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He sipped on his drink as she was sipping her own, playing her fingers on the rim of the glass matching withthe rhythm of the soft music, as she took a wide view at the bar they were in, when he was staring at her in that whole time, observing every part of her face carefully by now, until she noticed him finally, “What are you up to?” she chuckled, making him flustered but he continued to look in her softly crinkled eyes, ”Nothing!”

“You’re looking especially pretty today” he marked, making her blush, as her cheeks turned red in no time with the combined effect of his compliment and the cocktail she had been gulping down since a while now.

He smiled, watching her flushed face, as she ended up laughing, trying to relax from this unwelcomed daze, “You’re a weird man” “How can you be flirting with a woman you just met?” she smirked watching him, as he was the one laughing this time, “Calling a pretty woman 'pretty' is flirting?” He was being nonchalant, making her feel cringey now, as she ended up hitting his arm, making him widen his eyes on her in reflex, “See!” “This is what flirting looks like” he had a teasing tone, indicating her hand that had hit his arm, as she rolled her eyes, giggling back, stumped by his confidence.

He was smirking, watching her shy eyes avoiding him now, when she turned to the other side, focusing instead on the couples dancing at the center of the stage.

Of Course, they were in Paris, and all the places they visited till now, were crowded with a number of couples, one or the other always dancing together locked in each other’s arms.

Naeun’s hand was on her neck, trying to loose the heat, as she had subconsciously started caressing the back of her neck, oblivious to Taemin’s eyes on her. He was unable to get his eyes off her exposed neck area that she had brought to his notice and because of her up-done hair giving him the clearest view of her slender & glowing skin, the way that she was pampering herself unknowingly was making him crave for the touch himself.

“Do you dance well?” she had turned her gaze back on him. breaking his fantasy finally, as he gasped internally in surprise of her attention, taken aback by his own flow of thoughts after coming back in the clear reality now.

He took a second to nod ‘yes’ in response to her question, “Pretty much good than average!” his overconfident tone made her smirk, as he seemed to be bragging, but it was testable, as she jumped on her place, with her eyes glowing now, “Let’s dance then” she looked excited suddenly.

“With you?” He was not sure that was a good idea, he was already on another tangent, and dancing with her was not going to help him in any way.

He wanted her to keep him in her good memories from this trip, and so ruining their short but sweet friendship by doing anything weird, was not an affordable option for him. 

“I don’t dance that bad” she frowned, watching him with an offended face, “Do you want me to go ask some stranger to dance with me?” “How can I go and dance alone?” she sulked, looking a bit pissed too now,

“I didn’t mean that..” he wanted to explain, but she was genuinely anticipating to try dancing, as she looked much upset than he thought,

“Okay” “Let’s go” he stood up, reaching for her hand, and it was just a soft yet really cold hand of hers but as their skins touched now, his mind was acting up again.

He wasn’t the type to be so sensitive to touch, but knowing that he was a bit attracted to Naeun now, he could guess what this electrifying sense growing inside him meant.

He was rethinking his decision, but she had raised from her seat, delighted, grinning at him, making him walk ahead, trying to keep his preoccupied mind calm for the while, so that he can end this moment without him acting out of his way.

They reached the dance floor, and the couple nearby noticed Taemin being confused to catch with the steps, as the man suggested him by starting with how to hold Naeun for the waltz, as he reached for her waist, following the man's indications, making her turn to face him, her expectant, beautiful eyes were watching him, as she raised their hands together, holding onto his shoulder by other, following the couple’s actions herself.

He was nervous, her gaze piercing his every intention to stay composed, as he pulled off the hand on her waist, holding it down at a distance, as she looked down to notice the awkwardly fisted hand to look up at his distracted face, “What happened?” she was confused, what had gotten into him since a while now.

She had his attention again, but he was tongue-tied, “It’s okay if it’s uncomfortable for you?” She tried reading his nervous eyes, wondering if she was asking too much from him, as she stepped back, taking her hands off him but he pulled her back, his hand firm on her waist this time, securing her position again, as she blinked, her stomach clenching for some weird reason with the way she was feeling about him holding her like that.

