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Naeun was unable to sleep, she had left the painting incomplete for a few days now, thriving for the motivation she was seeking to complete the unfinished piece she had started..

She was having difficulty pointing out what exactly she was searching but she wanted to add something that would make it more than just the normal painting she had done till now.

She was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling absentmindedly, recollecting her painting for more than two hours now, hoping she could find some clue or hint, to get her way through her mind, or atleast sleep peacefully if not for the idea now.

Taemin was fast asleep for a while, deep in his sleep beside her, as she her side facing him.

She was blankly observing his calm face, occupied with some random thoughts related to the painting coming in, her mind subconsciously trying to connect some dots here and there, in attempt to get to the point, but she was just wide awake without any purpose now.

Her brainstorming was at the max speed in the middle of the night as she was actually propagating through her thoughts finally after a while.

Half an hour or more went by with her lying back with a number of thoughts coming and going through her mind and then out of the blue, in a short moment, she had sat up on the bed with a flashing thought crossing her mind suddenly, that brought the ecstasy she was searching for till now.

She pulled off the duvet, running out of bed, hurrying herself to the art room, where the painting was.

She was filled with determination, as she pulled the cover from the big canvas resting on the ground, against the wall, grabbing her brushes and colors on the desk nearby, and she was ready to get that idea of hers flowing through her hands and colors now.

Two hours passed by with her hands busy and decorating the number of colors on the canvas, and her head totally invested in bringing out what she had in her mind as perfectly as she could.

She obviously wasn’t aware of time, she was as fresh as just awake, with the satisfaction of finally completing the painting, she was waiting to show the world.

She took like an hour more to finish with the last , as she finally left out a lazy yawn, watching the complete product with a critical gaze, trying to note if she had got it all there.

She was still contemplating if she really had done any better, but this was all she had, all of her head & heart was emptied on the canvas, making her feel light and relieved now.

She was down on the floor, as she slid back on her hips to get a farther view from a distance, but her back had touched something behind her, scaring her for a second, till she turned around to see Taemin there.

She ended up gasping, breaking the heavy silence instantly, “You scared me”

He was too busy observing the painting to respond,  as his eyes scanned the canvas quietly,

“You did a really good job” he said it out, still immersed into the art she had portrayed, very new and fresh to his eyes at the moment.

“I’m really proud of you” he exclaimed, smiling satisfied, before looking back at her finally, as his gaze found her eyes already consuming his beautiful jawline till then.

Her lips went up to a smile hearing him compliment, as her face had lifted to blush all the way to her ears now.

Her tiredness was gone seeing the proud smile in his eyes, 

“Is it that good?” She had done what she wanted to, but it was hard to confirm by herself that this piece was worth any compliment.

“Hmm” “It’s more than just good actually” he went ahead taking another look at the canvas again, to assure her with his nostrils flaring, confirming truth in his words now, as she snickered noticing it, finally celebrating the success silently inside her own head.

“You’ve done an incredible job” he added more words to her happiness, and it was quite unusual now for her to hear two compliments at one time from him. He must’ve been really impressed, she thought, watching him still invested in the observation.

Taemin was Naeun’s most trusted yet most uptight critic, he would always come up with changes & improvisation for her to acknowledge the changes she should make. But he was way too generous with his appreciation today, though he may add something later in the process, she knew it was on the way, but the first response was satisfactory for her to relax for now.

Naeun was the artist, but she was quite moody too, and she often would take a long break after completing the single piece of her art, and Taemin was the one who would then get her rising from bed to grab her brush again, and nag her often for completing her job in the after-process as well. He was strict in his own way, but she was lucky to have him help her in all of her process of creation.

“This is gonna be my favorite piece of yours, I guess,” he went on adding one more, making her blush more with his flattering words, getting her more excited for showing it off one day.

 That was some big compliment coming from him.

“Well” “Thank you” she bit her lip, trying to calm down her overwhelming heart, as she took a quick glance at the painting herself.

“So am I getting some reward then?” she whispered, continuing to keep her eyes on the canvas, 

"Reward?" he sounded clueless.

She had a sly smile, as she turned her neck to face him again, coming across his oblivious expression.

Her apples of cheek were raised & pink, with her eyes on him filled with indecent luster now, without her controlling any of it, or probably unaware that she was so obvious about her desires right now, that he ended up smiling to himself, surprised by her impulsive request.

“What do you want as a reward from me?” his lips went up into a smirk, as she sat up to face him properly before answering him. But-

He had his awaited yet calm eyes watching her, and she could see the intention behind that patience, which got her to acknowledge how she had given him the card to herself.

