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“Leave my hand” “I need to go” Naeun urged, trying to get her hand off his grip, as Taemin’s face straightened, his tense expression getting thicker.

“We need to talk” his upset voice pierced her heart, as his arrogance was getting on her nerves now with her anger only rising now.

“We have nothing left to talk about” she looked away from his face, “You can go back, enjoy the party and go home!” “I can’t stay here anymore” she shook her head with the cold eyes avoidng his gaze on her.

He knew she was not going to cave in to the suggestion of waiting till the end of the party after getting insulted like that.

Angry Naeun would always bring that unusual stubbornness with her, and she had her reasons this time to kick away his every attempt to convince her otherwise.

He had heard her conversation with Arin, and he couldn’t do anything but stay silent, as a silent spectator.

He pulled her wrist in his hand, turning her to face him again, “Of Course we have!” his high voice now echoed in the empty corridor, but none of them cared about someone hearing them at this point.

“What?” she roared, her eyes darted back at him, with her burning heart reflecting in her brown pearls, making him gulp his breath, melting soft in the very next second, 

“That I should forget everything again” she smirked curtly, as he could feel the sadness behind those raging words, “That all she said inside is nonsense and we should move on again” “That I have no right to be angry again, even when my heart is ripping apart with her words” she had finished blurting out, but she was breathing hard to recover from her losing temper now.

She was staring deep in his eyes now, making his gaze tremble with her pain, all his little anger over her intense reaction was fading off, realizing that she was so hurt and he could do nothing.

“Are you satisfied spreading the rumors around?" Arin scoffed, “Do you think you can make people believe those rumors so easily?”

Arin was smirking on her face, and Naeun ended up watching her maintaining the blank face standing in the middle of crowd, even when she wanted to punch her face right there in front of the 500 prestigious people who not only knew her but had a opinion on her as the upholder for the success of the magazine, in whose honor they were having this grand party.

“It’s hard to believe that someone emotionally fragile like you is dating a sensible person like him” the thin lipped mouth kept talking, making Naeun step back to move away before she could actually fulfill her devil desires of destroying this little blabbering in front of her.

"So don’t bother much to feel affected & put on that face of distress, as everyone already knows here that those are all rumors” she leaned forward to whisper, "You can only wish of making it true"

Naeun scoffed at her getting bolder with her words, “I can’t believe I considered you my friend at some point of time” she whispered back, turning around to walk away, her heartbeat already going nuts with the burst of anger getting to her head now. 

She shouldn’t have been hearing more of this bull when she had all the reasons to enjoy the party today, but disappointingly she was going to leave early. Or the star of the party would be in headlines for ruining her own party.

“Aren’t you tired of using him in your shameless strategies for gaining fame?” She could hear Arin’s low voice behind her, even when there was music playing around, as she sighed, shaking off all kinds of thoughts coming, continuing to walk forward anyway, when her eyes found Taemin watching them standing in her left, as she walked past him, straight to the exit of hall, confirming her decision, feeling more frsutrated now.

He was always gonna stay in the background listening quietly to this conversation and she was sick of his silence now. 

She was feeling lonely in this relationship now.

Arin and Naeun were colleagues in the modeling industry for six years now, from debuting together for the same fashion show from the same agency to being the top models of the two famous magazines, they’ve always had a love-rival relationship in the journey.

But since the last two years since the rumors about Naeun and Taemin had started to fly out in the society, Arin was more on the hate side of spectrum, as if trying to check on all these rumors everytime they were in front of each other, and poking Naeun's guts to answer her.

Back then, when Taemin & Naeun met each other, Taemin was a rising star of the fashion industry as his designs were starting to get appreciation when he had finally won few awards for the fashion designing of the popular movies & dramas. His art was getting acknowledgement & dignity he deserved, after working for numerous small firms, accepting every approaching projects at that time to get his way through this stingy field of job as a man with no personal connections at all.

And Naeun was a rookie model trying to explore her strengths & weaknesses by working with as many people as possible too, which would give her the adequate experience for her dream of becoming the main face of all the trending magazines one day, the dream she had for herself when stepped into this field of modeling. She was working hard trying her best to get spotted by a designer with an eye for her skills.

