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“Mr Kim!” Naeun’s voice came before the knock on the door, as she rushed in to find Taemin already in the cabin, making her narrow her eyes on him, who was smiling waving a ‘hi’ at her, annoying her more, but she turned her attention back on Mr Kim Kibum, The CEO of cosmetic brand, FACE, she was working for as BM for last four years, since the company started.

Kibum was relaxed on his chair, as she walked up to stand in front of him, “You confirmed the idea for our winter collection launch yesterday, what are the additions suddenly now?”

“We’re lacking the personal touch” Taemin answered instead, before Mr Kim Kibum could open his mouth to address Naeun.

Naeun stared at him for a second, till her tension could go down now, before going into this further, “Personal touch?” “How is it lacking?” she had started working with  the production team already with samples & product design, and was supposed to focus on testing, but Taemin had other plans for her. 

He always had to suggest such last minute changes & add overtime work to her schedule during every launch.

“What kind of personal touch are we exactly discussing now after confirming our samples?” she questioned, watching Kibum take a long breath to speak, 

“Emotional connection with our consumers” Taemin had to interrupt again, making her shoot him with her frustrated gaze now, but he ignored, turning his posture on his seat towards Kibum himself, “Hyung” 

“Mr Kim!” Kibum darted the annoyed gaz at him, as Taemin blinked, briefly pausing, only to continue, “Mr Kim, do you really think that people with get excited only with interesting color range now” “Apparently they’re going to buy one or two from the whole range” “Shouldn’t we give them a reason to get addicted to particular ones for the entire range to be sold equally?” “That’s what I’m talking about”

Naeun moved to take a seat on the chair beside him, interested but still confused & worried how they’re gonna make this launch happen in her researched time limit.

Kibum was tapping his finger on the table with his thinking face on, and Naeun knew now her CEO was wavering towards changing the entire concept again, she was concerned about the launch, “Mr Kim, are you really thinking of flipping over the whole idea right now?” “We don’t have time right now” she wanted him to know that taking more time for a completely new concept wasn’t an affordable option for them at this point of time.

“If we don’t launch our collection in next two months, the trend is gonna change and nobody is gonna care about us or our any incredible concept” “Think about it it’s our first lipcolor range” she was trying her best to convince Kibum to think rationally and take the decision, as she noticed Taemin purse his lips together, staring at her, “Because it’s the start, we have to be careful about what we show” he stated, making her restless now,

“But it’s unrealistic” her impatient tone was getting out now, “It may sound cool to say let’s bring in an artistic approach & do a full scale exquisite launch, but not knowing our consumers in that category at all, is a big downside to this plan” she was pumped up with adrenaline now.

“It’s our first lipcolor launch, why throw a blind shot at such a crucial time” she was explaining, “We can have a promotional event later where we can emphasize this concept or you know we can have this line as promotional launch with half of the range and experiment with half range later” Taemin was only nodding silently till he moved forward pressing his palms on the table, to take Naeun’s attention, “How can you say it’s a blind shot? “We can make it a targeted product” “Ms Son, Are you scared of sales?” “Is it because of the statistics again?” “Don't you remember how we started this brand?” he poked her pride now, as Naeun was disturbed to answer him back sensibly, “It’s not just about sales” “As I said it’s a new category for our brand, we needed to build a connection first to make it personal” she scoffed now, pushing herself forward too leaning on the table to match his eyes, “And Mr Creative head, Lee, you maybe not interested in sales & statistics at all, but those are the numbers that display our company’s value in market” 

“How can you talk about risking our value after knowing how hard we have worked for it” she was worked up now, making Taemin frustrated too that she wasn’t giving any chance of interest,

“But pushing away the opportunity of making a mark in those same markets, don’t you think we’re hesitating more & not even playing the game anymore?” He had his own argument for her opinion.

