Jiminjeong: From Jimin Yoo to Minjeong Kim


Inspired and is indirectly an adaptation of the manga and animated series "Horimiya", Minjeong is a girl who had always been gloomy and alone due to a past she tries to forget, even if it is already painted on her, while Jimin is a social butterfly who hides who she really is at school, for she changes at home.


What happens if their two fates suddenly collide?


Please be aware that this is an adaptationand that I do not own the story's plot and its whole dynamics, just that this is a rewritten version of the manga Horimiya and a recasting of its characters that I chose who would fit the original characters.


But do note that I changed some of the characters and their dynamics to fit the whole idea that I have in my mind for the retelling, took away some scenes and added some others.


If this violates anything in any way, please dm me so I could remove it and apologize for the violations that I had unknowingly committed, thank you.


Credits to the rightful owners.



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Chapter 7: wahh, thank you for the updates, author-niiim! ^^
Chapter 7: Aww, this is cute! I'm really liking it so far!
Chapter 2: woah, excited for this! 😍💗