Unwritten #04 | Transcriptions, Part 2

Survive: The Genesis
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Transcription #5: Reia Adeline Hontiveros 

Topic: The Seven (?) 


redacted: There's something I don't understand about this document you've presented me. 


Reia: What's there you don't understand, [redacted]? Nakasulat naman na ng maayos lahat diyan. 


redacted: Yes, but why is it labeled Seven? Kai and the others told me you guys only encountered three of those double agents sa field. Are you sure you're not mistaking them as the DOSF? 


Reia: [redacted], I'm sure. Don't you trust me? Is it because I was just a model before in Etereo? 


redacted: No, it's because I find it odd na three were shown at first and then they all eventually revealed themselves throughout your stint in Etereo. 


Reia: It was part of an elaborate plan, but I think that woman, Maddie Jugueta, is not the one behind the plan. I even think she's operating on her own whims. 


redacted: How so? 


Reia: The Seven, they're a well oiled machine. Maddie is in the figurehead because she's strong, but it's the others behind her that make things work. 


redacted: So you think there's someone behind the employment of those double agents in the first outbreak? 


Reia: Yes. Whoever did this had been planning this for a long while. 


redacted: Alright. I'll call on you if I need more information. 


Reia: Suit yourself. 


redacted's notes: File on the Seven, by Reia Hontiveros


I must say, the file Reia had built up on these double agents had been nothing but impressive. 


First up, their names she listed here, one that I will cite in this transcription for the extensive filed investigation. 


The Seven

[redacted] first

Madeleine Jugueta

[redacted] third

[redacted] fourth

[redacted] fifth

[redacted] sixth

[redacted] seventh


They are listed according to the immediate hierarchy that Reia thinks they have, which makes me think that if Madeleine had already been described as the most powerful, then what about  [redacted] first? 


I think that it is something we would never know, and it is a pity that none of the Seven had survived Etereo's hell. 


(Not because I want them to live, but because it's a terrible waste that we did not get to know their abilities fully.) 


It is listed here that they had almost the same symptoms and physical telltale signs from the typical zombie type, but they differ in terms of their eyes, some features of their body and their intelligence. While the zombies have clouded eyes, their bodies close to rotting and little to no intelligence, the Seven has red or black colored eyes, their skin only translucent and they have enhanced intelligence. 


They can transform any part of their body into these sharpened knives and they have killer speed, making it hard for them to be defeated without high powered weapons or intelligence in battle. 


A lot are still needed to understand these double a

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