Unwritten #08 | Sadie.

Survive: The Genesis
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tw// major character death. 

read with discretion. 


 Zane's Notes


Name: Sadielyn Elyse Atayde

Age: 22 Years Old

Date of Birth: April 17, 2000

Cause of death: Specialised X-75 infection / The Seven's Mirage / Gunshot wound to the head


From the records and interviews from the survivors, Sadie was the first one who died due to the Specialised X-75 Phantom Virus, or what we should call from now on as the Seven's Mirage.


She was the only one out of the seven who succumbed to this mirage na ibinigay sa kanila ni Maddie the day she wrecked havoc and chaos in Hades University—Kael tells me he knew why. 


Kael: Maddie told us that day na she gave us these small traces of the infection from her own blood, which made her get access to our memories and used it to manipulate us into succumbing to the mirage she had crafted. 


Zane: I understand that Zane was… the only one who succumbed with the mirage you were given? 


Kael: Yes. Mine was… mine was Riley and her incident with a cliff nung bago sila umalis ng Efimera, Piper's was the emergence of Loren in her memories, Klaire's was Lia and their love, Lia's was Klaire and her career, Jill's was Klaire and Jason was… well, Jason never told me. 


Zane: How did you break free from this mirage? 


Kael: By knowing that the mirage isn't real, it kind of disconnects our subconscious and our mind from Maddie's control. At least, that's what I thought happened back then—or maybe Maddie was going for Sadie from the start. 


Zane: If I may ask, what was Sadie's mirage? 


Kael: Her name is Anaiah Zamora, and she was Sadie's first love. 


Zane: Is this the same Anaiah that you… 


Kael: Yeah. Annie was killed by Riley nung first day ng outbreak, because Annie turned nung nakagat siya ni Warren sa kwarto ng condo ko. 


Zane: Alright. 


Kael: Is that all? 


Zane: I'll contact you when we have further questions. 


Given the accounts of Maddie Jugueta's spontaneousness, I wonder if this is still part of her plan, or if she just toyed with them for fun. 


I wonder what their grand plan is.


Sadie, just know that I will avenge you. 


All of you. 


[Sadie's Last: Unwritten.] 


I will never blame them. 


As the infection spreads through me, eating away at what little left I have of my own humanity as the mirage chipped away into something that's monstrous living in my veins, I will never blame them for trying to survive. 


Instead, I blame myself for succumbing to the mirage because of a girl I thought I had moved on for. 


Annie, I know you're already up there, and killing them will never bring you back. I'm

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