He breathed out a soft breath, as she reached for his shoulder quietly, when he interlocked their hands again, raising them on side, starting to dance.

“Follow my feet!” he whispered, matching her stark gaze again, as she nodded absentmindedly, her mind distracted with his brown orbs focused on her, that she ended up stepping on his feet in the very first move, making him smile, “You need to watch our feet” he raised his eyes, making her bit her lip, embarrassed, before looking down at their feet, as she began to follow the lead, slowly getting into the rhythm, learning sooner than she thought now, as she was smiling to herself watching their feet move with the music quite perfectly now.

She was well satisfied by just doing those small, easy steps on the soft music playing in the background, it was new & intriguing how nice she was feeling in the moment, a feeling of peace was filling her heart and she wondered now if the man she was dancing with had some role in her feeling this way. She had several tiny bouts of this happiness throughout the whole trip, and it was somehow connected with the time spent with him.

She didn’t know what she can do about it, but she was sad for parting her way with him.

She looked up to find his eyes smiling at her, and she couldn’t stop her lips from going up into a big smile, when she pressed her hand on his shoulder, leaning forward to reach his ear, “How about a pastry after this, from the cafe near our hotel?” as she saw him nod back.


“So you’re leaving tomorrow?’ he asked again, responding to her breaking the news to him just now, as she was watching him with a blunt face, who was talking with his eyes down on the camera in his hands, busy scrolling through the photos he took throughout the day.

Her pictures were definitely more than his own for a stranger that he had met only two days before.

“Are you on your way to say I will miss you now?” he smiled at his own joke, lowering the camera to take a glance at her, as he pushed his back on the wall of the elevator, to support himself against it, continuing to watch her.

She didn’t smile back and looked down now, watching the floor of the elevator, as she was leaned against the opposite wall of the elevator.

He was waiting for her to say something but she went silent for a long minute, as he continued to watch her, wondering what she was thinking under that brief silence.

It was fascinating, how they ended up meeting in the lobby of the hotel three days ago and decided to go around the city together, being citizens of the same country who were in Paris for their vacation, it was going to be convenient & comfortable, rather than being on their own in a strange country, along with the benefit of struggling with a foreign language together as well, so overall it happened to be a win-win deal for them.

Spending three days together, they had come to know a lot more than they wanted to about each other in that short time, when there were few or more conversations with telling little and random facts like pet peeves and favorite flavors of ice cream, to things like their goals and struggles in some of the heavy, long ones.

Naeun had other plans thereafter, as she was going to join her sister in Amsterdam, and Taemin was going to stay for two more days and go back to Seoul again, so this was eventually their last day together.

And none of them had mentioned contacting each other after going back, so meeting again wasn't a considered option.

Her floor was arriving next, as he noticed, “Your floor is here”

She was fiddling with her feet quietly, staying in her place, making him confused now.

“It will get weird if we sleep with each other suddenly right?” she finally spoke, and he was in agape by her words, stumped to speak, making her look up nervously, reading his silence.

“No!” he answered, before she could say anything else, his eyes were stable with a firm voice, as he pushed his camera inside the bag, pulling up to stand up on his feet, watching her blink in surprise, “No?” she was unsure if her ears were ringing or maybe she was just imagining it after overthinking so much about it, “Did you just say no?” she asked again, pulling up on her feet, to stand face to face with him.

Before they could communicate this further, the elevator door had opened on her floor as expected.

He was shocked himself by the way he responded that so quick, still confused though if she was making fun of him or was it something really genuine, but she didn’t move out from the elevator, making him think about her plan hereafter.

 “Aren’t you getting off?” he suggested, trying to read her expression, as she still had that amazed spark in her eyes, making him nervous more and more.

She turned back to press the button closing the elevator door again, “It’s not weird?” “Really?” she asked, now in an interrogating tone, waiting for his answer eagerly.

It was quite overwhelming now to see her acting out bold suddenly out of nowhere, as he was kind of frustrated too, still so unsure of her intentions, "What do you want, Naeun?” he had stepped ahead, making her gulp , watching his gaze turn sharper on her.

She could smell his cologne again with that brief distance between them, and he smelled like a mix of sandalwood & vanilla, kind of soft and kind of warm, but the way she liked.

