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“I'm not a kid anymore” she cried, walking away from him to dump herself on the bean bag in the corner of his room., 

“Why are you being so grumpy?” Taemin was surprised, why Naeun’s mood had turned sensitive suddenly, that too when it was her birthday in two days.

Usually she would be the happiest during her birthday, acting like the princess of the house everywhere, but she was being all about ‘I am an adult’ & trying to act like one now that she had realized about her turning 21 this year.

“You always make fun of me bringing up these old videos” she darted her frowned eyes at him, making him serious for a second, only to burst out laughing making her lips tremble, pouting out sadly, “See, you never take me seriously” 

“But you were cute, singing a birthday song to yourself…” he was giggling effortlessly now, remembering the video again, “Happy birthday our pretty Naeunnie….” he sang, as he couldn't stop laughing now, annoying her more, making her rise up to walk in front of him, “I’m not that 7-year-old Naeun anymore” 

“And oppa is not an 8-year-old either” she had the fierceness in her eyes, which wasn’t new but she was quite serious about proving that she wasn’t young anymore, which was kind of a sudden transformation, ”Do you want me to bring back your embarrassing memories?” 

“Okay!” “I get it, we’re grown ups” “and you feel embarrassed to see your dumb side now” he opened his mouth to calm her down but didn’t end up saying the best words, instead outraging her, “But I’ve already seen it all” he pouted cutely, watching her struggling to reply now, 

“And don’t tell me you’ve grown up and all” he added, making her eyes raise on him now, “You still sing yourself a birthday song like your seven year old self” he went on, observing her face, to not miss her reaction on that, as she took another deep breath before she could scream now, “I don’t do that”

“You want me to show you another video?” he had a calm voice & a confident smile, provoking her pride, “I am not celebrating my birthday with you again” 

Taemin shrugged his shoulders in response, continuing to give that cocky smile, “You wish!”

She was so enraged at this point, that her brain wasn’t working anymore, “Anyway, my point is I’m turning 21, so-?” she just wanted him to not speak about her embarrassing younger self again, “Let’s make a pact that we won’t bring up the topic of these crazy videos from our childhood hereafter!” she tried getting her last word this time.

“Why should I?” his nonchalant tone was up, pissing her again.

When was it any easy to get through him….

“What will I get from this kind of pact?” he blinked, smiing coy, making her bite her lowerlip in frustration, her nostrils flared in the fuming anger inside her, but she released a sigh to give him a plastered smile, “Peace!”

She narrowed her eyes on him, making him mirror her.

“I have your embarrassing videos too” she revealed, as his puzzled eyes were asking for help, trying to remember exactly which and how much embarassing the incident was.

“Your pants ripping in front….” her words followed & had quite an impact to get Taemin’s face contorting as soon as he heard them, knowing what she was indicating, as he felt shudders on his skin with just the mention of it.

Her eyes were raised on him to tease now, with her confidence rising seeing his altered expression, “Do you want me to get it out from the vault?” she smiled, reading his embarrassed face, finally seeing victory on her door.

“How is there a video of that incident?” he was doubtful, reminiscing from his memory

“Your parents were filming you dancing, don’t you remember?” she reminded, and it was finally confirmed exactly which incident she was talking about, making him feel worse for asking that.

He thought it was from the times they used to play together in the garden, but the dancing one was worse. He had no words to say in return. That should not be topic of conversation anywhere hereafter.

“Let’s end this here and forever then.” she reached for his shoulder to give a soft pat, making Taemin pull himself back from her scary touch, worried by her overly smiling face now, “You evil girl!”

“I know” she pressed her lips together, her eyes creased at corners with the joy of her success. How did she remembered she had that video in this exact time. Ofcourse she was proud of herself.

“It’s part of adulting” the slyness in her eyes was shocking him to the level of scoffing out in the amazement, “Who knew you’ll grow up to bully me in return with that thing?” 

“It’s been a while, seeing that cringe on your face” she had her lips curved into a soft smirk, making him blink several times now, before letting out a chuckle to relax himself, “People need to see this demon behind your angel smile outside”

“Have the taste of your own medicine, Taemin-ssi” “You thought I’m that easy to tease” she had turned to leave, walking out of his room, with a victorious smile, proud of herself now.


They all were sitting in the restaurant, having their fav beef rib stew at their regular spot.

It was like a pre-birthday celebration with her college friends, along with Taemin & Hayoung joining them.

SaeYi & TaeHo, were Naeun’s friends from the art school, and knew Hayoung as well, as she was their junior from the same university, doing her majors in Broadcasting & Entertainment.

Hayoung & Naeun were friends since middle school, but as Hayoung was two years younger than her & had different majors too now, there weren’t many chances of hanging out together for both of them, but they liked each other’s company and would get together at occasions whenever time permitted.

“So what do you wish to do first as you’re turning 21 now?” Hayoung asked Naeun, making Taemin turn his eyes on her in curiosity.