She was tongue-tied, knowing that he was going to drag this till she surrendered.

She had never been at this position of approach before, so it was kind of a challenge to navigate this situation in her favor again.

Her eyes went down, giving up on fighting his mischievous gaze mocking her, as she had one of her hands on the edge of his long sleeve of pajama, she had started fiddling with, in the meanwhile now, while the other one was still subconsciously occupied with the brush.

“I don’t know” she murmured lazily, her voice disappearing in the silence again, as her lips were pursed into a tiny pout, making him stifle a laugh then.

“Why are you asking me?” She looked up abruptly now, pinching the skin on the back of his hand, as he chuckled, enjoying her irritated face, “You want a reward” “Whom should I ask then?” her resistance was kind of adorable but at the same time turning him on too.

She was dead staring at him, but he was so unaffected by any of her terrorizing gazes, as he continued to stare back, his hand subconsciously reaching for her thin bang on the side when he noticed it, pushing it back gently then.

The small touch was enough in a moment like this when she was anticipating so much more, that she felt the euphoric wave following her spine, as her heart skipped the beat, and her brain went numb for a moment. Everything was happening that was not in her control anymore.

In less than a second, she had grabbed his arm to climb forward, giving a sober peck on his lips, moving back to watch his reaction, as he tilted his head to his side with the smile & surprise in his eyes, exaggerating the tease, as she shifted her gaze away then.

The tinge of pink on her cheeks had turned darker, as her eyes were fixated on the brush in her hand now, flipping, tossing, playing with it, trying everything, tapping & swirling it on the floor after that, to stay sane while waiting to hear a word from him, but he didn't say anything.

This was getting more and more embarrassing with his extending silence, as she was losing it slowly when her head was stacking up a list of she wanted after that little touch. 

She saw his hand reaching hers, as he took the brush out of her grip, stopping her tapping exercise, to turn her gaze to him again.

She was expecting words but he raised the hand to his shoulder, taking the other one to do the same.

Her both hands were now on either side of his shoulders, and just that had accelerated her heart rate by double now, like a fool, and without giving her much time further, she was pulled by her waist, as her arms slid back to wrap around his neck, when he leaned forward to touch their foreheads.

Her lips parted too quickly in the moment, as she cursed herself under the closed eyes, and heard his throaty small laugh, as his warm breath brushed her dry lips, “What do you want me to do now?” he whispered, and she was hardly breathing in the silence between them getting deeper with her struggle to think properly.

She wanted to tell him what was on her mind, and it didn’t seem that hard in words, but was dry & her breath heavy to say much,

“Kiss?” she had managed to get that out, but she wasn’t really sure if she actually said it or was still imagining it in her head, till she felt her lips covered by his soft, moist ones.

His grip had tightened on her waist, as she held her arms against each other on his back now, moving closer to kiss back, but before she could do anything, the moment ended, as he stopped, making her open her eyes, moving back from him, as he moved back, watching her with that laid-back gaze.

She was just feeling so silly now, giving him the control of her feelings this easily, as she could notice his sly smile hiding behind that poker face.

He was seeing her get needy for once in a long time now, and he didn’t want to let go of this opportunity just like that.

Otherwise he was always the one being needy and clingy, and she would be the cold ignorant one, running away & teasing him.

His chance was here and he was well aware what impact he had on her, to play with his own deck of cards right now.

They had a brief staring contest, exchanging some silent conversation in that minute, as she sat back, resting on her hips, continuing to watch him, as he relaxed back too, leaning on his arm.

Are you really going to do this?

What did I do? He couldn’t hide the smirk coming out, knowing he was just firing this passion he was seeing in her eyes in the form of temper right now.

You better be careful! Her fuming eyes with the fuming loud breath that left her nostrils quickly, was quite expressive, he was enjoying all the love she was pouring out now, maintaining the calm, proud of his successful , timed perfectly, at the right place now.

This is fun. I like being on the other side for a while!

“You probably need to change” he heard her, as she broke the silence with the flat toned suggestion, her eyes moving down on his night shirt, as he followed her gaze, noticing the stain.

The paint on her hand still had some wet parts and they were too immersed earlier to realize that she had transferred the blue-pink-yellow mixed paint on his gray-checkered shirt too creatively.

She was staring at him with the sulking gaze, paired back with the pout, as he couldn’t help but laugh out loud this time, turning it back to an annoyed one quickly, “Should I?” he had that ignorant tone going, as she had bit on the inside of her cheek now, trying to control her temper. 