“We don’t have time for that” “Game is also about defense, we need to secure our safety before taking a big risk” 

Naeun was filled with logical calculations and Taemin seemed to not give up on his passion to get through his idea anyhow and execute it now, so Mr Kim Kibum had to step in finally after hearing both of them.

“Enough both of you” he interrupted before they could clench their jaws at each other further, making Naeun swallow her words she was about to fire back,

“Ms Son, do some more research and follow up on the pattern of latest trends & their durability, along with consumer responses to it” “Report me on everything by Tuesday” “We can talk about production & marketing again then” Kibum clarified, as Naeun nodded to him quietly, 

“And Mr Lee, I need a very profound presentation on what is the direction of the creative team for this launch by Tuesday?” 

“-with definite samples too!” he added, stamping his palm on the table making Taemin send him a quick nod, “Okay” he was still enthusiastic.

“Go now both of you!” “Stop increasing my headache”Kibum had closed his eyes again, as he rested his head back on his chair,

Naeun stood up, pouting, watching Kibum take a deep breath, “Lee taemin!” Mr Kim startled her with Taemin straightened up in surprise too, “Yes?”

“You better impress me with this one” “Or we’re going with Naeun’s initial plan” Mr Kim sent him an eye, making Taemin nod enthusiastically, as he stood up following Naeun who had walked out with a satisfactory smile on her face.

“Do you even have a direction or just testing the waters?”she asked, taking a glance at him who was smiling in satisfaction himself,

“Don’t make me work for nothing” “I’ll not forgive you” she whispered walking beside him, as they approached their respective desks, “Well, you’ll thank me later” he smirked, making her roll her eyes, “You and your unending confidence”

“That’s my charm” he shrugged giving her a cocky smile, as she flapped her eyes, shaking her head, “I hate you” she walked to her desk, dropping on the chair, exhausted now, as he watched her with a smile, walking to his own desk.


The elevator opened in the parking lot, as they walked out, heading themselves to their car, “Don’t tell me you were talking earlier about that weird idea we talked about a few days ago?” she narrowed her eyes on him who was walking beside her, “Have you worked on it further?” 

He bit on his lips, as she caught him smiling, “You haven’t didn’t you?” 

“I had to stop the production first so I just explained him the part we discussed in a nicer way” he raised his eyes, grinning coy, as he reached to open the door on the passenger side for Naeun to step in, making him run to the driver side to take his seat, as she was laughing now, watching him hope in, “You’re impossible” she was just giggling now wondering how he can take such big responsibility just based on a vague idea in his head, “How are you gonna make a presentation in two days then?”

He shrugged, making her scoff at his casualness again, “I’ll come up with a solid concept in no time, don’t worry” he was only flaunting his confidence more then.  

“You don’t trust my mind?” he pouted, turning to her on his seat, as she blinked flustered, before laughing again, watching straight again,

“Ms Naeun, you’re dating a smart man, have some courage” he added, making her blush now, as she stifled a laugh, “Sure!” she murmured, as he smiled watching her, before turning back to ignite the car.

“Let’s not talk about work” she shook her head, sulking now,

“Let’s eat a nice dinner first” “and then have some ice cream” she added, making him nod in agreement, “I’m craving for sugar today” she sighed, taking a deep breath.

“Why did that player Sungjae have to cheat with girls from our teams and bring new trouble in the middle of this launch?” she was upset about an another issue growing behind, as Taemin giggled, making her shift her frustrated gaze at him now, as he smiled more, blinking cutely at her to calm her,

“Doha & LeeJin are going to end each other or me before this launch happens” she just imagined them grabbing each other’s head, and felt a shiver, as she scrunched her shoulders closer, making him laugh more, “Don’t worry, they’re not in their teenage anymore” 

“And afterall, we’re their seniors” he had reached to give a pat on her hand, “We can handle it”

“I hope so” she cried, relaxing back on the seat, as she took his hand over her, holding it, “Let’s have the dinner fast & go watch our show” 

He smiled, stepping on the accelerator, interlinking their fingers together, his one hand on the wheels to drive, “Let’s go!” he left a sigh of relief himself.


