinely puzzled about his intentions now, 

He pulled out a pamphlet from his pocket, it was a ballet training program that was happening in Milan next month.

He had picked it when it fell from her purse in the cafe, where they were a while ago.

Since she was six years old, her father, who was a renowned pianist of his era himself, had trained Naeun to grow as a graceful pianist that she was today.

She had a part of longing for ballet, which was indeed her first love as Taemin said earlier, but breaking up with it was the possible option she could see, when she had started her career as a professional pianist on her own will. 

She was raised to be a pianist and she didn’t hate any part of being one, ballet was eventually just a hobby as her father would proclaim, eventually she had come to the conclusion that her hobby can’t take her much time, so she had completely forgotten about it in her everyday life as a pianist.

Her friend, who was part of the musical she did four years ago, had passed her the pamphlet the other day they met. These were the group of friends with whom she had attended her private ballet classes hiding it from her father in her university days. She even was working as a part-timer for a while when she was short on money to pay for those classes. That was a crazy attempt to do her own thing for a while. She wanted to learn ballet at least for fun, if not for life.

She even had met some of the best of her friends at the same time, who thought that she had more talent in ballet than piano, but Naeun had always laughed it off as a joke. 

Her father had much bigger plans for her than her small interest.

She watched that pamphlet in his hand like a sad song lyrics, her pitiful eyes fixed on it with a storm of thoughts in mind.

Taemin was one of those people, similar to her friends, who would tell her once in a while how she needs to reconsider her plans, and probably the most effective one, because now that it was him holding that paper in his hand, she was scared of losing her opinion to him.

“Why were you holding onto this thing?” he enquired, observing her sad eyes getting more and more prominent.

“Naeun, stop fooling yourself” the soft voice had returned, as he her side, “You’ve never even considered talking to your dad about it”

She was looking down, quiet and calm again, as she moved to his side, grabbing his arm to link their arms together, as she leaned on him, resting her head on his shoulder,

“Oppa?” her thin voice echoed, as his thoughts had frozen for the time with that sudden move of hers.

It was not normal of her to do this with him, and he was having tons of thoughts now, but he decided to stay patient, as he relaxed when his body leaned back to get the support of the bench, “Hmm?”

“I’m fine” she replied in a calm tone,

“But-?” taemin wanted to protest but she had interrupted further, “I don’t even miss ballet that much anymore” 

He decided to listen to her first, as she was talking it out for the first time, “I’m happy with my life”

She pulled herself away from him, searching for his eyes on her, as he still looked distressed by her answer, “Trust me” “I am” she reassured seeing his unchanging gaze, speculating her words with that sharp gaze.

“I can’t have everything in life and it’s okay for me” she had a calmness but he was unsure.

Taemin was a dedicated & passionate person as artist himself, who knew how life would be for him without piano, even if he had seen Naeun perform ballet for just two times in his life, he knew that it was same for her, he wanted her to live her passion like him, which she definitely wasn’t living right now, walking on some other path for the sake of her father.

Taemin would mention a lot to her about ballet, trying to most of the time, but this time he was determined about convincing her. 

He knew how good she was as a pianist but dancing was like her soul, she looked extraordinary while performing as a ballerina.

“I am not happy to see you like this” he had a strong face, powerful enough to waver her thoughts, “I’ll be happy to see the shine on your face when you dance” he added.

It was weird, how she felt the need to fulfill his happiness hearing those words from him. 

The way her heart had started listening to him more and more through their time together, was beyond her belief.

She didn’t realize when her feelings had turned into something so deep. 

The silly attraction for a pretty looking boy playing her fav piece of piano was suddenly a feeling of burning pain that would arise once every while on the thought of losing him for any possible reason.. 

When did her feelings change so much?

Was she in love with him?

She was speechless, she was not prepared for this truth.

Those words from him had ignited some flame in her, which was enlightening the never touched parts of her mind.

Piano was not her heart, she knew it more than anyone else, but she had been learning it since before she knew anything else. She had never doubted her decision of being a pianist, it was all she had prepared for her whole life. 

