Every Letter I wrote To You
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Tiredness was written on their faces as both stepped out of Seulgi’s car. Seulgi pulls the luggage, and Joohyun carries some paperbags. A short trip healed them. Joohyun becomes way clingier to Seulgi, and so does Seulgi.

They basically glued on each other, cuddling. Spending time talking and playing silly games they found on the internet.

Joohyun's fear about their trip got bored since she was not ready to take the next step in their relationship, which vanished into thin air thanks to Seulgi.

The younger one doesn’t complain at all. She thought Seulgi was going to be disappointed with her. Joohyun slowly started to understand that is not the core of a relationship.

Despite having satisfying with their spouse, even yet, those folks cheated on their significant other.

Her long train of thoughts was cut short when Seulgi tugged at her hand, dragging her to hide behind a wall.

The younger one has her forefinger over her lips, motioning for Joohyun to stay silent. Joohyun just stared at Seulgi, who peeked at the side.

Seulgi let out a sigh of relief. Leaning her back against the wall with her eyes fully closed.

Joohyun tapped Seulgi's arm, she wanted to know what happened.

‘Mr. Park’ Seulgi whispered.

That name is enough to make Joohyun's blood run cold.

‘He is drunk,’ Seulgi tries to reassure Joohyun. ‘He didn’t see us,' she stated firmly.

Joohyun wants to believe Seulgi. But her body started to break into a cold sweat. She cannot risk this. Mr. Park saw her at the store before, and now Mr. Park is here. It means that he lives super close to Seulgi apartment complex because this parking area was built for Seulgi apartment.

Seulgi reached out to hold Joohyun's hand that was free from the bag. She knows Joohyun’s look. The woman is all worried.

Looking around, she wants to let Joohyun get inside her apartment first since it is too dangerous to let Joohyun stay here alone.

However, it is too risky to let Joohyun go first. The chance of Mr. Park being a few feet away from them is higher.

‘Let’s just go back to my place.’ Joohyun suggested.

But Seulgi shakes her head, it's already three in the morning, and if they drive back to Joohyun apartment, they're going to get like two hours of sleep. Both cannot miss their work tomorrow, they have a meeting to attend.


As soon as both were inside Seulgi apartment, a loud sigh of relief escaped their lips.

‘He doesn’t live on the other side of the apartment complex’ was Joohyun's first sentence while catching her breath.

‘We don’t know that.’ Seulgi claimed, ‘He looks wasted, probably the reason –

‘Seulgi’ Joohyun called Seulgi anxiously. ‘We can’t let this one go. What if he saw us?’

‘He didn’t, okay?’ She reassured Joohyun, ‘I saw him first, then I pulled you to hide behind the wall.’ She carefully explained, seeing Joohyun still doubting everything.

Seulgi cannot blame Joohyun, honestly the woman has a lot more to lose than Seulgi if they get caught.

‘Maybe it’s better if I stay at my place for the next two weeks.’

Seulgi doesn’t want to agree to that, but to be safe … she gave in. They cannot take the risk, and Seulgi doesn’t want to argue with Joohyun when it comes to this matter.



The anxiety is latching onto them. It was obvious Joohyun was not herself at all at work. She cannot concentrate on everything, so she stays locked inside her office. It’s the safest, so her mistake won’t be noticed by anyone.

She still visits the pantry during lunch to make tea. Her heart almost drops when she notices Mr. Park is there. It was too late to turn around since he saw her walking towards the pantry.

Trying to act as normal as she can, Mr. Park's voice makes Joohyun jump.

'Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

Joohyun just shrugged it off, saying she was a bit tired and had become jumpy today.

‘It’s a rare sight to see Miss Bae, you always calm and collected.’

Again, Joohyun just shrugged it off with a thin smile. At least now she knows the man doesn’t remember anything about last night. Seulgi was right, he was too drunk to notice them on the street.

Joohyun doesn’t change her mind about moving back to her place. She and Seulgi need that. They need to be safer than sorry. The thought of them being interrogated by the human resources department like before made her break into a cold sweat.

And there is Bogum, who can’t accept the fact that she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

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