“I think I should get myself a boyfriend first” Naeun blurted it out like a well-thought plan, nodding her head sincerely, as her lips were raised slowly into a smile immediately, 

“Heh?” Taemin was surprised watching her shy smile for the first time in years, as he had his mouth filled with food to end up blabbering ahead, “Suddenly boyfriend?” he asked, after gulping down the food in his mouth, to speak better.

“Hmm!” “I am going to confess to the boy I will like hereafter” she replied, making him smirk at her answer, not believing he was hearing this from her, “I am not going to have one-sided love anymore” she continued speaking, determined to not be bothered by his reaction now.

“How?” “You have a boy you like?” SaeYi asked, curious and interested by Naeun’s attitude.

Taemin eyes were focused on her to hear her answer, intimidating her with his gaze, knowing he would about it again, “No!” she looked at SaeYi instead, “But I will find someone I like”  

“You can’t even go in front of the person you like” he chuckled, he was back to his relaxed self, continuing to eat, making her frown again, guessing the direction of his words.

“Don’t act as if oppa knows everything!” she was getting sensitive again, her tone raising unintentionally, “I will find a boy and will confess to him too” 

“Taemin doesn’t want Naeun to have a boyfriend?” the other friend, TaeHo interrupted, before Taemin could add something in reply to her, making Taemin scoff at his question, “I like it or not, looking at past, it’s hardly possible”

He looked at Naeun, seeing her ready to answer back again, “I just don’t want her to do anything that may hurt her” he added, making her swallow her words that were about to come out, as she was watching him silently,.

He was a bit offended by Taeho & worried about her. His eyes had a hint of anger & concern which Naeun could notice now.

“I won’t be hurt if you would help me” she confessed, “You only keep teasing me” she added ahead, making him open his mouth to reply but was interrupted again, “I’ll listen to you, if you agree to help me”

Taemin was left speechless by her response, he noticed everyone was watching him, as he nodded back silently only to distract all the attention on him, making everyone continue the dinner again.... But helping Naeun in this matter sounded difficult to him for some reason.

His heart was heavy, feeling very uncomfortable thinking about it.


“What kind of boy do you want to date?” “Tell me” SaeYi asked Naeun, as they both were walking side by side to each other, “I’ll introduce you if I have someone similar around me”

“Uhmm??” “Someone who has his eyes on me all the time!” Naeun replied, after a thorough thinking, 

“Doesn't Taemin oppa have that job anyway?” SaeYi said, smiling to herself, taking Naeun’s strong hit on her arm, laughing harder now, “Okay, I’m sorry” 

“Tell me something about physical appearance then?” she asked another question to find out more details this time.

“Something between cute and manly?” And SaeYi had that smile again, as her silence had made Naeun take a look at her, to hit her arm once again, making her part away to keep a distance from Naeun now to continue with her next sentence, “I’m not joking!”

“Haven’t you thought of him as the person you might like as a man?” 

Naeun looked at her, thoughtful and serious now for a moment, as SaeYi continued, “You know, he is right in front of you” “You guys know each other so well!” “Shouldn’t you think about him first?”

SaeYi has been observing Naeun & Taemin for a year now, and since Taemin was always the one around Naeun, and Naeun would use every excuse to talk about him, SaeYi was suspicious of them, but didn’t wanted to sound interfering by asking Naeun about it..

Both were in different universities, but they had to meet each other before going to bed. 

Naeun clicked her tongue, coming out of her thinking finally, getting SaeYi back too, “That’s the thing” “We know each other quite too well to differentiate his affection for me like that” 

“And you?” SaeYi asked, with her narrowed gaze on Naeun, “What about your affection?”

Naeun had pulled SaeYi to her side again, wrapping her hand around her arm this time, walking ahead together again, “I am kind of normal compared to his affection”

SaeYi had started laughing now, hearing Naeun’s answer, making Naeun smile, “Are you sure?” “It’s like you’ll die if you don’t mention him someday” “Aren’t you more obsessed with him?”

 “What?” Naeun had her shocked eyes staring at SaeYi now, making her nod sincerely in return,

“It’s not like that-” she shook her head & began to speak again, but had not finished thinking yet, as her voice faded between into her pool of thoughts again.

"You think we have anything romantic between us?” Naeun asked, she was curious about it too now. She had never thought of their bond in this way.

“Well, I’m just saying you can consider him too” “After all he knows you the best” SaeYi answered, making Naeun look at the front again, losing herself to her thoughts once again


They both were on the terrace of Naeun’s house, sitting on the swing, having the beer he had brought, as she took a glance at him, continuing to watch him, as he had his eyes closed resting back, “Oppa?” “What am I to you?” 

He had opened his eyes, hearing her question, looking at her to catch her gaze on him.

She looked very sincere & serious about it, making him sit straight to turn himself, facing her, “You for me?”

