Scene 5: New Friends and Feelings

Jiminjeong: From Jimin Yoo to Minjeong Kim





"Didn't you notice, Ryu?" Yeji asks (she completely forgot about the whole egg jumping incident) Ryujin whose stare was stuck on the two talking outside, Winter and Karina talking about the whole tattoo and swimming fiasco and ensuring nobody else could hear. 


"Notice what?" 


"That Karina and the gloomy girl—Winter is her name, right—had gotten a lot closer the past few days." Yeji says, Ryujin frowning as she nodded, watching the scene unfold upon her eyes. 


"No ," Ryujin says, figuring out that she has to do something about it. 


"Rina, PE time!" Yeji says, figuring out Ryujin's intent as Karina nodded at that, leaving Winter alone upon the balcony part of their classroom overseeing the big track field, the girl letting the others change into their PE clothing first for obvious reasons.


"You've gotten close to her lately."


Winter panicks as Ryujin steps into the same space as hers, leaning into the concrete railing and then waiting for an answer from Winter, who just awkwardly stands next to her. 


"Relax, will you? I'm not going to bite… or anything…" Ryujin says, then slowly panicking as she senses the girl's uneasiness while still thinking about the appropriate answer to her question. 


"I just… um… I just happened to talk to her, that's all." Winter reasons, and Ryujin just chuckles at that, thinking about Karina and her being a bit social butterfly of all sorts, and she knows that reason isn't too far fetched. 


"Yeah, well… that's Karina for you." Ryujin says, chuckling as Winter finds herself smiling, the two of them staring at the track field. 


"Were you angry earlier? Um… I could feel your stares earlier." Winter asks, Ryujin clearing awkwardly while putting her chin upon her hand. 


"Well, I was just… I wanted to check on you for Karina's sake—" 


"Why, do you like her?" Winter jests, the joking manner then getting dropped as soon as the girl could see Ryujin's shy and blushing face upon the mention of the word like, sending another wave of panic upon Winter. 


"How… how did you know—" 


"Amazing… I was just guessing the reasons…" Winter said in awe, adjusting her glasses as Ryujin widened her eyes, realizing what the girl had just said. 


"W-What?! What do you mean, you were just guessing?!" 


"Well, I didn't know you really liked her, that was the first thing that came in my mind! But I assure you, I don't like her that way, so you can like Karina—" 




"Hey, you two, classes starts in five minutes." Mark says, seeing them on his way to the changing rooms, and Ryujin just sighs as Winter silently follows her to the locker rooms after grabbing both their change in clothes, the tension somehow gone after the jests. 


"We're already late, so let's just take our time." Ryujin says, Winter nodding at that as the two changed clothes without any words exchanged or any fuss—Ryujin changing upon the open area while Winter holed up upon one of the stalls, not really wanting to show Ryujin her little secret. 


Winter got out wearing her usual—long sleeved tracksuit jacket and the matching bottoms, Ryujin noting to be too hot for her liking. 


"Hey, why are you wearing a long sleeve in summer? I've been meaning to ask that for a while." Ryujin asks, already changed into her shirt and jogging pants for their apparent running class, Winter inherently avoiding the question like always. 


"Uh… because I easily get cold?" Winter says, but Ryujin just frowns at that. 


"You're sweating, dude."


Winter sighs, knowing that she could not really dodge that question with Ryujin who was inquisitive because of her apparent closeness with Karina, the girl then ping her tracksuit—


"Hey—what the hell are you doing?" Ryujin asks, Winter stopping abruptly and staring at Ryujin dead in the eyes. 


"Only Karina had seen this." Winter says, without any trace of shame or embarrassment, Ryujin widening her eyes as the woman just kept ping—


"Karina? Saw what—what the ?!" 


Ryujin visibly paled as Winter removed half of her tracksuit, wearing only the usual sports bra underneath, but the colored tattoo seemed more vibrant than ever, Ryujin finding herself staring more than intended. 


"What the hell…" Ryujin whispers, moving closer and then pulling the zipper up, releasing the breath she did not know she was holding at all. 


"I can see why you don't like PE." Ryujin says, Winter chuckling at that as she zipped up the tracksuit properly, smoothing her hair up—


Ryujin suddenly grabbed her face, Winter panicking as the girl pushed her hair up, staring at her face and its features intently while Winter's uneasiness builds up every passing second. 


"So that's what Karina likes, huh… wait, piercings too?!" Ryujin shouted, Winter immediately putting a hand over , desperate not to expose her secret to everyone. 


A disaster, Winter notes, as the both of them laugh at their own shenanigans. 


But still a little bit fun, nevertheless. 


(Winter makes Ryujin promise not to tell anyone about the piercings and the tattoos, though Ryujin wonders why Winter even got it in the first place—she does not ask her that, though.)




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