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“It’s sad, we are not together for New Year this time” her voice thinned out, as he could guess by her lifeless voice how sad she was,

“Should I come back right now?” he asked, trying to hype up her mood in return, as successfully he heard her soft laugh from the phone, making him smile “It’s already last day of the year” “You’re too late to ask” she didn’t wanted to make it more sad, and just let it go herself so that they could get over it understanding the circumstances,

“Stay there and focus on your work for now” she warned, trying to be unbothered, and stay cool with the situation somehow. 

“But I’m already here” his words made her rise up from the bed in shock, “But you-”

Taemin had to go to Tokyo for a business trip for a week, and they had come to the settlement that they will be spending the new year in different places this time, but knowing very well that Naeun will be sad, and he will be more sad to stay away from her, he had managed to clean up his work earlier by working extra over two nights, and thanks to those efforts, he was back in Seoul by the evening of 31st, she thought he had called to check on her but the reason seemed different now.

“Can you come out?” he asked, making her literally jump from the bed to walk or particularly run to the balcony, as she saw him standing near his car, below her apartment.

“Yes, I’m coming” “Wait there!” She was smiling like a fool & didn’t care anymore that she was tricked & tripped into this surprise, she was just very happy.

Not much in mind than running down, though she luckily saw her jacket on the chair in the room, grabbing it immediately to sprint out in her pink pajama with the kitty prints she was wearing today, with her messed ponytail left unattended too in her overexcitement.

She was practically straight out of bed, but who cared how she looked when she only wanted to go and hug him right now.

The clock was ticking 10 pm, but luckily or unfortunately, no one was out in the elevator as well to give her the reality check about her appearance, as she used the time inside to put on the jacket in her hand, and was ready to move out as soon as it opened on the ground floor.

It took her only a few seconds from the stairs she had managed to climb down without falling, which was lucky too for the clumsy self of her & steps being wet & slippery by the snowfall, managing to run in her home slippers right into his extended arms.

It had been just three days, but it felt like years had passed since she hugged him last, he was surprised by her tight arms around his neck, almost choking him, making him smile more by her unexpected clinginess, “You seem to really miss me, huh?” he chuckled, closing his arms around her waist in return, taking in the warmth she had brought with her, the scent of hers, sensitizing him, giving him enough reason to believe his own words without her answer. He missed her more than she might have.

She pulled back, making him release her, as she pushed him by chest slightly, “How can you be here?” “Did you run away from work?” 

He had to let out his laugh before answering that, but he couldn’t stop laughing thinking how he was also capable of doing that, and after observing her whole appearance carefully now, he was more amused, to just continue laughing more, as he extended his hand behind her to pull off the scrunchie that was poorly holding onto her messed ponytail, “Let’s fix this first” he murmured under his breath while  taking a look at her again, fixing her open hair in front, surprising her to realize and mind herself now.

“I didn’t run away from work” he answered in between, combing down her hair nicely, as she was just watching him, feeling good with the subtle warmth of his gesture, “Because of you, I had to do the extra work in advance” he pouted now, looking in her eyes again, making her eyes smile adoring him, “Ah really?” 

She was stuck on his cute, sulking face seeking for her attention now, as she reached to hold it in her both hands, pressing it lovingly, as he smiled back quickly,

“By the way?” “We need to go somewhere” he informed, reaching to take her hands in his, making her scan herself once more in panic, “Wait!” “Like this?” “I should to change” she blinked flustered, trying to turn back, 

“It’s okay” he resisted, taking her attention again, as he checked the time on his wristwatch, “We don’t have much time” 

“You’re looking great” he released a hand, dragging her with him by another, walking to the car behind them, as he opened the door for her, pushing her in, 

“But-” she was hesitating now, completely clueless where he was taking her in pajamas, “Anyway it’s just me & you” he assured, making her climb in finally, trusting his word.

He had driven them out of the city, and she was wondering if they were going somewhere out of Seoul, and the car went over a path leading to a hilly road, as soon they were at the top of that hill, where the car stopped on the wide plain, from where the entire city was visible wide in front of them.

As the sky was dark today, the stars had filled the landscape above the city, mesmerizing the entire view from top to bottom.

It was beautiful.

She didn’t know he was the kind of person who loved driving out to such places at night till now. 

And it was her first time seeing such an enchanting view herself, if not for him, she wouldn’t have got to feel this euphoria she was feeling right now. She was feeling a different kind of happiness now, seeing that beautiful place with just both of them as the only witness of it, together.

“It’s beautiful” she mentioned, as she turned to him, to notice his soft smile, when his eyes were admiring the same thing.

Before she could ask more, he had opened his side of the door to get out, and went back to open the trunk of the car, as she got curious, getting out herself to look for him.

And she was surprised to see all kind of things coming out of his car’s trunk now, a camping tent, bonfire stand and woods, and gas canisters, when did he managed to buy all this? She was wondering how long did he had this in his mind now.

