Unwritten #03 | Transcriptions, Part 1

Survive: The Genesis
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Transcribed Testimony #1: Loren Hontiveros 

Topic: Riley Jacinto 


Loren: Huh. Is this thing working? 


redacted: Yes. Now, can you tell me about Riley Jacinto? 


Loren: [smiles] Of course. Riley Jacinto is—was—my childhood friend nung neighbors pa namin sila sa Efimera, that little island outside Etereo. [grins] We were close, kaso umalis siya when we turned thirteen years old, at hindi na siya bumalik. 


redacted: You never saw her after that? 


Loren: Yeah. Nakita ko nalang siya at the hospital, where I learned na kasama niya pala si Ate Reia ko the whole day when the outbreak happened. I still can't… can't believe she's [redacted]. 


redacted: Please refrain from mentioning that, Miss Loren. 


Loren: Oh. Okay. Um, any more questions…? 


redacted: Yes. What was she like? 


Loren: Was, huh. Pero to answer your question, she's a bright ball of sunshine even if parang ang y niya when you come across her. It was actually my first impression of her kahit nung bata pa kami, because napakataray niya [laughs] 


redacted: Can you tell me more? 


Loren: Okay… She's the best for me. I… Nagalit ako nung umalis siya, and somehow I always waited for her to come back kasi gustong gusto ko siyang bumalik. 


redacted: What is she to you? 


Loren: [silence] 


redacted: Miss Loren? 


Loren: Sorry, uh… I don't think I can.. continue this now. 


redacted: It's okay, Miss Loren. Thank you for your time. 


Loren: Yeah, thank you. 



 Transcribed Testimony #2: Loren Hontiveros 

Topic: Phantom Virus, Etereo City


redacted: Hello again,, Miss Loren. We're here to talk about the virus that was released in Etereo City. 


Loren: [nervous laughter] Akala ko ba kinausap niyo na si Ate Malia about this? 


redacted: Yes, but you were the one out of all the survivors na nagtrabaho sa Olympus Med, where [redacted] yung virus. 


Loren: Oh? I… I didn't know that. I thought—


redacted: You can just tell us about the virus, Miss Loren. No need for extra explanations. 


Loren: Jeez, alright. 


redacted: You may proceed. 


Loren: The virus' name was the Phantom Virus, or the X-75. Kung saan nakuha yung name na yun, I don't know, but it was what we found when [redacted]—


redacted: Alright. What were its symptoms before the start of the outbreak? 


Loren: I was getting to that. X-75 had already been released into the air, so everyone had contact with the virus as long as you were in Etereo that day. It only takes effect in the host's immediate death, in which the virus then reanimates the corpse and takes control of it, like a parasite living in the body. 


redacted: What were its symptoms—


Loren: I'm not like Ate Malia that is patient with you all. If you don't let me speak and if you keep interrupting me, this is the last time I'm going to speak with all of y

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