He would probably get hit or kissed today, but she was adorable in any way to get anything. He was just more excited to get active reactions from her today.

“Hmm” "You should" she pressed a stiff smile, with a warning tone, “I need to take a shower too before going to bed” “So-” “We should-” she stretched up, raising herself to stand up, making him stand too with her, “go now…?” she took a quick glance at him, waiting for his response.

He hummed walking ahead to their room, without bothering to even check back on her again.

 Is he really leaving it to this? She was stuck in her place, watching him dumbfounded, as she groaned inside , and was about to reach her hair to run her hand through them in the frustration, but stopped watching the painted skin, “I should just wash myself and sleep, I guess” she murmured, before dragging her feet to their room sadly. 

She entered the door, and he was near the closet, his shirt off his body, in his hand, looking like he was searching for the new one in the closet, as she felt herself gulping on her dry throat, when her eyes were simultaneously scanning his well-toned-bare torso now, till he turned to her, breaking her moment, as her flustered eyes were wandering over the wall behind him then, as she finally remembered to breathe.

“I can’t find the blue night dress” 

His request was too obviously another bait, and she was not going to fall for it and make fool out of herself again for tonight, which got her turning around to walk to the bathroom behind her, “then sleep without it” she answered, before walking ahead.

“Get my pants off too?” she heard him, as she turned back to him again, to see him walking to her now, as he dropped the shirt on the bed before coming forward.

“I’m going to sleep in the living room today” “So sleep however you want”.she blurted half nervous, half agitated, as he was smiling prettily, making her stomach fill with those butterflies in no time.

“Why?” his whisper in that teasing tone and the smile, he was annoying but she was getting nervous now, seeing him walk closer, “Can’t control yourself?” he added, as she opened to answer, but her head was blank, she could think of no words that could beat this confidence he had in his eyes.

She ended up staring at his approaching figure, tongue-tied, as she could feel her muscles get tighter in the nervousness, her body still there like a statue.

“It must be true?” He chuckled, walking ahead not intending to stop, as she raised her hand in an attempt to stop him, holding it in front of her, making him halt at a distance, politely.

“I need to shower” she muttered in a stuttering voice, knocked off now seeing him up close with a bare body, as she turned around immediately to walk away, quickly disappearing behind the bathroom door, as he was smiling adoring his weird but cute girlfriend.

She took almost an hour in the shower, letting her frustration out, and then deciding to not give in to his arrangement now after going back, but to her sweet surprise, Taemin was fast asleep on his side of bed already when she was out.

She scoffed, walking to climb into the bed, as she got herself inside the duvet, turning on her side to him to notice that he had skipped changing the shirt.

She was just gazing at his asleep face again, smiling now, "Wait for my chance, I'm not going to forget this" she pulled the duvet up to his shoulders to cover his bare body, as she went forward to give him a peck on his lips, before closing eyes herself to sleep.

As she felt his hand sliding under her neck, as she opened her eyes to find his eyes closed, “You are awake?” 

“Hmm” he hummed, pulling her into his arms, as she was just watching his face amazed by the unexpected move.

“Don’t you want your reward?” he murmured in his sleepy voice, and she saw the smirk coming up again, as he soon opened his eyes to know her reaction. 

“Are you sure I deserve the reward?” she raised her hand to palm his cheek, running that hand down to rest on his chest, as he closed his eyes for a moment caught in his own desires now.

Both were at the stage, where they just wanted to lose themselves instead of winning the game.

“You want it right?” his voice was low & breathy, as she gave him a quick nod, making him pull her closer in his embrace, leaning down to her lips to take them, savoring the moment more virtuously this time, taking their sweet, cozy time to make up for that short kiss earlier…..



A/N :

So this was the first song for shinee month, Taemin's solo song itself, I wanted to start with another member, but I thought I should share this first, so I changed my mind, and here it is.

Taemin's y breathy voice is a treasure, which makes him unique from other singers, and Tease has been my fav since I heard it, it had exact lyrics I wanted to portray through a story, so I came up with this. I hope you like it again.

I wasn't sure if you guys would like steamy stuff so i have not went too far and kept it at the safe pace deliberately, but if you liked this one, I have one more story to show you guys with an extended play and more steam and romance. ofcourse not to the extent of though, I am planning to skip for a reason but I hope such stories will be fine with you all.

I'll use other member's songs now in coming week !! Stay tuned and enjoy reading !! Thank you as always !!


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