Scene 3: Of Tattoos, Piercings and Grocery Sales

Jiminjeong: From Jimin Yoo to Minjeong Kim



There are a lot of things that Karina soon learned about Winter because as luck would have it, once she had earned her number after that Monday visit in her humble home, Junyoung would want her around almost everyday. 


  1. Her name is Winter Kim, for she uttered it after their weird little introduction upon the stairs that day. 


  1. She earned her piercings before she transferred to Haejung Girls High, accumulating eleven piercings (four on each ear, one on her lip, one on her eyebrow and one in her tongue for good measure) over the years in elementary—she pierced most of them herself. 


  1. Her family owns a bakery, and Karina learns of it because Winter almost always brings a sweet little treat every time she visits—some of it she baked herself, she tells her.


  1. She loves spicy food, which was way out of character for the Winter that she sees in school. 


  1. Speaking of school, she . Like, majorly except for PE, the small framed woman oddly acing the tests that did not involve major physical exertion or most of all, swimming. 


And that is because… 


"KARINA!" Winter calls out with such an unnatural shout on one faithful after school visit yet again, the girl cooking silently upon their little kitchen as she raised her brow, wondering why the girl was shouting like that. 


"What is it, Win?" Karina asks, stirring the stew she had started, then putting some of the other ingredients upon it, but she still had not turned around just yet, too busy and rushing for time. 


"It's already summer, right? Which means we'd have to switch to summer wear and the PE would involve running around the track or swimming, right?" Winter asks such multitude of questions that Karina could not quite keep track of, but she said yes to all of them since it was what they were informed earlier in homeroom. 


"What do I do? Karina, I can't absolutely attend swimming class, and I hate running!" Winter says, Karina chuckling as it is the first time that she had heard the girl complain so much. 


"Why? You don't know how to swim, or something? Plus, wouldn't it be good to have a jump at the water since it's too hot anyway—" 


"What do I do, Karina???" 


Karina dropped the spoon she was holding to taste the stew as she stared at Winter, already having removed her shirt and was left with her sports bra, turning around for Karina to see, and she widened her eyes as she saw that. 


A tattoo of a vine adorned with flowers ran from the expanse of her whole back towards her right arm and her shoulder, almost creeping up to her neck as the thorns of said flower extended towards her chest and down until it was just above her bellybutton—it was a beautiful sight, just something you would not see on a seventeen year old. 


"Tell me, Winter. are you a delinquent, or what?" Karina says, and Winter whines and complains yet again as she puts her shirt back on, but the image of the tattoo is etched on her mind. 


Yep, she really can't swim with that. 


("So that's why you always wore the long sleeved PE uniform whenever I saw you," Karina says after that, Junyoung staring in awe at the tattoos that peeked from Winter's shirt. "Are you a gangster, or something?") 


Sparing the tattoo and gangster jokes aside, the both of them found other things to do aside from talking about that topic as Winter helped Junyoung color a crude drawing that depicted her own tattoos, only a little bit childish looking and out of place, while Karina browsed through a grocery magazine, intent on hunting sales and such. 


"Oh, they're having a sale on eggs and milk tomorrow." Karina says, grabbing her phone and taking a picture of the sale, sending it immediately to her Joohyun unnie who immediately sent her the go signal, as well as promising to leave her ample money to go to the sale for tomorrow. 


"Eggs sale? What time?" Winter asks, her voice somehow going nearer, but Karina did not mind that at all.


"Awww, it only goes until 6 PM, but it has no limit on how much you can buy or something.." Karina says, but she knows that she can make it if she could think positive, her smile widening as she imagined all the eggs she could take and milk she could buy, as well as cooking the omelette that had been Junyoung's favorite through the years.


"Isn't it Club Day tomorrow, since it's Friday?" Winter asks, and Karina frowns at that. 


"Eh, it's okay. Maybe it's just attendance, and Yeji can sign me up with that—" 


Karina stiffened as she subtly turned towards the direction of Winter's voice, finding her too close—her lips are already almost touching the girl's cheek when she turned, and she had certainly never seen the girl this close befote—


Pretty, Karina thinks, and it is the first word that comes into her mind as she clears , Winter pursing her lips as she realized that they were indeed too close, moving away after also taking a pic of the sale, probably sending it to her folks back home, but no one dared to even talk about what just happened as Winter went back to Junyoung's side and Karina busied herself with browsing the magazine once more. 


"Um… as long as there isn't an officer meeting or something, I would be fine." Karina continues, hoping that the awkwardness would subside, but it doesn't—Winter just nods at that and Karina does not dare speak once again after that sentence, her eyes stuck on the egg sale while her thoughts run rampant, certainly not on eggs. 


(Both were blushing, and Junyoung noticed it but was too busy coloring to even tease them about it.)

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