“Has it started?” she shouted from the bedroom, as he was already in the hall, preparing the sofa & the blanket for them to lay down comfortably.

It was the weekend, and ofcourse it was their binge-watch time and they could finally watch all the episodes they have been saving for this week.

He sat back, reaching for the remote on the table to turn-on the TV, relaxing back on the sofa, as she tiptoed out of the bedroom in excitement, walking to stand in front of him, 

“Ah! I’ve been excited for the whole week about what could’ve happened next” she chirped, as he grinned, watching her lit face, extending his hand to her, as they laid down on the sofa, facing the television now.


Yes, they fell asleep on the couch as usual, that too before a single episode could end.

That’s how tired they were, at the end of the day.


Naeun was fast asleep when Taemin took a short glance at her, as he pulled the blanket over both of them in the half-sleepy head himself, pulling her closer in his arms, before falling into his own deep sleep.


The sun had risen, disturbing their peaceful sleep too shamelessly, passing its grandeur straight through the glass panes on their eyes.

Naeun opened her eyes only to block the intense brightness with her palm now, failing to fight the early morning spotlight, as she turned around instead to avoid it.

She came across Taemin’s sleeping face, as he was nearly on the verge of getting off his dreams like her.

She had raised her hand to hold over his face, helping him stay in there for a little more, but his lips had already curled up, making her grin as well, “How dare anyone wake my boy so early?” she murmured in her hoarse, lazy voice, pulling down the hand, as he wink-opened his eyes slightly to see her smiling, 

“Let’s go inside” his deep voice stated but he pulled her in his arms instead, making her giggle now at his acting opposite of his own words, 

“Aren’t we going inside?” she asked, pulling back, but he pushed her head to his shoulder, “Hmm” “Just a minute” 

“Let’s go” “I wanna sleep more” she tried speaking, but he just hummed, making her push him again to look at his face, “Oppa?”

“Okay” he loosened the grip, making her step down as she stood up, watching him still laying on the couch, his face tucked behind the cushion now. As Naeun couldn’t help but adore him for a moment.

“Get up!” she started shaking him, as he finally groaned, rising up to stand, making her pull him with her to walk to their bedroom, but he instead surprised her by lifting her off the floor in his arms suddenly, walking them to the bedroom.

She was flushing red early in the morning, giggling when he tugged her into the bed, getting in himself beside her, as she had her gaze stuck on his calmed face, “Are you going to go back to sleep?”

He opened his eyes again, coming across her enticed face, making him snicker, “Look at you!” 

“You wanted to sleep more, didn’t you?” he had reached for her cheek, pinching them lovingly, as she pressed her lips together, turning around to other side, sulking suddenly, as he couldn’t help but adore her more, before turning her back to him, reaching to hold her face, as he leaned in for the kiss making her close her eyes, “Whatever you want” he whispered, making her smile in the kiss.


“Oppa, we should get that lamp for us” Naeun approached him, as she walked out of the room to notice Taemin holding his phone to his ear, raising his finger to his lips with wide eyes indicating her to not talk, and she mouthed silently this time asking about who it was, as Taemin showed her the caller then. 

It was Kibum.

She ended up biting on her lip in panic, making Taemin smile at her cuteness, as he then continued listening to Kibum again,

‘Is that your girlfriend?’ ‘Sorry, I’m ruining your weekend right?’ 

‘I just needed to ask you these few details, so bear with me’ Naeun could hear Kibum, as she stood closer, sticking her ear on the back of Taemin’s phone from the other side, as she stifled a laugh hearing that.

“It’s okay” “As long as you end it quickly” Taemin chuckled, making Naeun smirk and Kibum laugh on the other side, “I get it” he answered back to take a brief pause.

