Survive: The Genesis

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Riley (W) is a music producer who barely gets by, and Loren (K) is an intern at a hospital trying to find a life for herself. What happens if the both of them collide paths, but with monstrosities and horrors in every turn?



This is a remake of a work I had in AO3, also named the same title (but without the genesis part). It was originally for gidle and gidle alone, but now that some time had passed I found it fit for the winrina tag and reimagined it in a way that still incorporated the former versions but still offers something original (and of course, new characters and plotlines)


Thank you for reading, everyone!


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Chapter 2: pag may apocalypse na for sure hindi na natin maiisip yung ibang taong kilala natin and magstick nalang sa ibang survivors instead of humiwalay, right? dalawa lang din sila :/ pero im still going to read hihi
Elatedbliss #2
Chapter 5: Ay gage nkakatakot to 😱