Entry #01 | RILEY

Survive: The Genesis
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[ ENTRY #01 - 09/11/2022 (DAY 01) | UNKNOWN ] 



[Notes: Written by Riley.] 


The carpet is coarse and rugged and it rubs into my skin in the worst ways as I wake up from a slumber prompted by alcohol and drugs the night before, and all I can register is one thing. 


Sobrang sakit ng ulo ko, it feels like it would burst any moment soon. 


Nevertheless I pick myself up from the floor, horrified as my present clothes register in my mind (I'm only wearing underwear, for 's sake). The first thing I do after standing up is take a silent scan of the room, wondering how I even ended up taking off my clothes, but I did not have time as I knew I was running late. 


A big client is at my office today, and hangover be damned because I am going to push this through no matter how painful my head becomes. 


Nahanap ko naman ang damit ko agad, smelling a hint of alcohol in it but the perfume I wore last night is still strong, so I wear it instantly and search for something that could fill my stomach—I raid this stranger's house for supplies I could take. 


Granola bars… Cereal bars… Cereal and almost spoilt milk… Cookies na makunat na… Damn, mukhang wala akong maayos na breakfast today. 


Kinuha ko nalang yung cereal bar at mabilis itong binuksan, taking a bite as I checked myself for the nth time in the mirror, and when I decided na I looked well enough I went to the door—


A thud from another room stops me from going out, and another thud takes my feet away from the door. Another thud is heard as I purse my lips, nervousness running through my system as I wonder what the hell that is. 


"Hello?" I call out, and the thud disappears. Silence dominates the living room where I'm in and for once I thought if it was just my mind playing tricks with me, so I go—


A thud, again. Mas malakas at kumalabog na ito malapit sa pinto, and a terrible chill enters my system as I feel like I shouldn't even come close to the door. Pero naunahan na ako ng curiousness ko at kumuha ng upuan na foldable na nakakalat lang sa tabi-tabi, clutching it like its a suitable weapon for whatever it is that could be waiting on the other side. 


My hand finds the doorknob before I could even think about it, twisting it open and pushing it across, my heart jumping to my throat as I see the sight inside the room. 


Punong-puno ng dugo yung kwarto, complete on the walls and the floor and all coming from the bed na natakpan ng pintuan na natatakot akong buksan pa ng mas maigi, afraid on what I should see next.


Pero I feel my curiousness take over completely as I enter the room cautiously. Hawak ko ng mahigpit yung foldable chair na pwede kong ihampas just in case, and my eyes widen at the sight upon the bed. 


May isang lalakeng nakachain ang isang kamay sa metal bedposts, and it should have limited his movements pero nahila niya ng sobrang layo ang kamay niya sa pagkakatali nito, causing the bones on his left arm that was tied up to look so mangled and broken, but that isn't even the most surprising part. 


His face was marred with blood, at namumuti na ang mata niya na parang hindi na siya nakakakita or something. Veins are almost visible against his nearly translucent skin, some of it still intact while some are already burst causing blood to come up to the surface, making it look like he's bruised all over. He's not wearing anything from the waist up, and it looks like he's already rotting even if I know well that he's still alive last night. It certainly looks like something, and I know well what it is. 


A zombie, from one of those movies I watched before. 


He's even snarling and biting at the air, trying to move and dislodge himself from the rope tied so tight against his hand, pulling on it with the full force of his body to the direction of the door, probably because he heard me call out to him kanina. Fear rising inside me, I abandoned all hopes of even trying to check if he's alright closely, backing away—


Oh God. 


The reason for the blood on the walls and the floor walks forward as I misstep upon the door at tumama yung foldable chair sa pintuan na naging dahilan ng malakas na tunog sa loob nitong kwarto. A girl hobbles in front of me, her head turning towards my direction as if she could not see me properly but could hear the noise I heard just fine. 


He ing bit her, judging by the huge gash and open wound on her neck, as well as the blood decorating his lips. 


And unlike him that's still tied up, she can walk just fine. 


She snarls as I back away, must have sensed me inside the room still dahil lumalapat na siya sa akin. She hobbles towards me, biting and snarling upon the air as I back away, my hand hurriedly reaching for the door—


She launched herself towards me just as I grabbed the doorknob and ran. 


Hindi ko na naisara yung pinto dahil bumagsak na ako sa panicked state ko and she immediately straddles me with the intent to kill heavy up

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