It took him 30-40 minutes more with Naeun’s help to set that small tent, lighting both the night lamp at the top corner of it then to illuminate the area instantly and arranging the chairs then, as they finally got to lit the woods in the bonfire stand, and sit down to rest for a moment, “When did you plan this?” she asked, looking around the very minimal but still impressive arrangement they could do in less than 30 mins, it was a smart & efficient setting for the night as well as their quality time, “Why?” “You were not expecting anything from me?”

“How can I, when you were in a different city till this evening?” She was still shocked, observing everything around her once again with a bewildered gaze, trying to believe it was actually happening for real.

He couldn’t stop himself from smiling, satisfied by her surprised face, "Ah?" he remembered something again, to stand up exciting her, “There’s more?” her eyes were glowing with enthusiasm,

Taemin had walked himself to the car, pulling out the blanket, and a carry bag from the back seat.

“What is it?” Naeun’s loud, chirpy voice was breaking the night’s calmness that Taemin was giggling at her being so energetic, it was unlike her for a night date, confirming somehow now that she was genuinely happy, “What do you think?” he handed the bag in her hand, to extend the blanket in his hand, covering her legs with it.

Naeun was busy discovering the contents inside the carry bag as she pulled out a bottle of whiskey, with two glasses placing them on the ground for instance, to get out the other stuff that was still inside, as there were different packets of her fav snacks inside, and as she pulled them all out one by one, elevating her excitement, she noticed now that there was a packet of marshmallow, and a packet of cheese crackers, as her face was lit then taking the hint, her impressed grin extending to eyes, “ohh!” 

“Happy?” he asked, making her nod quickly, as she pushed all the packets inside the bag again,placing it back on the ground,

“Are we having the drink first?”she asked, trying to pick the glasses from the ground seeing him nod in response, as he reached for the bottle then, opening it to pour her the whiskey.

She took a sip, only to place the glass on the small table placed in front of her, it was not her thing to enjoy drinks without food, as her hand extended on the packet of marshmallows, opening it, taking one of the sticks from the bag to pluck it in, and then went on preparing the cheese-cracker with a square of chocolate, roasting the marshmallow evenly then to place over it, placing another cracker, pulling out the stick finally to complete the recipe, extending the sandwich to to take a bite, “Uhmm!” “This is best!” she was satisfied by her work, as she extended the remaining half part toTaemin to taste as he toolkit all in, “Hmm” “It’s good” 

They made a few more s'mores, with the whiskey going in smoothly now, as one by one snacks came out from the bag, the bottle of whiskey was emptied and soon the bag of snacks was empty too.

“You didn’t have dinner?” he asked, enjoying her eating so well, “I had” “But this is so good” she was having the remaining cheese cracker, gulping down her last sip of drink in the glass.

He had reached to pat her side of head, making her close her eyes, “Good to see you eating well”

“You didn’t skip dinner right?” she remembered to ask now, as he nodded, smiling at her innocence, “I ate early at Tokyo airport before coming here” 

It had been already past an hour, so he took a look at his watch again to check on the time, and it was already 11:55 pm…

“Five minutes to go!” he announced, making her place her empty glass on the table, holding her chair to shift closer to him, 

“What is your wish for the new year?” She turned herself in chair to sit facing him, to watch him as he was answering. 

He had a thoughtful face for a few seconds, before giving off a soft smile back, “Just health for everyone as always!”

“Don’t you want anything from me?” she asked, not satisfied with his answer, “Are you sure, you will grant me whatever I want?” He had a reason to bring it up, as it was the only wish he had for them right now

She nodded, affirming, but he had a mischievous smile teasing her silently, “What is it?” her curled eyebrows were raised on him, confused with his mysterious silence, 

“That we could have a house together?” he announced, making her jaw drop in awe,

“You mean?” she heard the firecrackers bursting in the sky, silencing her voice, but his eyes were still on her, as he leaned forward, giving a peck on her lips, “Happy New Year”

Her startled face was blushing, as he smiled watching her blink cutely in shock, “You wanna move in together?” she asked, finally to confirm her doubt, as he was smiling calmly again, “Only if you say yes?”

She was lost deep in thoughts now, the fact that it was already a new year completely erased from her head in this fresh shock.


“Hmm?” she was so occupied with her rush of thoughts suddenly, “We can think about it slowly” “-together?” he reassured, seeing her serious face.

She came back to the place, as her eyes raised to stare at the colorful fireworks, as she turned to him, who was taking short glances at her till now, as she reached to hold his cheek in her palm, leaning forward to return the peck, “Let’s do it”

His eyes widened in shock, “What?”

“I mean-” “I was just thinking” he had spilled the word casually to sweep her off her feet, but she looked very serious now, 

“You’re not serious about it?’she asked, seeing his confused expression, 

“I am” “but-” “Do you really wanna do it?” “Like right away?” He was taken aback by her quick agreement, considering the challenges they would be facing with this one big decision.