“I’ll arrange the table” Naeun whispered, walking away, as Taemin nodded to focus on Kibum’s call again, “But she sounds familiar,” he heard Kibum, as he was shocked by his words now, “Huh?”

“Your girlfriend’s voice” “Do I know her?” Taemin was so surprised by Kibum’s quick sense now, that he was smiling dumbfounded, trying to hold back the snicker at the back of his throat,  “No” “I don’t think so?”

“Oh really?” Kibum was luckily focused on work again, as his voice had faded into a long brief pause again, 

“Hmm” Taemin managed to answer with a normal tone, keeping his breath in check now, as Naeun saw his overwhelmed face,

“I must’ve been mistaken then,” he heard Kibum’s half-headed answer in return, letting him release the sigh of relief quietly.

The call ended after a few minutes, making Taemin walk to the dining table to take his seat, “What happened?” she asked, making him laugh now, as she had her curious eyes stuck on him, “Hyung almost recognized your voice” 

She was awestruck too, “how?” 

“I don’t know” “You know he’s sharp at picking such details” Taemin was still smiling at it, but Naeun had a thinking face, as she took her piece of meat from the grill, “Should we just tell him?”

“No!” Taemin had an instant response, startling her, as she was giggling at his more shocked face than before, “Why?”

“It’s comfortable to work like this” he confessed with a pouting face, making her nod smiling at him being cute now,\

“You want to talk about us at the office?” he asked, wondering her intentions, as he was focused on her reply,

“Not everyone, but Kibum oppa, we have known him for six years now” “Won’t he be upset after discovering later?” Naeun was Kibum’s friend too, she was not feeling good about keeping this secret from their friend aka boss.

“Yeah, but it will affect our work relations, I think it’s better to not tell till we can” “I’m sure, hyung will understand it too” Taemin concluded, as Naeun agreed on that, 

“He’ll thank us instead for not dragging our couple goals at work” Taemin added, making Naeun giggle then, not agreeing less, “Right!”


“You better keep your mouth shut or I may end up involving myself in a murder today” Doha roared, as Naeun walked out faster hearing her, as the elevator door opened, making Taemin frown too, guessing the obvious, as they both looked at each other, 

“Who are you to tell me how I should do my work?” Doha was furious, watching LeeJin with her firing gaze, “You’re the one skipping work to chase after your boyfriend” 

They heard Doha spouting out her hate loudly, as Naeun took a glance at Kibum’s cabin, and then her watch, “Is he not here yet?” she whispered watching Taemin, as he took a glance at the cabin himself, “Probably?”

“Well, are you jealous that you don’t have one anymore?” LeeJin had an evil smirk, getting on Doha’s nerves now.

Doha had walked forward towards LeeJin’s desk, who was seated on her chair, with an unbothered pompous attitude, when Naeun & Taemin walked themselves in the office.

“Why is everyone so energetic since this morning today?” Taemin let out a laugh to lighten the mood, watching Leejin roll her eyes on Doha, “Nothing energetic, Mr Lee, our neighborhood is too noisy for work these days” Leejin had straightened up on her seat to start her work, ignoring Doha now, as Taemin walked past her to his own seat.

“Yah!” Doha stepped up to walk further making Taemin turn back in fright, hearing her scream, but Naeun had reached there to get her hand on Doha’s arm stopping her, “Let’s get to work” 

“Ms Son?” Doha was surprised to see Naeun, “Either she or I can work in this office now” she added, making Naeun take a quick glance at Taemin who left a sigh, watching her,

“Let me just end this matter for once and all” Doha had stepped ahead, releasing her hand from Naeun’s hold with her anger raising,

“What are you doing right from the morning, Doha?” Naeun’s voice stopped her before she could reach LeeJin’s desk, “Aren’t you going to work?” she raised her tone purposely, watching Doha soften with her stern gaze, as her face fell, making her turn back, stomping her feet back to her seat.