Her every dream had come true now but with a baggage of secrets to secure along with it.

Naeun got her first break to be the showstopper for a renowned fashion show in Greece three years back, for which Taemin was the head designer then.

With his skills and popularity, models were dying to work with him, but Naeun got the chance to portray her face and ambition, and she took it all the way up with her passion.

That fashion show gave her the ignition she needed in her career, introducing her to a wider audience in their profession, which helped her to speed herself for her ultimate dream.

And Taemin had started to fall in love with that flaming passion & ambition of her since then.

They had met as a model & the designer, which followed with them being good friends working in the same industry, and since then they were seen in shows & events together almost every time.

The rumors of them dating started flying around the industry, with their friendship goals getting obvious with time.

Initially, they weren’t bothered by it, as none of it was true.

And when it turned true after a year of their courtship, they had to keep it a secret knowing it’s effect on their professional life.

But as time changed, and both of them were famous enough & in talks within the media & even common public every now & then, the rumors were turning serious as much to be hindering their relationship in every project they were working on.

Instead of a model and a fashion designer dating each other, it was more like their titles as the top model of the industry & owner of a renowned fashion brand ‘T_M’ was more sensational for the whole world to be discussing their relationship in their hottest gossip sessions.

Some people like Arin believed that Naeun was using Taemin and his friendship for her selfish reasons, making it juicier to talk about, which was ridiculous to say about a model who was not only successful before they became friends but had come this far on her own strengths & caliber.

Naeun had stopped working with Taemin for a year now, after hearing the comments over her career and doubts over her intentions.

Except for the old contracts that they had already signed, due to the confined rules bonded to the terms & conditions, she made sure to not start any new project with him.

Taemin wasn’t spared for the misjudgement in any case, people were sliding his name under the title of nepotism, everyone made sure to point out how he always preferred Naeun over other models for promoting his famous launches because of their “friendship”, eventually ignoring the fact that she had earned this projects before he fell for her and regardless of his position in the company, there was little control he had over selecting her for the projects except for his word in the fashion shows, he had no right to go against his investors & management team if they made a decision.

Taemin personally wasn’t the person to combine his profession & personal relations, being way too sensitive about his line of work, and much professional when the matter concerned his clothes.

Both of them had kept it clearly professional, even when they were always working together most of the times.

But people’s words had more or less weight, and every mention of her personal life included Taemin’s name now, and his every decision was questioned bringing Naeun into the picture everytime.

It was obviously affecting their self esteem and eventually their will to continue the relationship. 

They would get angry with each other, one or the other time, hurting each other randomly, frustrated by the control people’s opinions had on their relationship.

He knew she was starting to give up on them, but it was scary for him to think of losing her.

They had grown a lot on each other to give up just like that. 

He believed at some point that she would think the same while making a decision about it.

All the problems their relationship was facing was not even them, all of it was because of the words of the people, they didn’t even know.

Today was the success party of this magazine that they had designed together with a joint vision of contributing their change in the fashion world. And as much as he had decided to publish this magazine worldwide, she was a big part of the project for the last two years when they had started with this idea, and he wanted to celebrate this moment with her, together as a team they were.

She was hesitant to attend the event together with him initially knowing people would talk about it but agreed to his request, with the promise that she would enjoy the success of their first dream together.

He was eventually going to fix this issue of them being a secret couple tonight. 

He had planned to announce them publicly taking the advantage of this big event in his life, ending all the discussion for once and all.

But she was definitely unaware of any of this plan.

His decision, his yearning for their long future, his consistent love through all these misconceptions, she was unaware of all of it.

And now if she leaves, everything would be worthless, he could never find a chance like this again to shut all the mouths, and tell everyone how much she means to him in his life.

He watched her nervously, thinking of calming her down someway, but even doing that looked selfish now.

She was in pain, losing pieces of her faith in him and their aim of being successful in protecting this bond.

“I love you” she cried, frustrated by his silent gaze on her, as he was shocked enough to lose his grip on her hand.

