Interlude: Love Is A Dream

The One I Once Loved
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“Love is a dream. Dreams are good, but do not be surprised if you wake up in tears.”

- Jim Morrison


When Moonbyul opens her door to a drenched Seulgi, hugging herself in the midst of the rain, she knows that something is wrong. 


So she drags the girl inside her humble abode, asking her dear wife to fetch her a fresh change of clothes the drenched girl would change into to prevent her having a cold, because she has a lot of questions. 


"Seulgi," she started as the girl stopped changing, "Anong nangyari? Why are you here?" 


"Where's Irene—" 


"Byul, I ed up." She says,  her feet taking  her here and not to Wendy's or Joy's because she did not want to be beaten up, but Moonbyul's fists acted faster than her mind as she heard those words, landing a clean hit upon her cheek. 


"Anong ginawa mo, tangina? Wala akong kaibigang gago!" Moonbyul shouts as she straddles her friend and lands punch after punch after punch, too strong for the drenched and tired girl no matter how she tries to push her angry friend away. 




"What the ?" 


Kim Yong Sun, her wife and partner, took the initiative to pull the girl by her shirt away, pushing her down upon one of the chairs in their living room habang tinulungan niyang tumayo si Seulgi na oddly ay walang gaanong pasa o sugat.


"I was pulling my punches, er—" 


"Moonbyul!" Yongsun shouts, clearly not appreciative of this aggression, "Dun ka muna. Ako na bahala dito." she says, being the calmer one of the two. 


"But Yong, she—"


"Isa," she says, and Seulgi watches as the girl stops speaking, bowing down her head like a chastised child. "Don't make me repeat it again, love. I'll talk to her then I'l

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forgotme #1
Chapter 18: Grabe nman mapanakit..
Wala bang part 2 ung continuation 😁✌️
Chapter 18: wtf did i just read 😭😭😭😭😭 ang sakit sakit ng puso ko sobra ano to
Chapter 18: Sobrang sakit ng fic na 'to. Cried too much from reading this. So beautifully written and so painfully good. Made me realize so much. Thank you for this work, author!
Reveluvteddy #4
Chapter 18: This is really good. Hurt so good 💔
Chapter 5: Ang ganda ng story na 'to! Nasa chapter 4 pa lang ako pero parang may ib-binge read ako ngayon😭

This story deserves more comments and reads! I'm guessing the reason why di gaanong kilala 'tong story na 'to even tho it's so good is because you didn't put a "seulrene" tag on its own sa description. I was only able to find this story through twitter :((
936 streak #6
Chapter 5: Haist talaga seulrene!! Panindigan niyo rin ang kilig ko sa inyo, galawin niyo na ang barko juseyo 🥺 missed ko na kayo 😭
spagtitty #7
Chapter 18: Thank you so much for this masterpiece, author. I never knew I needed a beautifully written fic in my life. god im so glad dementia runs in my family and because of that i can read this again and again and again and experience catharsis 🧎🏻‍♀️
spagtitty #8
Chapter 14: ṣ̸̛̺̞̯̬̍̏̓̀̅̚̕e̶̘̤̪̟̭̰͑ư̵̳̱̥̙͆͐̌͋̂̈̈̅̍l̵̥̓͐̈́̓̌̃͂̅͝r̶̯͇̪͓͈̭̫̟̉͑͛̏̿̊è̶̛̙̙̭̖̦͐̀̓̐̓̓̇̀ņ̷̖͈̱͍͗́ê̵̬̗̪̫̆́̍͆͛͠f̷͈̹̜̦͍̱̉͐̉̅̈́̃̚͠l̵̫͂͗͆͌̈́̎̃̎͝ủ̶̡̡̻͈̠̤f̵̰̬͎͚͇̯̓̈́̌ͅf̵̡͓̙͕͓̞̳̞̀̍͋̚͜͜͝