She had subconsciously started counting the things he was doing right for her in all these three days, and she just wanted to do something about that that list in her head.

She noticed the tiny sprinkle on his lips from the pastry they had earlier in the cafe, distracted from the whole pool of thoughts happening in her head at the moment, as she reached his lips to dust it off with her thumb, “It’s already so weird” her soft murmur got him blinking quietly, absorbing her words in his understanding, “Me being like this” she sounded tipsy, though the slight dizziness from the one drink she had was already recovered much earlier while walking back to the hotel.

She blinked in daze observing his face like she was watching an enchanting art, making him restless with the proximity and her gaze together, both messing with his head equally.

The elevator door opened again for his floor this time, bringing him out of the trance, as he glanced at the opened floor looking back at her before stepping out.

He was waiting for her to act now, as she stepped out, standing in front of him.

“I’ll count till ten” His eye were dark & certain this time, and she was determined to know the end of this conversation. There was something appealing about his gaze that she was torn between hearing his words and falling for his eyes simultaneously.

“And then?” she whispered, lost in her own ecstasy, that she barely had any control on her words or response anymore, when she stepped closer to him, losing the last conscious cell that was working on her brain, as he continued to observe her dreamy stare, watching him like a captivating fantasy, “I’ll do what I want to.” his deep voice was low, but she was long intrigued now to miss even a soft breath from him.

She was standing there, competing his hypnotic gaze with her unshaken one, but she wasn’t really that confident inside as much as she was trying to show off, when her heart was thumping loudly in her chest, and her legs were ready to give up very soon, if he doesn’t gets to the count quickly. 

“Shouldn't you start?” She managed to speak for the last time observing, his lips flinch before growing into a soft smirk, as she knew that she wouldn't be able to utter a word in front of him again after this.

She must have been falling really hard for this stranger that it was effortless to be so whipped that she pushed her confidence to this extent, she thought.

She was definitely attracted to him since a time now, he was a cute human, who was good at making her laugh with his silly jokes, trying to break ice since they decided to travel together, making her comfortable too quickly than she had expected, but other than all of the comfort & fun, something between them was just clicking really right. There was this matching energy between them that was constantly pushing her buttons time to time, the last time she experienced that was their waltz earlier, which probably urged her today to ask that question suddenly in the elevator too, knowing that she may not see him after this ever again.

Sleeping with a stranger was something she had never thought she would ever do in her life. She thought, she wasn’t capable of taking such impulsive decisions, but here she was, firm on her feet, waiting for him to make her lose it all.

She saw his lips move, “One!” he had finally started counting, making her heart accelerate with her having any limitation over it anymore, no matter how much she wanted to stay cool, she was just slowly & steadily losing all of her mind held together till now.

Impatience was ruling her at this point, as she was counting even the tiny breathing pauses he was taking between the counts, getting ahead of him with the numbers.

"Four" he continued with the deliberate slow pace, enjoying the way she was so concentrated, "Five"

“Six…” he watched her take a long breath.

Naeun had reached the state, that his voice was just an unknown whisper to her ears, as her feet moved ahead, when her hands had already fisted his coat pulling him closer to match her action, as her eyes closed when she leaned forward finding his lips, stopping him from getting to the next number.

Their bodies froze, caught in the moment for a while, as her grip on his coat loosened, making her open her eyes to notice his closed eyes, his expression stuck in surprise, as she stepped back leaving his coat, seeing his eyes open to watch her, but he was still very much mystified by her action to react.

“You were counting too slow” she had a hesitant stutter, as he let out a small chuckle, making her look away, her lips in embarrassment then.

She looked more cute than y suddenly and he couldn’t stop himself from laughing, adoring her cuteness, making her turn back to him with a frown, “I was counting too” “I’m serious” she had the innocent offensive gaze, ruining her strong image, looking more soft and more adorable, as he bit on his lips, feeling weak in knees by the way her puppy eyes were watching him.

“I can see that” he murmured, as his eyes had traveled down to her pouting lips in the meanwhile, bringing the butterflies back in her stomach as she noticed it, to clear , making him look up at her eyes again.

