Unwritten #05 | 09/11/2022

Survive: The Genesis
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[ UNWRITTEN #5 - 09/11/2022 (DAY 01) | UNKNOWN ]


“Oh, come on. Do we really have to wait for her?” Naiinis na sabi ng isa habang naiinip niyang inintay ang kasama nila na galing pa sa school as was assigned to her, and yet she’s taking too ing long habang natapos na nila agad ang target nilang gawin for the first day of the outbreak, na tipunin ang mga zombie sa tatlong lugar na naassign sa kanila.


“Don’t stray from the task, Kasey.” inis na sabi ng isa, and the woman named Kasey just grumbles as she sits up from the desk she had propped herself into. Tinitigan niya lang ng masama ang kasama niya na hindi man lang naapektuhan ng masamang tingin nito.


“Ugh, you’re such a killjoy, Nero.” 


“The mission is to rattle the remaining survivors of Etereo, Kasey. Nakalimutan mo bang kinocontrol lang tayo ng mga nasa itaas?” Nero says, and by those words Kasey laughs at her, growing a single blade upon her pointer finger—one that she places upon Nero’s neck, but the other girl still isn’t reacting like how Kasey wanted her to.


“ing—para ka talagang robot, Nero. You’re Madeleine’s little puppy, ano—”


That was when Nero snapped, because she immediately moved forward with such speed and grabbed Kasey’s neck. The sharp tips of her fingers  dug into Kasey’s skin, drawing blood as Kasey raised higher upon the air, her eyes turning red while she tried to overpower this girl.


Nero’s veins blackened as her skin became more translucent, red eyes turning to black as she squeezed tighter until there was no life left—


Instead, she threw Kasey away towards the other room, gritting her teeth as she tried to calm her emotions. PInakalma niya ang sarili niya habang pinapakiramdaman kung gaganti ba ng pananakit ang babaeng ibinato niya sa malayo, but the girl just emerges through the fog and dust with a grin upon her lips, the injury upon her neck healing faster than ever na parang walang nangyari.


“Ah, I really like pushing you over to the edge. Sana nga lang kasama natin yung iba, because you are very amusing when you’re using your emotions.” natatawang sabi ni Kasey habang inayos niya ang suit niya, her red eyes turning back into its familiar browns while Nero’s shifted from black to red to brown uncomfortably.


“ off.” inis nitong sabi, at halatang hindi pa niya napapakalma ang sarili niya as her eyes flicker back to red and black, Kasey laughing at that as she wagged her finger in front of Nero na parang nang-iinis pa.


“I love you like this—”


“Ah, my two favorites.” 


Even Kasey, the rebellious and ever so playful one she is, cannot help but shut up as their leader walks into the room with her black suit, looking so glamorous and priceless, and her red eyes never return to brown as if she’s permanently proving her dominance upon herself and her own types.


“The two sides of the coin. Nero Immanuel Andrada, the stoic unyielding follower who will stop at nothing to do the job she is assigned to. Kasey Eliezer Ramirez, the rebel who, even if she plays around, still does the job her own way. What if kayong dalawa ang paggrupohin ko?” natatawang sabi ni Maddie habang nagtinginan ng masama ang dalawa.


Nero finally takes hold of her emotions again, while Kasey just rolls her eyes and decides to distance herself from the girl, still remembering the strangling she experienced earlier.


“What took you so long?” naiinis na tanong ni Kasey habang umupo si Maddie dun sa desk, p

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