But this person in front of her right now, knew something else she had never thought of, she didn’t know what was the shine he was talking about, but the conviction in his eyes was provocative, she wanted to know what it looked like,

“Shine?” she muttered, puzzled as she was, making Taemin nod, before taking her hand in his, “Uhmm, I’ve never seen you so immersed in something, that you forget about the world around you” 

He wanted to make sure she could see in herself what he often sees in her, “You’re confident when you dance, and the most important you are yourself when you dance”

“You’re doing great and everything is going good but you need to know that you have the potential of achieving much more.” he went on, as she kept listening to him patiently, “Please don’t limit yourself and give this talent in you some better chance” “Huh?” he was pleading her at this point, as she saw her hands in his, which he had squeezed in the desperation of his requesting self.

“I’m not a kid anymore” she pulled one of her hand from his to pat gently on his other hand holding hers, as she held their hands together now, “So many people are dependant on me at this point, how can I just go away disappointing everyone here” “It will be so unfair for everyone” she had a reason that he couldn’t argue, and his face fell in disappointment now, losing to her sadly.

“It’s enough for me that you saw that shining ballerina in me” she smiled, making him watch her in amaze, “Naeun-” he whispered in soft, watching her empathetic smile in return,

“It means the world to me” her eyes were soft, as he instinctively raised his hand, patting her over head gently, adoring her for being the kind person she was.

“I’m really happy” she said it again, emphasizing her point, with more joy now, “As long as you promise to stay with me” “I know I will be happy in future too” she was putting all her sincerity in that moment, as he could feel it in her voice.

“I love you” he had no other response for her, as he blinked flustered by his own sudden courage, making her chuckle at his innocent muddled face, “I love you too” she knew it from the very start of their friendship.

He scoffed, watching her unwavered eyes on him, as he pulled her hand in his quickly for her to react, reaching for her neck with another, as their lips were on each other soon, making Naeun close her eyes, as she ended up giggling against his lips, unable to hide her excitement. 

He smirked, before enveloping her lips completely, as she kissed back, shifting forward on the bench, while holding onto his hand for support.

“It’s sad” he murmured, before breaking the kiss, but not letting her part away as he held her face in his palms searching her attentive eyes on him, “Are you replacing me for your forbidden love?” he asked in a calm, curious tone, as she ended up laughing, understanding what he was indicating.

“Aren’t I married too then?” she continued the joke, for him to laugh against her this time, as he wasn’t able to stop for a while, realizing how his own joke had turned back on him,

He calmed down, as he needed to keep up the conversation, “I don’t need to worry about that” “You always prefer me, don’t you?” he was still smiling behind his words, as he pulled himself back to watch her properly, as she was smiling coy, “So my old love scares you?” she counter-questioned, making him press down his laugh, as he blinked blushing, nodding away slowly, “A bit” she had bursted in giggles again, seeing his innocent face, scrunching now in embarrassment.

“Weren’t you sending me off then a while ago?” she was enjoying teasing him now, as his jaw fell in amazement of her catching on the details now, “Sorry!” he confessed, making her laugh again, as he couldn’t help but stare at her joyful face now, 

She had caught him gazing to stop laughing, as he continued looking in her eyes, making her clear , “Are you really okay?” his voice had depth again, as she blinked in assurance once more.

He pulled his arm out for her, as she went in his arms, breaking the eye contact finally, making him wrap his arms behind her back, as she held hers behind him, when they sat there like that for a few more minutes in the calm of that warmth, “thank you” he heard her, as she moved ahead hugging him tighter.

“You can always ask me a favor, you know that right?’ he whispered near her ear, making her nod with a soft smile, as he reached to run his hands through her hair lovingly, brushing her hair down, as they stayed like that for some more longer.




A/N  :

Ah it was really hard to navigate this chapter, I hope I have delivered it well.

I was missing pianist Taemin and it's been so long we've seen dancer Naeun so I chose those professions this time, but the song emotions r really complex, that's one of the reasons I love this solo song of Minho, but it was hard to put all those emotions in a story form. I really hope it's better than I think, because it's one of my most fav songs, and I really wanted to do justice to the lyrics. I don't know anymore. But it will great if you guys enjoyed reading it, so thank you for reading again and have a good week ahead. I'll be back as soon as possible again. 

P.S. : A taeun fight chapter next.....


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