Without running around the bush any longer, he raised his hand to extend his keycard in front of her, surprising her, “After you” he announced, as she was watching the card thoughtfully now, knowing exactly what he meant by that gesture.

He wanted her to decide her mind and act hereafter, as he was highly involved in this small situation happening between them right now. 

“Nobody has ever claimed my lips like that”  “Dare you go back on your plan!” he warned, as she took a glance at him, noticing his demanding eyes waiting for her response.

She wanted to hide the smile coming up so obviously, but he had noticed the subtle happiness, as she took the card from his hand, her eyes searching behind him for the number on the card, as she walked past him quickly after finding the right door, flustered knowing she was showing off her excitement too easily.

He ended up smiling himself before turning to follow her.

She could hear his footsteps behind her, and that was just making her take faster steps, as she was in front of his room in less than a minute then, making her press the card on the knob immediately, as she stood there looking at the knob flash blue line.

She still couldn’t believe she was doing this. It was nerve-wrecking as hell, but here she was still so determined & inspirited.

She could feel him standing right behind her, waiting, as she turned around to come across his serene face, as his hand had reached to push the knob, opening the door behind her.

She stepped back, amazed, how many times she was impressed by this mesmerizing face now in a period of hardly three days, as he followed her steps inside letting the door close behind him, making her shift her eyes between him and the door.

Her eyes had hint of anticipation with a touch of nervousness, as a chuckle left his lips, as he walked to her.

Only a few steps ahead, closed the distance between them, as she had halted herself at a short distance from the door.

He raised his hands to cup her cheek, making her drop all kinds of thoughts that were clouding her head in the moment. His warm hand got her closing her eyes, as the gentleness in his touch was too sweet for her to act otherwise.

Without any further delay, he had leaned in taking her lips, as she parted , kissing back.

Her hand was resting on his waist, when he pulled her in, holding her closer with his hand on her small of back when he continued to explore her caverns, as she ended up holding onto his coat for support, melting into the bliss of her satisfaction.

They started slow & soft, pacing in gradually with the flow of their rising passion, but their bodies had started to heat up already, in few minutes of the slow play.

Falling deep under his spell, she didn’t notice when her hand had subconsciously got up his coat, tearing it off his shoulder, as he broke the kiss, letting them finally breathe, when he got rid of the coat himself, throwing it on the sofa behind him.

She had reached for her own coat, peeling it off her body in the meanwhile, turning back to him, taking no time to get hold of his face again, as she pulled him into another kiss, repaying this time with all her held back passion, throwing away even the slightest of restraint left.

She was way too good with whatever she was doing, as he lost his patience, reaching for her waist instead to walk her with him, till they had fall back on the bed against each other.

She paused her activity, breathing short & heavy, as he pulled back with a heavy breath himself, “I don’t want you to regret this” he whispered, as she pressed her thumb holding his cheek, “I won’t” 

“I want this” her lips moved against his, teasing him with the lingering kiss, as her words got him like the command, making him cover her lips in that split second of strong desire.

Their clothes were off, dispersed on the floor, as the room was filled with moans and groans since after.

It wasn't that familiar to be comfortable but it wasn't even awkward enough to stop. Both of them were very sincerely invested in fulfilling their thirst for each other to think of stopping at that moment.

The voices faded in the silence of the night, as they came undone, but their eyes were screaming a new story of discovery hereafter.


“We can meet back in Seoul if you want??” she mentioned first, being somewhat more confident as she had already done the unusal.

“And if I ask you to date me then?” “What are you planning to do?” he was testing the depth of her words, as she smirked at his brainy way of twisting her question for his own benefit.

“You’ll know when you ask?” her cheeks couldn’t contain her secrecy, as he kissed them quickly, making her close her eyes, blushing more, as she squirmed in to hide her face in his chest, making him hug her back.

The Last night in Paris ended that day to start a new morning in Seoul the next Wednesday.





A/N :

Okay it was so difficult choosing Jonghyun's song for Taeun couple's chemistry, but I love how it has turned out finally, I hope you liked it too!!

Always thank you for reading !!

Enjoy reading !!

Next will be Minho's song from his solo album so please stay tuned.


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