She pulled her hand out from his hold, to let out a brief sigh, looking away from his gaze as it was making her heart sink deeper somehow, “!” she was pissed and looked agitated, but his heart was beating faster for another cause, “I do” “A lot” she huffed out weakly.

Two years of dating and she was saying those words for the first time, at a strange moment like this, when he was in a pool of emotions.

He was always on edge for making her say them in return, but a careful girl like Naeun was hardly ready to break her walls even after his constant efforts.

She was constantly doubting the longevity of their relationship, scared every time they had to go through a fight. She always avoided saying those words, with the fear of having to take them back if they were to fall apart someday in future.

And the same Naeun was saying those words aloud right now, weird enough for him to suspect if this was a dream.

“And I don’t feel even a percent of shame saying that.” She turned her eyes back to him, eating her inside cheek in frustration, trying to fight back the pool of anger in her eyes from pouring down, as his eyes were stuck to her face now in bewilderment.

“That’s the reason I can’t take this anymore” her voice was so clear & confident, as he watched the glistening wetness in her eyes shine now.

“I love you so much that it hurts to see us fighting this way” her voice cracked before fading away into the tears that strolled down her cheeks now.

How was she not aware that their fights were more constant than normal conversations since past few months, which was stressing her more than the rumors & comments.

However, this was becoming the most beautiful moment for him in the midst of all the anger she was pouring on him.

He was seeing her love, bare and out, for the first time after they had started going out.  I love you.

This is how it feels to hear it from her lips, in her voice. He felt more responsible suddenly.

“If you have any good feelings left for me. Stop seeing me” she decided to continue, seeing him continue the silence,

He was pulled out from his thoughts quite quickly with the coldness in her tone, “People are not going to stop” “They’re a lot to stop” her eyes raised with sarcasm, and lips were lifted into to a curt smile, as her eyes filled up with the tears she was hardly managing to keep in now, “So someone needs to stop” 

“You heard Arin” “I'll always be the shameless in this game” she added, as she watched him close his eyes, sighing deep, finally reacting,

“I love you but that isn’t my mistake” “I don’t deserve this”

This wasn’t the exact way he wanted to hear those words from her though,

“You see we can’t interfere much in this anymore” she chuckled, trying to continue her words, letting loose the pool of water in her eyes now, with her heart tearing apart on the validation of reality of her words, “Hiding, staying silent, ignoring, staying apart from each other’s business"

"None of this has worked out for us” she announced it like an order now, “So I know what will work now” the determination was back in her moist eyes, as she walked closer to him, looking into his puzzled browns,

“You continue to keep the silence as you always have” she reached his shoulder with a heavy pat, holding onto it firmly, making him speak to explain, “Naeun-”

She had no patience to listen, as she went on, interrupting him further, “I’ll close this thing forever tomorrow” she held his shoulder for a while, staring into his terrified, sad eyes, knowing exactly how he was feeling about this.

“Hah!!” She left out a huff, as she realized that her face was drenched with tears now, wetting her makeup and most probably smudging it.

She looked up at the ceiling, to stop the tears, and ended up laughing to herself hysterically now.

Before he could say anything she was back to rambling, "I should go now" “People here shouldn’t see me like this” 

“I better leave before getting noticed with you in this face” a low murmur left her lips, as she reached the waterline with the back of her knuckles, trying to dry out the area, as she looked around to search the exit door in the corridor again in confusion.

She saw the sign-board flashing in the right of the corridor, as she decided to walk away before running into anyone who can expose this in the news tomorrow.

Before she could step forward to walk, she turned to Taemin, who was still flabbergasted by her decision, “Don’t ever dare to date Arin after me, I’ll kill you!”

He rolled his eyes in disbelief, “What the hell are you even talking about?” he finally spoke, reaching her hand again to drag her in his choice of direction,

“Let’s fix your makeup and you’re coming back with me” he was dragging her with him, trying to get her to the washroom at the end of the corridor, “We need to go back”

She resisted his force, stopping on her feet suddenly realizing that her body was following him, as she had her eyes stuck to the floor, “I’m not coming back” 

He had turned back to see her, standing against her, as she was still looking down, avoiding his eyes, “We should just let this go,oppa” “We can’t always act like nothing happened” her voice was exuding her losing patience to stay in front of him now, but her feet were trembling in conflict. Somewhere deep inside she wanted him to fix this for them.