She nodded, her sincere gaze, making him serious too, as he scoffed to relax with his thoughts making him tense now, “I was not expecting that”

She pulled off the blanket to go sit before him resting her arms on his knees, looking up to face him, “I know it’ll not be easy” “But, I’ll be happy to do it with you”

He agreed, nodding, “That’s what I was thinking”

“But-” “I don’t want to disappoint you in any way” he was worried about many things, she could guess, and it was fine, but now that he asked her she was not able to stop thinking about it, 

“It’s good to take a step forward” she confessed, and he was surprised to hear that from her, “I wanna see you everyday when I come back home” she was staring into his eyes with a soft smile, as he couldn’t say anything against that, “You’re right” he was amazed by her calming him so smoothly.

“So are we doing it?” she had stood up, looking at him for an answer, as he nodded quietly in affirmation, making her turn around, but she had come back to lean down, holding his face to give another peck, “Happy new year!” She remembered to say it back finally and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling like a fool, so affected by her cuteness that he could go crazy in a few seconds.

She had raised back to stand in front of him, but he reached her wrist, pulling it, making her sit down on his lap with her legs on one side, locking her waist with his arms to resist her from standing back, but she was hardly in the mood of resistance, as she went on willingly wrapping her arms around his neck.

Her hair were more messy now, as he reached to push the locks covering her face behind her ear, turning his eyes to her gaze that was scanning his face, trying to read his intentions, 

“Do you remember we met in my dreams yesterday?” he had mentioned the most random thing out of nowhere, with a serious face, making her giggle in a wreck now, “Uhmm…!?” she tried not laughing but it was hard than ever, after seeing his dreamy eyes observing her,

“I visited your dreams yesterday?” she didn’t knew where he was gonna take this conversation but she was interested in knowing what he had more to this, as he nodded back, “Just like this, in these pink kitty pajamas” he chuckled, making her blush, biting her lips, as he laughed then seeing her dumbfounded face,

“Why would you dream of me in pajamas?” she had hit his shoulder in embarrassment, “WHo called me to come out like this?” She had shifted her eyes in front as he was staring at her embarrassed face, making her lose her mind slowly. “You’re cute” he tightened his arm around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder, as she relaxed in his arms, watching the city lights & the stars simultaneously for a while.

“Tell me your wish?” he asked, making her turn back to him, as her eyes were shining with glee, “It’s easy!”

He had his eyes raised in surprise, waiting for her to speak more, “As it's the first day of the year, you can just grant me an unforgettable kiss for a good start?” her hand holding his shoulder, gave him few pats there, as she smiled cutely, seeing his flustered face, 

“AH?!” He had the eyes of unlocking the mystery,

”Come here” he blinked smiling sweet, reaching for the back of her head, giving the slight push which was unnecessary as she had leaned down eventually taking his lips, exactly the way she wanted to claim, palming his jawline to fulfill her wish and his desires simultaneously.

The slight daze from whiskey had vanished quickly with their passion raising the heat of their bodies, competing to keep them alert yet lose their senses to the desire rising with that single simple kiss till now, as he had slipped his hand below her knee to raise himself holding her in his arms safely, walking inside the tent, placing her down on the bed to part away from the kiss, as she finally opened her eyes to see him catching his breath when she was out of breath herself,

"I love you" he placed a kiss on her forehead, making her close her eyes again, with a smile lingering up her lips, breaking the dark desire in her eyes as she opened them now, "Love you too" as she pulled him by his tshirt to continue the kiss they had to break earlier, in a gentler way now, her arms locking behind his neck, as he held onto her waist to keep him in pace with her.


She had woke up with the sound of chirping of birds and decresed tempersture of dawn getting her even through the duvet, as she wanted to raise herself , but couldn't do for number of embarassing reasons, one of it being Taemin's arms locking her from rising up, as she chose to only turn around to face him, making him wake from his sleep, "Aren't you cold?" she had the low, dry voice, as he pulled her closer in his arms, hugging her tighter, "Better?"

She ended up laughing with the dry throat early in the morning now, hitting his bare chest in return, as he smiled, opening his eyes to watch her, "Let's go home!"

They came out after dressing up and it was 8 in the morning but the sun was just at the horizon trying to get it's way through the clouds and sky, as they stood beside each other waiting for the sun to rise completely, as he extended his hand to her shoulder pulling her close, to plant a kiss on her temple, "Happy New Year" 

"Happy New Year" she replied  in a soft voice, but her cheeks were pink, surprising him, "Are you blushing?" "Why?"

"Am I?" she touched her own cheeks in surprise, both of them laughing over it now, "I'm just very happy" she answered, as their laughter was fading down, as he walked behind her to take her inside the jacket he was wearing, back hugging her, as she ended up blushing more. The sunrays had finally started to extend on the city before them, as they stayed for a while watching the whole city get illuminated with the golden rays.

A/N : Happy New Yera everyone!! Hope everyone recieves good things from the coming year and stay healthy and happy!! Not everything may work out in time but I wish only good & great things falling in place for the readers here !!

I'll try my best to update regularly in the coming year as well, so hope I could be part of some of your happiness through my stories!!

Thank you for reading and encouraging me to keep writing, and hence being my cheering squad here!! 

Once again, Happy new Year !! Hope everyone starts a satisfying 2024!!

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