Naeun went to her seat, and caught Taemin’s eyes on her, as he gestured her about coffee, careful that no one was watching them, walking away first, making her raise again, “I should get a coffee first” she blurted, walking towards the break-room herself.

“What are we going to do about these two, seriously?” she whispered, walking to him who was waiting for his mug to fill, other one in his hand for her, “It’s natural for them to hate each other in this situation, we can’t do anything but stop them everytime, to be honest” he answered, making her sigh, “I am feeling the desire to kill that SungJae now” she tightened her jaw, furious, and saw Taemin smirking as he pushed other mug in his hand to fill now taking away the first one, holding it, “Yah! Why is the marketing team on a killing mission?” he snickered, joking, making Naeun blink taking the mug from his hand, to push it on the counter behind him, “Mr Lee, you should keep your team in control”

“How can I control someone falling in love?” he laughed again, making Naeun sharpen her eyes on him, as she nodded walking closer to him, “Right!” 

“But what kind of love happens overnight by cheating on the last one?” she didn’t realize that she had her intimidating tone now, as he was watching her, surprised, “Are we fighting from the morning over some other people’s business now?” 

“Ah! This is so annoying” she cried, making him reach her head to pat while extending the coffee to her, “Cool down!” “I have a different way to kill SungJae” he had a smirk, making her smile, knowing what he was suggesting, as she reached to palm his cheek, “As expected” “I can always trust you” 

They heard voices getting closer, making Naeun step back holding the cup to her lips, acting to sip on the coffee now, as she cleared , making Taemin smile watching the floor then.

Two familiar female seniors from the publishing department had entered the room, as he shifted aside to give them space, when they had walked towards the coffee machine, 

“Mr Lee, glad we met” one of the ladies spoke, as Taemin was curious to know why.

Naeun was just quietly sipping on her coffee at the side, ear-dropping on the conversation herself, “He isn’t dating anyone, is he?” the lady had turned to Naeun instead, making her choke on her coffee as she looked up, flustered, as Taemin was just smiling more now, “How would I know?” she scoffed, 

“Are you single right now?” she went ahead asking him herself, before the ladies could speak more, as both the ladies had their attention on him again, “I’m not” he declared, matching her gaze, and Naeun was feeling butterflies in her stomach suddenly in that awkward situation, as she moved back to rest on the counter behind her.

“I have a girlfriend” he had turned to the lady, as she nodded quietly, when Naeun beside her was trying hard to not get caught with her smile, pressing her lips on the edge of her mug.

“My bad” “Ah! I shouldn't have promised without asking you” the lady cooed, taking her coffee, watching Taemin nod with a shy smile, “But anyway, tell me whenever you’re single again” “I have blind-date offers for you” she patted his shoulder, as he bowed watching them walking out, when Naeun was busy getting offended meanwhile.

Her jaw had dropped, when Taemin's eyes were back on her, “Offers?” she uttered, her eyes on the door, as she turned her gaze on him to notice his embarrassed smile, “since when are you getting these offers?” 

He couldn’t help but laugh more, adoring her getting jealous now, “It’s first time” 

“Are you jealous?” he went closer, reaching for her waist to pull her closer, as she tried to push him, shocked by his sudden affection, scared of someone seeing them, but he had wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her, “Son Naeun!” his sudden authoritative tone had stopped her heartbeat, as she couldn’t resist herself from getting lost in his tempting gaze on her, “I love you” 

She felt like her heart was exploding now, as she pushed him away, trying to not blush, walking away to the door, opening it, but pushed back to close it again, walking back to him, as he was watching her with a questioned face, until she gave a peck on his lips to walk away again, moving out this time, as he was left alone in the room feeling flushed & overwhelmed now.





A/N :

More than lyrics, I went with the feeling of the song, for this story.

I'm thinking of writing Part 2 with another appropriate song for this one, but not immediately in next story.... so please wait if you liked this chapter!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!

 And Thank you always!!


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