“A person I care about the most?” he confessed, though wondering why she had asked such a question out of nowhere.

“You have nothing more to say?” her tone was calm but her heart was jumping inside in panic, she had never had such a calm, deep conversation with him before,

it was weird & awkward. 

He was staring at her with a puzzled face, without really answering her back, she knew she was being a weirdo, asking such questions out of nowhere, but she wanted to confirm few things before having any specific direction to her thoughts about him

“So what kind of person do you want me to date then?” She kept staring at him, noticing the pupils of his eyes shaking, as he looked up at the sky instead to avoid her well-focused eyes,

“Do what feels right!” his tone had gained weight, the deeper undertone in his voice had almost skipped her heartbeat. Why? Even she had no idea. 

“But I only know what kind of person I like” as they were onto this topic again, she wanted to continue the conversation, knowing his thoughts on it was much important to her, “How will I know if he likes me back?” “What if I end up falling for a bad guy?” 

Taemin’s gaze had turned back to her, observing her face for a moment, “Why are you asking me all this?”

That boyfriend thing was getting on his nerves slowly as she had mentioned it more than necessary in the last two days. He wasn’t comfortable giving her any help there. 

He was only worried right now if he had to see her crying & not knowing what he would do in that situation. He was frustrated the more he was having that conversation with her.

He was suffering through that outrage for two days now, not able to understand what exactly was bothering him.

“Oppa knows me the best” she answered, like the most obvious answer she could give, making him roll his eyes on her, “Who else can answer these questions if not you?”

“I don’t know you the best” his reply had surprised her, “I don’t even know why you need a boyfriend now so urgently?” he was sulking now, making her giggle now, over his pouting face, “It’s not urgent” 

“But yeah, I don’t want to hide my feelings anymore” she looked at him, to find his sneaking gaze, making her smile more, “I want to be responsible for my feelings that’s why I said I will confess first”

He had not expected those words from her, “You’re taking your 21 too seriously” he smirked, making her smile wider, “I don’t know if it’s about my 21, but I want to be someone reliable in a relationship if I have one now”

He reached for his pocket to pull out a small box, reaching for her hand to open her palm, placing it over, “Happy Birthday!” 

“Already?” She didn’t realize that it was already midnight.

She opened the box to see a delicate necklace inside, smile stuck to her face now, as she was staring at the piece for seconds.

He had turned to her, getting her attention again, “You’re smart and wise, Naeun, beautiful with a caring & soft heart, no man should find you unreliable” 

“Don’t give your heart to someone who can’t appreciate you” He said it, watching her eyes soften, sending shiver down his spine, making him repeat his said words again in his head.

That’s when he found out, the meaning behind the outrage going on for the last two days inside him.

He wanted to be that man. The one person that could cherish these parts of her without hurting her. He wanted to take that position in her life now.

“Then what about you?” her question had pulled him out of his comprehension, “Huh?” he was not sure what she was indicating now.

“What if I try giving my heart to you?” he was stuck being shocked, to have any other reaction for a while, “Huh?” 

“I said I’ll confess if I like someone” she continued, seeing that he wasn’t ready to give her an answer yet.

“So this is you confessing?” He interrupted her from speaking anything that could surprise him more before understanding what was happening with him for now.

She nodded in response, acknowledging it herself in that moment, to finally face the tension of the situation for real, as she pushed her hair back feeling hot now, looking away from him for a moment.

“But-” “Suddenly-” he was stuttering, not sure of his own words now in the shock, “I mean-”

“Ah?” she had recognized that the confession had came out of nowhere even for her, and had to stand up now.

She needed to leave him alone as well as get herself a room to scold herself, she was standing in front of him with the box in her tight grip on her side, “I understand” “Take your time” she was suddenly all shy and careful, and being timid for speaking in her normal tone again, “I can wait” her low voice murmured, before she could walk herself to the staircase, taking her way down to her room.

It had been only seconds till she had left, and he saw her coming back again to stand in front of him, “Just-”

“I can’t really wait too long”

She had left without even looking back at him, as he had the smile now, not sure if he should be really laughing in this situation.





Happy birthday to Naeun!! May she only recieve happiness in her life hereafter and we get to see her as an actor for a long time ahead!!

Wrote this version of Naeun in her 20s in a kind of different scenario than we have seen in wgm, she's still clumsy yet bolder, with a new form of chemistry between her & taemin too, they could have had in their 20s in a different setup.

I got the childhood friends inspiration from Taemin's 'As we wish' 6v6

This song was sung by Naeun during her fanmeet on her birthday in 2020, here's the link to that cover,  Naeun's cover of I am woman too, she's a beautiful singer as well, so her voice kind of inspired me too to write this story.

Thank you for reading !! Hope you liked the story!!

I'm not a valentine's day enthusiast, but I'm a romance enthusiast, so will come back with a story on 14th !!



P.S. : the spotify playlist : TAEUN PLAYLIST


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