“Let me go!” she pulled her hand to get it out of his grip, looking if nobody saw them in the meanwhile, as he reached again to held on her wrist with a tight grip this time, now hurting her with the oblivious force.

He was equally frustrated but didn't wanted to give up on them. He was angry now that he made her give up sooner than he could act, and all he knew was he can't let her do that, he knew the way he can change it so he was going to take his decision too.

She looked up to match his eyes again, which had equally distressed emotions, “I’m sorry to give up on you” she had a calm tone now, pitifully watching his disappointment so clear in his eyes,

Their worlds inside were collapsing, as they both knew it was so hurtful to let go each other, when they didn't wanted to do any of this willingly.

His grip loosened, as she took her hand out, tears continuing to fall, as she turned to walk to the exit again.

But before she could step ahead, she felt his hand on her wrist again, as he pulled it to interlink their fingers together this time, dragging her forcibly with him now.

It was hard to get her hand out of his, as he had smartly interlinked to not hurt her with the strong grip this time,

“Stop!” “Even if I get there inside now, what is going to change?” she had the weak tone, pleading him to listen to her but he wasn't stopping,

“You want to talk about it” “Fine, we’ll do it tomorrow” “But I really can’t stay here anymore” she kept rambling behind him, as he walked them straight to the end of the corridor, 

“Please!” she continued pulling her hand in case his grip got loose, but they were in front of the washroom, as he barged in hastily without caring if someone was inside a ladies room.

“Oppa!” she watched him terrified by his temper now, as he wasn’t this reckless person to pull his trigger this quickly, and act reckless.

The sophisticated, gentleman, calm as the spring air, Lee Taemin, popular among ladies for his manners & behavior, was in the ladies room, forcing his girlfriend inside with him, in a furious & frustrated state of mind.

The scene was as crazy and scary as it looked, making Naeun worry for him now.

She didn’t know what he was planning, but he wasn’t in his right mind for sure, and she had no key to this Taemin, this part of him was completely new to her, he had never shown his anger this way in the last three years, and she didn't know now how to respond to him.

“Purse?” he finally left her hand, extending his hand, as she held the purse in her hand tight, making him look at it, “Why are you behaving this way?” she mumbled low, watching him tighten his jaw. 

He reached the purse in her grip, pulling it coldly, as he turned to check the five rooms inside in haste, confirming them to be empty, making him walk to the door to lock it, as he turned back to her, as she observed his cold expression, “You’re scaring me”

He reached her waist to lift her, making her sit on the dry space near the sink, “Stop talking!” his dry, deep voice came out, scaring her more.

He was busy opening her purse to get the things out, as he took the tissues to reach her eyeline fixing the smudge first.

“I know it was sudden” Naeun was rambling again to make him understand, “And I was impulsive” "I'm sorry for that" “But we can’t cling onto each other forever with all these rumors growing into our lives & career” she noticed his eyes softening now, as he was focused on the cleaning her smudge in the moment.

“You said you wanted to try one last time for me” “for us” the cold tone was still there, as he continued to get the things from her purse using it to fix her makeup again.

She was dumbfounded, realizing that she did wanted to try, the last time or number of times, she wasn’t sure of now, 

“I did” “But it’s breaking me” she answered, trying to have a conversation now, “Hearing words that I am not” she kept watching his preoccupied eyes, as he was still busy fixing her face.

“And involving you makes it more serious” she looked away at the wall behind him in daze.

He stood back, holding the lipstick in his hand, as he watched her eyes getting watery again, making him get the tissue to reach her cheek, soaking the drop before it could troll down, “Can’t you trust me just one more time?”

“I know I can fix this” she heard him as she turned her gaze back to him, noticing his pleading eyes, requesting for a chance now.

“I don’t want us to keep getting hurt like this” “and we being together-” it was hard to spell it out, with the feeling of failure it brought along, making her close her eyes in defeat.

“Let’s go” she heard him, he was done and he had her finger interlocked with his again, as he dragged her back to the door, unlocking & walking out in the direction of the hall, where the party was happening right now.


“Listen to me” 

“I know this day is so important for you and I don’t want to ruin it at all” “But we going in together like this will-” they were in front of the entrance as he looked at her, to make her watch him with anxiety & fear, “I love you too” his softened tone and calmed eyes watching her, made her forget everything for the moment, as her mind was stuck on those words, when his pull on her hand snapped her out, making her watch him walk in front of her, holding her hand, as they entered the hall of fame.

She tried stopping him in panic now, but they were being watched now, as they were already walking through the passage in the center reaching to the stage.

“Do you even have a plan?” she hissed at him, but he went straight onto the stage dragging her with him, gesturing to the audio team to hand him the mic as they reached the spotlight..

“Hello everyone” he still had her hand in his, as she watched him amazed at what he was trying to do.

“Thank you so much for coming here today” 

“You all have been part of my success” “And I wanted to thank you all today for helping me for establishing ‘T_M’ and growing it so well”

“But there's one person who has been a bigger part of my life since I decided to start this brand.”

“Now it’s growing, and you all are part of that growth & success” “And it’s great, I couldn’t have done so much if not for all of you joining with me”

“But this person was congratulating me & appreciating my success even when I didn’t had any of this” “She was happy even for the one incredible piece of dress I would make spending 6 months of my unemployment”

“Since she have came in my life, I know how to handle myself, take bigger steps”

“Biggest of all, forgive myself for my mistakes”

He was feeling light now that he was actually sharing it with the people he wanted to know, Naeun was watching him with amazement, but rather calmed down now, with his words getting to her now.

“Everyone here already has a number of opinions about me and this girl in my life since a while now” he now looked at her, pulling her closer, “She’s the golddigger?… my favored model in the industry?….the model I’m sleeping with?” she looked away in despair herself, reminiscing all the titles they had been receiving along with this so-called fame.

“Son Naeun!” “The model who has escalated fashion trends since last three years” “It’s sad she is reduced to a scandalous affair gossip title, after being a person of inspiration for so many young people in the industry” he chuckled, turning to her, as she found his eyes again, “She’s my inspiration too”

“And saying that," "I think I should give a conclusion to this gossip now” he finally was on point, getting everyone’s precious attention focused on him, as the cameras started clicking faster, and everyone was awaited for the breaking news coming their way.

Naeun was in shock now, she thought he was just going to calm the talks by bringing in his support for her as a friend, but it looked like it wasn't just stopping there today.

She was watching him nervously, as he took a deep breath, putting his arm around her shoulder as he pulled her near him, “I do want to confirm for everyone here that I love this friend of mine” “And I would like to marry her someday in future if she agrees for that” he looked at her widened eyes, smiling soft now, making her shade a tear again,

“The point is I love her a lot” 

“And she definitely has more than just love for me” his words had opened the dam in her eyes again, she was looking down, tears slipping down her closed eyelids.

“All the media here today, I just want to request you all to be little generous to us, and spread this message positively” 

“We need to go” “Thank you for coming guys” he bowed, giving a satisfied grin, before walking down with Naeun in his arms, still not ready to look up with her teary eyes.

“Can you get us the car?” he asked one of his staff, as they walked to the exit, "Are you okay?" “Can you talk to me?” he looked at her, nervous suddenly, making her look up at him, with an awestruck face, but she ended up smiling watching his anxious one,

“This is just gonna fire up everything” her expression turned serious again, as he blinked watching her for a brief moment, as a smile grew on his lips, “You love me, I don’t care anymore”

Her lips parted with the sense of realization now, lost for words, as she looked away staring in the blank, pressing her lips together, making him laugh on her expression.

Their car had arrived, as he took the keys, opening the door for her, “I’m serious about the marriage thing” he whispered, leaning closer to her ears, as she moved back, blinking at him stunned, making him raise his eyes, teasing her in response, “Aren’t you getting in?” he added, smirking now, as she stepped in but was still very much flustered, as she saw him run to the driver seat.


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